Tuesday, 9 May 2006

And so I retired !

I retired at the end of October ,2004.I had made my decision the previous winter that I didnt want to work another winter ! You see at this scheme,everyone lives in a bungalow and they are quite wide spread ...oh its fine in the summer ,visiting is lovely ,but a different story in the cold and wet ,and if you get a call out in the night it can become a bit much ,especially as you have to work the next day !

It wasnt an easy decision to make ,as you will imagine ,and some of the residents were so upset ,it made me feel quite guilty ....but having made my decision I had to stick by it ....Rebecca (my line manager ) questioned me,was I sure?all the usual stuff ,I explained I was working ,giving my all to the job,and at the end of the day ,I was worn out ,there was nothing left for me I had no energy left for my life,she understood she works full time and has a small boy ,and gets tired ,but she's thirty years younger than I ! 

  And so it became accepted .....Jans leaving .....nearer the time of the big day ,lots of little meetings took place people stopped talking when I came into the room ! I knew they wanted to give me a party so I pretended not to notice...Invitations were sent out to past residents and other managers ,the room which is supposed to hold fifty people,well it snowballed I think they had to speak with Rebecca who said well we cant turn people away ...

The great day arrived ,I was given the day off ,and strict instructions not to go near the office or community lounge until two .o.clock .My daughter Catherine came and acted as go between untill it was time to go .At two o clock I walked up to the hall ,and couldnt believe my eyes ,I had never seen so many residents all together ,even those that didnt go out much ,they all turned out to say goodbye,


People from head office led by our big boss ,other managers ,people including Alan the Rector ,from the village ,and so many dear residents ,it was overwhelming ...of course there were speeches  cards ,presents cheques , jewelry one group of residents had clubbed together and put about eighty pounds into a gold basket ,and said it was my pot of gold! and flowers and bouquets ......I didnt cry,when I made my speech,and explained, by knowing them all I had been blessed , but I was close ,and I felt so proud of my Kate when she made a little speech thanking everyone for loving her Mum ....its all on video and I still get all choked up when I watch it.

               Jan xx 



jlocorriere05 said...

It looks and sounds like you were well loved there!! You did keep going back though didn't you? I remember when you finally gave it all up at the end of last year! Nice to have it on video too. Jeannette xx

salonrose123 said...

What a great couple of entries.  You were so well-loved and respected. I know it can't have been easy to retire.....you get so attached to them, don't you?

ally123130585918 said...

Oh Jan I bet you did find it hard to leave ~ and what a lovely surprise that so many turned out to say goodbye to you ~ and nicer still you have it on video ~ they were blessed to have had you ~ Ally

madcobug said...

What a wonderful send off they all gave you. I am surprised you didn't shed some tears that day. Helen

dklars said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know how you didn't cry!

msecz said...

I bet they still miss you too... What a wonderful sendoff you had. Sandra

mllevl said...

..and I'm getting choked up reading about it!!  ...lovely story.  Eve

stijoan said...

that sounds so lovely jan! love joanne

lsfp1960 said...

Oh, I can't wait.  I'm so tired of working & like you I think winter is the worst time to have to get up and go in.  Linda  

jeanno43 said...

Jan how wonderful. I am glad they gave you such a good party and I know you must have worked very hard and been very popular to have been given a do like that.  I can imagine you getting upset when you see the video.  Lovely pictures.  Hugs


icklemisssexpot said...

Awwwww what a lovely big party send off they gave you :o)  Caff xxx

nedmoh said...

So you retired for a little while but went back to help out with holiday relief,it speaks for its self how much they still needed and wanted you there.It was so nice they gave you a good send off and lots of pressies,you deserved them.Glad Kate was there to support you.Very pretty grapics today..........Love Jeanxx

yakima127 said...

What a nice way to begin your retirement!  Jae

jules19642001 said...

sounds like a lovely big, retirement send off you had......I love your graphics, which site do you get them from, I espcially like the increasing people one.............Jules xxxx

jacksj989 said...

Hi there Jan,

What a lovely way to present the way you felt on the day that you decided to break away from work days.  

I can well understand what you were going through in the winter months and the 'call outs' you had to deal with.

I could not agree with you more when you say that you had to go to work the next day even though you may have been up all night.  

I used to be on standby but I was fortunate enough not to have to do the tasks every week and I was young then.  Never the less, it is a wearing down prosess and I can understand how you must have felt.

Having said that, even though, like you, I was very conscientious, there was no staff to see me off.  

I left work, early, at a time when there were lots of others doing the same and we all just drifted away. I will explain at a later time.

In my case, even thought I had worked as a college technician for 23 years, had it not been for my wife walking out of college with me, I would have walked away from my employment on my own.

Luckily, for I have lots of friends, like the one I am replying to now, I can fill my time up with lots of different activities; some people find it very difficult to ajust to leaving work but not me for I am as busy as ever although I do not have to get up early for work any more.

I suspect, for I know you- like me- worked very hard at your place of work, that you are the type of person that will not sit idle for long and that you will also fill in every minute of your leisure time.

I am pleased that you had a lovely caring and satisfying job, while you were working, and I hope you now feel that we are all now caring for you too.  

By for now and good look with any of the future ventures you are involved with.


Retirement is simply a new begining for us all.

By for now,


kaydeejay5449 said...

That is so sweet.  You were certainly loved and surely missed.  It must be nice knowing you touched so many lives with your caring heart and that the work you did was so important to so many older people.  You were as blessed as they were.

debbiewebb4465 said...

Ahhh Jan ~ I was smiling with tears in my eyes !!!!! What a great send off you had ~ I bet they still miss you to this day :-) Love the "pot of gold" ~ how sweet! Lovely photo's, lovely graphics and lovely entry......you're lovely :-)
lots of lovelies!!! Debbie ~xxxx~

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jan,

No wonder you get choked up watching it.  It must be a wonderful feeling knowing how much you are loved by so many people.  I must have been so hard to leave them all. :o)

Sandra xxxxx

PS:  Beautiful graphics!

wobblymoo said...

Awww, I don't know how you managed not to cry, I would have been a wreck. It's bad enough just reading entries like this sometimes

faircolleen said...

Got a lovely feeling reading this Jan,was smiling away all the way through and getting choked up!!The more I learn about you the more I like you.I know where im coming when I get old lol. Lovely photos too.

mckaygillian said...

Aw Jan that's so lovely!  All your residents must have loved you a lot!!
Gill xx

astra1547 said...

Hi Jeadie...
Oh! what lovely memories you have...That must have been a really lovely over whelming feeling seeing all those people you have cared for over the years and all of them in one place and being there for you too...on your special day!

scaptainscreamer said...

I don't know about you getting choked up, I wasn't there and it touched me!  It's so lovely that all those people you helped showed their appreciation and turned up. You certainly made an impression on them, and you've got the pictures to prove it xx

oddb0dkins said...

Isn't it refreshing to realise people can be so nice.
Thanks for sharing Jan, I enjoyed that very much. Love the pics too. B. x

siennastarr said...

Jan..  I can tell, just from reading your journal, that you are a lovely, kind person.  Obviously, it's true!  Look at all the people that turned out for your retirement party?  That says alot about a person!

I'm sure it was hard to say goodbye to all those people, but I know you're enjoying your retirement now, eh?  :)


gaboatman said...

This was great.  It is not hard to see why all your residents loved you.  I really enjoyed reading about the nice send off they had for you.  How does if feel to be living the life of Riley now?  Great pictures, too.

wrigleyrachey said...

I bet you have more time to relax now...Good that you  have a leaving party video to watch. love that 'group; graphic.

rcfairy said...

Jackie said:
I can tell, just from reading your journal, that you are a lovely, kind person.  Obviously, it's true!  Look at all the people that turned out for your retirement party?  That says alot about a person!

I'm sure that's true in Jan's case.  At my own leaving 'do' loads turned out to see me off, and they all smiled a lot too - but I suspect for a different reason!  lol

cacklinrosie101 said...

What a wonderful entry!  I think we all just know when it's time to fold up and retire.  So nice that you can enjoy your celebration on video and what a wonderful send off you had.  HUGS  Chris

elainey2465 said...

Awww how lovely jan and I bet your still feeling a little guilty for retiring - well don't you deserve a good retirement after working so hard. You should be proud of yourself. Well done Jan! laine xxx

wrigleyrachey said...

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frdbrow7 said...

Ooh Jan - that's a lovely entry, but made me kind of cringe at the thought of my own imminent retirement =:-O  I'm such a weepy person that I often wish I could just ring up my Company and say 'that's it - I've retired'! lol
Sorry to everyone that I've not been commenting - but first time on my computer this week and so  much to catch up on.