Friday, 31 March 2006

Friday again !

    What about this one,then ! isnt it lovely ....Thankyou Donna! click on to my sidebar and see Donna's journal ,and all her lovely creations .

My back pain has returned for no apparent reason,,just to annoy me really !Ithink its a combination of sciatica ,and all the years of lifting ,residents ,no one said we shouldnt in those days ! it is actually easier today so, I have shifted a pile of ironing that had been haunting me. 

Maurice has been off ,(goes back tomorrow) so he has been working hard on his fire place,and I must admit its looking really nice ,so we will have some rearranging to do to accomadate it .


We went into Peterborough yesterday Maurice wanted some beading for the afore mentioned fireplace ,and I wanted some ink for the printer ,we called in to see Kate ,her Doctor has now decided to send her for some physio ,Maurice laughed when he saw us both struggling along ,I bet we did look funny ! well I think I've waffled enough ,I think I'll  go and make a drink ,Before I decide what to make for tea ,Think it will be fish and chips,I've got some nice cod in batter ,oven chips and frozen peas ,that should'nt challenge me too much ,Pudding ...Mmm.I'll think of something !

Have a nice  evening everyone ,especially all those of you who are now off for the weekend ,Have a good one !  byee


Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Spring has sprung ,the grass is riz!

Good Afternoon ,hope you are all well and in good spiriits ,Maurice went off to work last evening to do the last of this batch of nights ,he called in on the way to work to borrow a saw from Pete,Jeans husband .....When he got in to work he rang ,as he does to let me know he'd got there OK,and described to me ,part of his journey ,he encountered a 'Fen blow',when the wind whips up the soil ,and every thing appears cloudy .We certainly have had some high gusty winds ,lately ,The refuge collectors joined the strike yesterday ,but some folks still put out thier wheelie bins ,many of which blew over,so there is rubbish everywhere! 


And then during the course of the evening the wind dropped ,and now we are having intermittant showers .So March came in like a lamb ,like I said (Caff didnt agree )going out like a lion,and the afore mentioned showersAre getting ready for April ,and Spring, Yhey ! will finally be here ,and then May my favourite month ,with all the lovely flowers The month my baby was born ,Kate !


Maurice came home this morning slept till lunch time is now watching Deal or No Deal !,but has been busy working on his fireplace ,he is anxious to see how it will turn out ,just like me and my projects ,so I am ignoring the tools that adorn the lounge ,cant iglore the 'wheres the extention lead ,have you seen ?'


Enjoy your evening everyone,I'm off to check on the chicken casserole and get back to my job as labourer!



Tuesday, 28 March 2006

My Grandaughter

The above picture came to me one Christmas, a few years ago ,and needless to say is among my treasures ,As you probably know I have eight Grandsons ,and one Grandaughter ,She has three older brothers ,and five boy cousins ,so when she arrived it was a  fantastic surprise ,And when it came to naming her Sharon ,my daughter said she is to be named for her Daddys Grandmother ,how do you feel if her second name is Janet ?WELL ! my reply was~I wont mind if you dont ,but I would be delighted if you do ! 


And so we have Charlotte Janet ,and she's lovely ,I love her so much ,but dont get to see her so much since we moved ,she is in her first year of primary School ,though she tells me shes still not sure !After the boys she was something !...very girly ,she learned to flirt with them all from a young age and soon had them wound  round her little finger .Her Aunty Kate calls her Lotte ,and takes her to pop concerts now ,they went to see Blue last year and are booked ,for West life this year ,She loved it when she was leaning how to knit and do french knitting ,she loves shopping ,and coming to stay with Granny ,and having lovely bubble baths and painting her toe nails ,


When she was younger she loved stories told to her ,our favourites were the old Milly Molly Mandy books that her Mum used to read and indeed her Gran before that ! She reads for herself now avidly just like her Mum and Gran .Though she doesnt like ,anything unbelievable ie The Harry Potter books,dont do anything for her ,very much like me in that respect ,I dont particurely like sci fi and the like .


She is now turning into a teenager ,so I  expect we can look forward to all the joys that involves ! Yes she is one special young lady ,is our Charlotte Janet .   




Monday, 27 March 2006

Happy Birthday TWO you !

    I recieved this one from Donna today ,is'nt it just lovely ?Its certainly better than the view from my window at the minute,I have put the washing out, but it is twisting and tugging on the line,although there is still a few days to go I think March is planning to go out like a lion .

Donna as many of you know,does the most beautiful graphics ,and they can be found all over J-land adding that extra special something to our journals ,Iam very grateful to her for her lovely work and for the advise she gave me in the beginning and encouragement she continues to give ,Donna's name is in my side bar .AND it was her birthday yesterday so dear friend a very happy birthday for yesterday  With lots of love and grateful thanks ,Although I think I would still your prefer b/day breakfast !

     And another very special lady has a birthday today ,unfortunately she has been poorly so I do hope she is feeling completely better,Dear Sandra a very Happy Birthday to you ,Sandra is another one who gave me lots of help and encouragement ,in fact we used to email each other before I started my journal ,we have missed your entrys whilst youve been poorly ,Sandra's journal is Labdancer ,and always a joy to visit

There you are Sandra a cake for you as well,......and no Jim she does'nt want door handles for her Birthday!         

                         Has it turned warmer today or is it the heat from all these candles ?I hope everyone has a lovely day ,with love


Sunday, 26 March 2006

Stop Press

 Second entry today !I have just been reading your comments dear friends ,and Freda has left a comment and from it I learned she posted an entry last week !and it would appear none of us got an alert ,really AOL is a  ' LERT '  ! anyway Freda's in my side bar one of the few that work ,(I must get back to that ,and sort out the ones that dont )! and Ally and Colleen pointed out ,in the event of a wide entry ,as mine are ,if you scroll down to 'link to this entry ',then you can read the posting with out as Joan put it ,a tennis neck !Another lovely surprise came my way today Joanne sent me a super picture of her and Bethany ,and her young man ,now if I'd been organised I would have Joannes URL to post ,but you know me ,sorry Jo,I loved the picture and the piece of music you sent me what a lovely gesture ,and last but certainly not least dear Ally ,I know you,ve had a busy day with  family thank you for the lovely card .......Arent J-lAND FOLK loverly   Have a lovely evening ,and dont forget click ~link to entry

       With Love Jan xxx

Mothers Day

                                A happy Restful Mothers Day to you all !

Are you all having a good day ,I have had a visit from Mark my eldest ,with a card a kiss and a bunch of flowers ,Maurice was instructed (by Kate )last evening to call in to collect her presents and card for me on his way to work so I got them this morning ,a very pretty nighty and a lovely pot and bulb(with shoots) to pot ,I got lovely cards with beautiful words ,I am expecting a telephone call later from Derek ,he rings me on a Sunday evening ,and Sharon ,they know Maurice is on nights so will be in touch later ,so I'm feeling very happy They are a good bunch of Kids,well kids ?they are all grown with their own familys ,except Mark he and Chrissy didnt get married till six years ago ,some of the pictures were taken at his wedding as you will see. As they are all busy with their own lives it is not so easy to get everyone together anymore ,but I've found a few pictures of us for you to view .

So on that happy note where ever you are and who ever your with I wish you a happy Blessed Sunday

Saturday, 25 March 2006

Having a whinge !

A Happy Saturday Evening to you all ,I havent posted for a few days no reason really ,unless you count the fact that I've been abit disenchanted with  w i d e  entrys ! and while we're on the subject....what subject ?..........well complaints! When we post our pictures ,in the add pictures section ,why now when we click larger do they come up with a black background and the bottom of the picture missing ?and also !(I've nearly done ).........when I post a picture through the  file manager I am only allowed a few hours and then he removes it ,is this just me or does anyone else experiance these things ?AND have you noticed its only the people in the UK who get wireless alerts.


Maurice is on nights now for four nights ,instead of the usual three ,so the dog and I are home alone,I consoled Maurice with the fact that since we alter the clocks tonight he will have an hour less to work,and tomorrow evening it will stay lighter longer ,And its Mothers day tomorrow ,so please accept the rose at the top of my entry ,with my love .


I went up to the town this morning,with my trolley ,planning to buy some freezer bags ,for Maurice's pack ups,some washing tablets ,and green toilet tissue ! from the man on the market who is cheaper than the shops for these things ,well he wasnt there today,so I trundled my trolley back home again ,and because I had the trolley and not my handbag ,I didnt have my camera ,I missed a lovely photo opportunity ,some people were moving in to a cottage up the road and were putting the furniture through the window ,I did decide though at a later date I must ,take the camera up to the town , The old cinama has been closed down and sold to property developers ,who will very soon pull it downto build flats! well I saw on the side some lovely murals,pictures have been painted depicting various aspects and activities in the town,it was done to mark the millenium ,I would like a photographic record ,before the place is pulled down in the name of progress! 


I am off now to make myself something to eat and curl up with the tele ! Casualty and a repeat of New Tricks ...then bed with me book ! and when I wake up we shall be on Bitish Summer time ! With love to you all .             Please dont go wide !!   

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Catching up on family gossip !

Hi everyone ,I could say good morning because I havent had lunch yet,I have been to the Dentist ,and she suggests I dont eat for a couple of hours,I'm quite happy to go along with her suggestion ,as long as this tooth stays put ,I very pleased with the result,it does look very natural ,I have now to lose the habit of the lopsided smile ! And I dont have to go back for six months ,Hence the Yippeeee!

Maurice has gone back to work after twelve days off which just went so quickly .He did some of the odd jobs,he had planned but not all but no matter ,We went to see family ,which was nice, on Tuesday ,First a visit to Kate ,who is still off work with her sciatia,except that shes not ! She went back to work a fortnight ago ,but was still in agony ,and soldiered on ,between her pain and the section manager ,who never spoke or was sarcastic,to Kate ,this Woman is known for her moods,but as Kate said I can just about tolerate her normally  but Kate said ,between the pain and her ,Mum I'd had enough and ended up in floods of tears ,The boss's daughter ,called Kate into her office and questioned her ,Kate told her she couldnt go on ,and had decided to leave ,well it appears they are aware of this womans attitude so ,said no way were they losing Kate, so the out come is she is now working from home,and loves it ,remember she works for a publishing company ,who publish poetry.Next we went to see Sharon ,who has moved ,they have given up the pub ,I think it was causing her relationship with her partner problems ,she was in the throws of unpacking ,Ugh! Then on to see Maurices Aunty Kitty ,she was asleep when we got there ,and on waking when I said hallo to her,she looked at me very vaguely and said 'shut up'! I darent look at Maurice who found it highly amusing ! once she had her cup of tea she was fine and we chatted away ,,well, as well as one is able with someone with advanced dementia ....We then went off to see Jean and Pete ,and admire their new kitchen and the hall they've decorated since we were last there .


Yesterday we went to a timber merchants who will cut the wood while you wait ,Maurice has been talking for some time of making a fireplace ,nice focal feature for the lounge ,so because he'd finished the beading on the floor he's eager to start his next project ,I like to go with him,his wife runs a little hospital at home charity shop, in a little room on the premises ,masses of books and miscellany ! I bought a big bag of machine knitting wool ,very fine, too fine for knitting with ,but last night I put about four strands together and started to crochet a throw .Well I guess thats it this trip ,as they say ,except keep your fingers crossed this is'nt a wide entry like the last few ,its fine when it leaves here ,then a little man with a steamroller flattens and widens it ,Have a good day everyone with love                           

Monday, 20 March 2006

Getting into the Spring s

    Hi Every one ,its grey day here ,not a very nice welcome for the beginning of Spring ,if indeed it is,I was always under the impression spring began on March 21st ,not the 20th ! but I'm not going to argue,I am more than happy to say goodbye to winter,the weather though, has any one informed the weather ?


So as the top graphic suggests ,we are all now meant to start spring cleaning ,I bet that thought cheers you up ! It reminds me of an incident about four years ago ,at work ,I set off to visit some residents ,It was a lovely sunny Monday  morning every one was in a good mood ,full of the joys of Spring ,you might say ,


I got to this particular bungalow where dear little Meg lived ,could hear her singing away ,but as I know she's very deaf,and wont wear her hearing aid ,I go in ,calling to her as I go.......there she is in her bedroom ,a double bed mattress and what she calls an overlay are propped up at the wall ,and there she is handbrush in hand brushing away at the springs on her bedstead ! Oh I am glad you've come she said,you can help me put this lot back ,and so of course I did  mindful of course that it is not in my job discription! how on earth she had managed to take all this lot to bits I dont know ,she was well over eighty ,and all of five feet tall ,and so frail looking Huh! but what a fiecely independant old dear she was ,but you see its spring cleaning time and these jobs have to be done .


Oh dear its now afternoon ,to lateto give the divan a shove to see if any dust has formed under there,since it was last done !! Never mind I'm sure its happy dust ? yer its happy where it is !    Have a good day everyone


Sunday, 19 March 2006

Another Reverend Gentleman

                               Is'nt this lovely? a Lil country charm ,creation ,Thankyou !

Well as the children became teenagers,we moved to town ,and started going to the Church nearby ,The vicar there was called the Rev.Jamal ,a lovely old gentleman with shoulder length white hair . In his robes he looked like a prophet !He had a really gentle manner I remember ,we were welcomed by him and the congregation ,and enjoyed the services ,and it helped us to intergrate into a new community .The services seemed different somehow ,but then we'd come from the country ,and I suppose set in our ways,It was during this time I was having health problems ,and some of my friends at the church were aware of this ,I was to have a hystrectomy.........I was to go into hospital on the Tuesday , On the Sunday before, at evensong ,one of the ladies the organist I believe ,came to me and said Rev Jamal knows your going into hospital on Tuesday ,and would like you to wait after the service ,He wants to do a laying on  of hands and bless you ............. After the service a few people stayed and I knelt at the alter,he put his hands on my head ,and prayed ,I felt ....well I cant explain it, and cant to this day ,walm inside ,calm and somehow at peace ,certainly blessed .........

I went into the hospital on the Tuesday,to have that op without a care in the world ,not anxious ,not screwed up ,not nervous !(thats me who has the heeby jeebys getting teeth cleaned at the dentist lol

We moved again later and lost touch I heard he moved ,I also heard he was a' healer ',he certainly had an aura a charisma ,a Dear man .

    Have a blessed Sunday everyone