Thursday, 30 November 2006

Shop till we drop !

Thank you Donna for the lovely graphic today ,and thankyou to the file manager for allowing access!

I caught the bus into Peterborough yesterday ,didnt have to pay anything at all I used my bus pass ,Wow something for nothing! I met Kate my daughter in our favourite coffee shop ,and so after our coffee we set off to do some shopping ,I found I had some material left over from my skirt ,so as Maurice said a waistcoat might look nice, I bought a pattern from John Lewis ,so that will be another project.

We first went to the hole in the wall,to get some money ! then got down to some serious shopping ,I managed to buy Maurices present ,and quite a few more Kate did well too ,It was so warm in all the shops in the shopping centre /mall,so we went out into the town and actually sat on a bench and did some people watching,and for Kate to sit for a while, she has a very painful back condition ,we decided to have something to eat ,and popped into Burger King,Kate had a big Burger and frys,I wasnt very hungry so I had the kids meal ,chicken nougats and frys ,there was a method in my madness ,I got a toy ,a penguin that shoots across the floor when you set him off from a little ramp thing provided,Sam was delighted !

After the snack ,we carried on until we both looked like a couple of bag ladies ,very satisfied with our purchases,the town wasnt too busy ,but I suspect the pace will heat up now with just twenty five more days to go ,We got a Taxi back to Kates house,where we  were able to have a quick look at our purchases ,and in Kates case get them hidden ,before the boys came in from School,We sat round her big dining room table together ,chatting away about when they were all little ,it was such fun ,Sam had a lovely school photo to give to me ,you know Sam who doesnt like his picture taken ,He and Matt are such lovely boys I feel so proud ,

Martin (my son in law )came in from work, but went straight off to visit his Mum who is in hospital ,sadly she has had MS now for eighteen years and is going through a bad time at the moment,Then Maurice came  to collect me ,but he and Sam were busy entertaining each other, drawing pictures for ages ,so yes we had a lovely day .We bought fish and chips on our way home .

Lots Of Love Jan xx

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Its only' Words '

Good evening everyone ,no graphics I cant get into file manager,I am also having problems ,keeping my script,on  an even keel ,Yes the skirt is done and I will get a piccy taken with me in it later ,meanwhile ,here is a picture of it hanging on the door .

Did you have an autograph book when you were young ?We didnt just keep them for sports stars and famous people,our family and friends would write little verses in them ,also teachers ,and anyone else we could persuade to write in in our book, I remember a favourite teacher ,wrote 'Be good sweet maid and let who will be clever'I never understood that for years  ,some one would always write on the front ...and back cover 'By hook or by crook I'll be first/last  in your book'but some little verses seem to stay with you  through the years..Patience is a virtue,possess it if you can.Seldom found in woman and never in a man .Then there was..In this world of time and trouble,two things stand like stone.Sorrow in anothers trouble ,courage in your own ,and~ Smile and the world smiles with you,weep and you weep alone,For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth.It has  troubles enough of its own.

I would recieve a new autograph book at Christmas time ,and what fun they were ,So I will leave you to muse over that lovely memory..         Lots of Love Jan xx

Friday, 24 November 2006

Cold and Wet Friday

A lovely graphic ,one of Donna's of course ,I think my all time favourite is still the sewing machine she made ,that is in my side bar ,but not my photograph that has disappeared already !Well its been a cold wet day today ,Maurice came home this morning ,he has been working nights for the last three nights ,so he has been asleep ,so I have been keeping myself busy , I was tidying out the cupboard where I keep my towels,the other day and found this material ,and a zip and the cotton ,what a bonus !I bought it last year and didnt get it made up ,so as the pictures suggest, I have been busy ,it isnt finished  yet but I will show you when its complete.....I took a break to do this quicky entry and now its time to make our dinner,not going to tell you what we are having,got every one of our American friends confused with the toad in the hole  ......oh well alright then..... I have a couple of nice fillets of cod (not the boil in the bag),I'm sure you all know about cod ! mashed potatoes,cauliflower,peas and cheese sauce ,not sure about pudding yet ! probably be kicking the freezer door again see what falls out on that happy note I will wish you a very good evening ,With love From Jan xx

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Some Fen Tales

    I have a little book that contains some amusing storys from the Fens which I thought might be amusing to share with you .

Fen Land  Tales                                                                                                                           One must eat, and in order to eat one must have sufficient money.In 1539 the cobblers of Wisbech,twenty-two in all,finding times hard, met to air their views at a place called Mill Hill,just beyond the town,It was agreed  that they ask 1s.3d.for every dozen shoes sewn or they would refuse to work .One, a servant of Robert Smyth swore upon the bible that he would not stitch a dozen shoes for under that amount. The cobblers were apprehended by constables, but the magistrate thought fit to let the matter drop, and shoes continued to to be stitched at the old rate

Moans of a 'Flying eight 'lass

"What you doing down there missis?"asked the dutiful constable.

"If yer wants to know,Ive a-sozzled meself,and so would you if you had been a-picking  taters aginst the old fen blow which gits up yer nose in yer ears and in yer knickers.Arter all that yer gits on yer bike with t'others and pushes all the way hume,and what do yer know that old husbanda mine is playing domies with is useless mates and is so teetered wiv drink he cant even put the brussels on.Well two can play at that game"

(The flying Eight were teams of eight women riding cycles,travelling miles in all weather to work in the fields,picking pototoes and hoeing beet )


The pictures didnt come out very well ,Sorry!

With lots of love Jan xx

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

A mixed bag


I have just waved Maurice off to work ,and what a miserable wet November day it has been, it rained quite heavily since mid morning , I feel so grateful to be retired on days like this,I can guarantee staying in tonight in the warm and dry.When I was at work ,I may well have had a call out, at any time during the evening or night ,Yes being retired certainly has its compensations .

If my entry is still wide ,just scroll down to the bottom of the entry ,click onto 'Link to entry'then start again and it will be alright .I have obviously used a graphic that was the wrong size !at some point.

First I want to wish all our American friends a very Happy Thanks giving.I thought the opening graphic was appropriate,as you have all been busy preparing your thanksgiving meal,and I have been talking of cooking too ,I certainly started some thing when I mentioned I had made Toad in the Hole for our dinner on Monday ,and what am I going to make this evening?

Check out Maries cauliflower and cheese pie ,it looks delicious ,her journal is always an interesting read and she always offers a tasty recipe .And talking of other journals I have found a really good poetry one ,this is Dave married to Valerie,I like his journal and know you will too ,go and have look and tell him I sent you !
In case you are wondering what the photographs I put on this entry,are to do with anything ...well nothing really ! Ifound them amongst my photo's ,we took them the other week ,and I thought I would add them ! So on that Happy note I'm off now to make my supper, the cauliflower is about done ! With Love and
Jan xx

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Tuesdays thoughts


Hi , every one I hope you are all well and have had a good day ,I have, though not sure doing what ! Have you noticed with  house work ,you only see it when it needs doing ,no one see's what you've done ,when its done ,am I making sense ?

I think I baffled alot of our American friends, when I told you last evening we were having Toad in the Hole for dinner !

  there you are can you see it ? it is sausages cooked in a batter ,I cook my sausage in a dish similar to this one on moderate heat in some oil ,when they are cooked abit ! I,turn up the oven to hot ,(pour off some of the fat as the sausage usually make more)and pour over the batter mix ,I like to hear the sort if fizz sound as the batter hits the fat ? The batter mix is a couple of tablespoons of plain flour an egg ,enough milk to make a thick cream substance ,then a splash of water ,(its the addition of the water that makes it rise ,the oil and water theory)I know what I mean, I hope you are following me ,Delia, I am not ! You beat the batter to get the air into the mix,my dear Mother in law ,(who made Yorkshire pudding to die for) used to say, beat it till it trots ,making a noise like a horse trotting ,Yorkshire pudding is minus the sausage and eaten with roast beef ,Sorry I cant be more precise I dont measure ,I can tell by looking if its right , as all the cooks amongst us will understand....

I came out of the cul-de-sac where we live and on to the road, that I take to go to the shop at the end ,to get my paper this afternoon ,I noticed the curtains were closed in many of the houses I passed by ,I then saw two men out side a house ,in dark suits and wearingwhit shirts with  ties ,so I guessed  there was to be a funeral ,of someone in the street ,and that was why the curtains were closed ,I was pleased to see this old fashioned tribute to a deceased neighbour ,was still observed ,its nice to know some traditions are still being kept .

Well since Maurice is working tonight I am now ,going to make my self something to eat, then curl up with my knitting and the tele .Have a lovely restful night every one


Monday, 20 November 2006

A Monday Meeting

Just a quicky tonight ,Karen picked me up this morning ,so off we went to the news letter meeting ,We had recieved all the items to be put into this issue (The Christmas one ),so it was just getting the lay out to our satisfaction,Barbara had written a recipe for a mixed vegetable and lentil soup ,so while we were working away at the presentation of the news letter ,she made some of her delicious soup so before we left at about twelve thirty ,we had soup and crusty bread .Iwent into town and looked at some knitting patterns in John Lewis ....I took a few, not very good, pictures of the Christmas decorations in the shopping centre,but have put them in any way ! I caught the bus home ,cleared my mail box ,have made the dinner ,we are having Toad in the hole ,with mashed potatoes, peas and some mashed swede with gravy ,I havethe other of half yesterdays trifle for pudding ,I am waiting for Maurice to get home now ....   So this entry is like a donkeys gallup ,short and sweet Have a good evening everyone ,With Love From

with thanks to Dianna for my opening graphic

Saturday, 18 November 2006

A village near us

                                                                                                   Good Morning every one ,I have been wanting to post this story ,about the supposedly last Witch to be put to death as Donnas graphic suggests the Fens holds many secrets, I also wanted to take some pictures ,as we pass through this village on out way to Huntingdon ,well yes ,we went to Hunts yesterday and yes I took the pictures Maurice said lets do it on our way back ,I said no, otherwise we might forget ,as it happened it was pouring with rain on our return ,so as usual I was right !


Witches of Warboys"


       In November 1589, Jane Throckmorton, the 10-year old daughter of the Squire of Warboys in the Fens, started suffering from fits and seizures.

       Initially treated by Dr. Barrow and Master Butler of Cambridge University, they first ignored her accusations against the 76-year-old Mrs. Alice Samuel. By the New Year, Jane's four sisters and some of the servants were exhibiting similar symptoms, all accusing Mother Samuel of bewitching them.

       In September 1590, Lady Cromwell, grandmother of Oliver Cromwell, came to Warboys and practically accused Mrs Samuel of being a witch. After this, Lady Cromwell had nightmares, became ill and died in 1592.

       The children continued with their behaviour through to December 1592 when Mrs Samuel begged them to stop their fits. Which they did. The local parson now made her confess to being a witch, but she recanted a day later.

       She was taken by the police to the Bishop of Lincoln, and terrified, she confessed again, adding that she had three familiars. These were her chickens, Pluck, Catch and White. she was brought back to Huntingdon and imprisoned with her daughter Agnes and her husband John Samuel.

       The three were tried on April 5th 1593 for the murder, by witchcraft, of Lady Cromwell. Alice confessed and added that she'd had sex with the devil. Agnes was urged to plead pregnancy to put off her execution, but replied "Nay, that I will not do. It shall never be said that I was both a witch and a whore."

       After the Samuel's were hung, Sir Henry Cromwell confiscated their meagre property to pay for an annual sermon against witchcraft in Huntingdon. By the time it ended in 1812, though, the sermons were against the belief in witchcraft.


I love local History as you know ,I should have posted this for Halloween ,but hadnt taken the pictures then so I am  pleased to share it with you now ,the local School children  wear a badge on their uniform ,which bears the logo of the witch...I did this entry in yellow ,then decided it wasnt very good to read, but as you can see It doesnt want to change ,

Jan xx



Monday, 13 November 2006

Counting my Blessings

What a lovely sentiment ,Donna,thankyou for this one ....

Maurice has gone off to work ,to start the second of three nights ,so here I am listening to the purr of my new washing machine , and posting my entry ...while Maurice was sleeping this morning ,I did a whole load of ironing ,so now I have the new machine,I am getting caught up .I finished knitting the gilet I was knitting,in the summer ,I had to put it to one side ,it was fluffy wool ,during the hot weather was sticking to my hands .Ally asked me for a picture once it was finished so now finally here it is , The boots ,Ainsley ,she of the shoe fetish, asked for a picture of them ,so here you are dear....

Now, back to Donna's graphic,see what it says......Give thanks for the simple things ! How often do we take time out to do that ? its so easy to say ,what it is we want ! but what about what we have ,Since Maurice works long and odd hours ,I say thankyou for the ability ,to not mind my own company,I enjoy my hobbies knitting ,sewing reading,and the time I spend on my computer and some TV programmes,so I give thanks ,After working for fifty years ,and bringing up a family,I give thanks  on a cold wintery November Monday  morning ,I can turn over and snuggle down for another hour !I am not young anymore ,but I dont feel old,with the aid of my specs I can see ,I can hear very well ,so be careful what you say ,when you think I cant hear you lol ,If I drink any thing hot or cold (since I had my teeth cleaned last Monday) I get a pain in a back tooth reminding me I still have teeth !I have a sense of humour letting me see the funny side of things that would otherwise be annoying .So yes Thankyou for many of the simple things ,and for being able to recognise them .

As well as simple things I will  also give thanks too for special things .I am blest to have a fantastic partner,and a  wonderful supportive family ,andlast but certainly not least friends I have lots of friends and since September 1st 2005 ,on the day I pressed save ..I now have so many more super special friends ...So yes today ...Thankyou !

 With love Jan xx              PS .no closing graphic siggy today, file manager wont let me in ,but I am giving thanks I havent lost the entry whilst trying !!

Sunday, 12 November 2006

We must never forget them

I know I havent posted an entry ,marking  Armistice day yesterday, and the The service at the cenetaph today ,but I have watched the coverage of it all on the TV  ,it started yesterday with the broadcasting of the Lord Mayers show ,in London ,the Mayers coach was followed by the floats depicting all the trades and professions .and during this was the two minutes silence ,on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at eleven o clock ,the nation falls silent .When our thoughts turn to all the service men and women who laid down their lives that we might be free, it was odd watching all the march pasts ,when so recently  I had walked up that Street and taken my pictures of the Cenetaph and Downing Street .Last evening Maurice and I watched the Service of Remembrance ,from The Royal Albert Hall,in the presence of her Majesty the Queen ,she had been to a service of dedication ,and plaques were opened in memory  service men from New Zealand who had fought along side our men in both world wars world wars,.in the morning .The dear old Chelsea pensioners,were there at the royal British Legion Service at the Albert Hall ,then about an hour after the programme was over I got an email from Trish (trishbrodie)some of you know her she often comments on our journals ,saying she had been to the Albert Hall  ,and twelve Chelsea Pesioners were there and that she had ,taken an added interest because she had read up on the link when I posted about meeting Bob ,when we were in London ,last month .Then this morning we watched the service from the Cenetaph ,where her Majesty laid her wreath ,It occurs to me ......The Queen is eighty now ,and has had a bad back ,and there she was at three big occasions in a row ,isnt she amazing ?

And now to finish of on a more mundane but none the less very important item ,to me ! I have a new washing machine ,my one has been playing up for some time then ,Kate organised with someone who works at Hotpoint to get me a new one at a much reduced rate ,the only snag they dont deliver out here ,so Martin my son in law collected it from the factory shop and took it to Kates, where it spent last night in her lounge. then my son Mark and Kate came over with it today and then Maurice fitted it in,so I am up and running again,can do all the washing I like in order to have lots of ironing to grumble to you about !! 

I wish you all a Blessed Sunday evening ,with love from

This of course is a graphic made for me by Donna ,which was again appropriate ,except that we fortunately had no rain for all the processions that took place in our capital this week end ,even though it is now very cold .

Saturday, 11 November 2006


To all my dear friends who voted for me ,it is so nice to know ,that you took the time to register a vote in my favour ,and that my entrys are enjoyed by so many of you ,as your lovely comments often prove...........I turned on my computer yesterday morning ,before I set of to my meeting ,and because I needed to get ready ,I read only the comments to my journal ,half asleep still ,I read a message from Dianna ..lilsazzysmartass ...saying 'congratulations ,I coudnt find your link '..I thought wonder if Dianna had offered a graphic entitled congratulations ,and I have put in a request for it !!,  I did tell you I was half asleep ,and the half of my mind that was awake ,was on the forthcoming meeting .



Well I carried on getting ready ,Karen was picking me up at 8.45 ,then I looked at some more comments ,and read a comment from Linda ,of George Mansions,also offering her congratulations ,saying I was, Lady of the Blog ,Oh my goodness ,it was sinking in ,but out of thirty emails waiting to be opened ,which one was from Jackie and Chris making the announcements,,didnt occur to me to go to the site set up for the awards Durr ! Well then Karen knocked at the door ,so that was all I was able to do at that point ! had to turn of the computer and go ....


Of course I told Karen ,saying 'I think I've won Lady of the Blog '..she was pleased for me and ,and in the meeting she announced it to the rest of the team ,I got home at about three oclock in the afternoon,AOL  was reluctant to let me sign on ,and was so very slow when I finally managed to  ,but when I finally got conformation ,I was  over the moon ,I rang my sister Jean who is having computer problems at the moment ,she too was pleased for me , I still cant believe it ,I mean there are some great journals out there each in its own way unique,each with its own subject matter and personality..Iam so very grateful for the honour you have bestowed on me and again from the bottom of my heart ...........Thankyou        With love from

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Time flys !

I cant believe I havent done an entry for five days ,I honestly dont know where the time goes ! Maurice has gone off to work so I got up at five thirty ,in order to put that right .....

On Sunday Mark (my eldest son) came to see us with Chrissy his wife ,then in the evening Derek my next son ,rang ,he lives in Dorset ,to say goodbye, he is off to Korea for a week ,on  a business  trip ,I will get all the details on his return ,and share them with you ....We laughingly decided that at ten thirty,the next day , we would both be sitting back with our legs in the air ,him on take off and me in the dreaded dentists chair yes, Monday morning thats just where I was ,I had my injection to numb the tooth that was to be filled ,and while that was taking effect ,Droda my Polish dentist cleaned and polished my teeth ,oh how I hate that ! and then for a couple of days ,I felt so uncomfortable ,poor old teeth ! like me they have been around along time and should be left alone !!.....

Yesterday Maurice took daughter Kate and I to the discount shop ,where he works ,where we started our Christmas shopping ,and then on to visit Aunty Kitty ,who we found snoozing ,but once she had woken up,was on good form ,and we joined her in a rendition of 'Slow boat to China '!

When we got home last evening ,I didnt even turn on the computer ,but when I turned on this morning ,I found 116 emails waiting to be read ,103 journals ,now normaly I read them before I do an entry ,but today thought I had better post otherwise I might never post again lol ....I was saddened to receive an email from Rachel telling me of the sad news ,that her step daughter Claudia has passed away ,Naturally Rachel and her partner A are devastated ,perhaps you would like to send her your love and support at this time ,and I know we all want her to know ,we have her in our prayers at this time.

Tomorrow I am off to the news letter meeting ,for the Christmas edition,they come round so quickly ! Karen is to use my account of our London trip and the picture of myself with Bob the Chelsea pentioner ,so my contribution is already written this time ,so if I dont post tomorrow you will know where I am ,I think I might wear my new boots ....oh didnt I tell you !....I bought some new boots and er, well a new skirt as well now Ive 'fessed up ,I will go and get on with my day ,I hope everyone has a good one .....


Saturday, 4 November 2006

Recycling is important to the future

This lovely Autumn scene is one of Donnas lovely designs ,Thankyou Donna ,she is 'So Clever'

Last Saturday when I went to the Tenants conferance I told you I would tell you what I learned,Of course some things may vary from county to county ,for instance the colour of the bins are sometimes different .

                                        PAPER CARD AND MAGAZINES.

Sent to the paper mill and shredded ,pulped and recycledback into paper.

Did you know?...Paper can be recycled up to six times before the tiny fibres it is made from get too short to hold it together.(this last is toilet roll and kitchen towel centre rolls )


Sent to a reprocessing plant and are washed,flaked,melted and remoulded into new products such as wheely bins and clothing.

Did you know ?...Duvet filling is made from plastic every night when you go to sleep and pull your duvet cover over yourself ,you are really laying under plastic bottles ,and that your cosy fleece jacket  ,used to be a coke bottle !


Washed smelted down and remoulded into cans  and aerosols.

Did you know ?...Every steel can is 100% recyclable.It can be recycled over and over again forever and can be used to make planes ,trains and cars 


Sent to the local composting site and put into rows called windrows ,wherethe material breaks down naturally into compost.

Did you know ? only takes 14 weeks for your garden waste to turn into compost.


Washed ,broken up,melted and remoulded into more glass bottles and jars or alternatively broken down and used to build roads.

Did you know ?...recycling one glass bottle will save enough energy to power a TV for 20 minutes,and can be recycled and used as house insulation.

We were also given more saving tips ,ie buy products with less packaging,over 40% of the waste in our bins is retail packaging,use reusable shopping bags,instead of plastic carriers that take 500 years to degrade

I hope you have found this interesting ,I certainly did ..............just one thing! please dont ask about the 500 year old poly bags ,I dont know where  they are digging up the remains of these old Asda/Tesco bags ! ! !

                   Jan xx


Have a good Week End Everyone .....


Wednesday, 1 November 2006

November 1 st

November 1 st ,did you remember to say Rabbits?(old English custom dictates the first word you say on waking on the first day of the month should be Rabbits )!         Like many of you I am so pleased Halloween is over ,I only got one knock at the door ,and since Maurice wasnt home yet ,I didnt answer.I had been watching the news and they were saying ,the Police had extra men on duty ,because of the youths ,taking advantage of the date to  create trouble,not particularly in this area but in Peterborough the police had an average of one call a minute during the hours of 5.45 and 8.45 last evening,people were getting eggs thrown at cars and houses ,and on one estate,a house was bombarded with potatoes .On the plus side though, when I went over to the co op ,after lunch yesterday I found the staff there, all entering into the spirit of things ,and many of them were dressed up as you will see from my pictures above .Just short entry today,I am going into the office tomorrow Karen emailed me to say she was picking me up at 1.15  pm ,So I will another busy day !   So for now....

Jan xx