Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday 2013

A Very Blessed Easter to you all .
As on other years ,I joined up with many others from our town to go on the silent walk of witness,Which is a tradition here  in Ramsey ,and after the walk from a point the opposite end of town to the Church,a service is usually held on the green beside the church But due to the bitterly cold this morning, the service was held in church,which was packed I am so pleased us tough Fen landers weren't put  by the bitterly cold winds that blow straight from Siberia!
See me here on my buggy,The remains of the Abby gate behind me, with my flowers to put onto the cross,in the bag at my back I have my quilt which I had planned to wrap up in if the service was on the green.    Ready aye ready ,that's me !
As other years the order of service tells the Easter story,there is a Cross at the top of the main aisle ,and people put the jug of myrrh and wine (that Jesus refused )the crown of thorns ,the purple robes ,that Jesus was taunted with ,The hammer and whip and spear,were then placed near the cross along with the wine mixed with vinegar .We sang Easter hymns and said prayers and there was readings,a very beautiful yet moving service that reminded us of the real meaning of Easter . 
After the service ready to place my flowers, with the church behind me.
And so on this Good Friday ,I will leave you with the words of our Lord 'Love one another'

From Jan xx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

When Granny (me ) was a little girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl her Name was Janet ,and she had a brother John (sorry no picture )
And a little sister Jean ..
They lived in the olden days ,when things were very different
These were called flat irons and would be heated on the fire/stove to heat them before doing the ironing

 The children would watch these characters on the television,Bill and Ben ,The Flower potmen ,with little we ed.

It was some times easier to bath the babes in the sink ,to save getting the zinc bath in from the yard and  save heating alot more  water ,

My brother loved these books,so did my Dad !

Here is one of our favourite toys

And for PT(physical training )we wore our plimsolls no trainers in our day

Look at the school desk

No ebay ,either ,we could shop from the catalogue ,and pay weekly,or as my Dad used to joke 'The glad and sorry '...glad youv'e got it and sorry you have to pay for it !!

Our milk came in bottles ,delivered by the milk man who would also take away the emptys that once the milk was gone ,we would wash and leave on the step for him ,you see we recycled then too. 

 Get the kids to bed ,its the adults bath night

The children all enjoyed a third of a pint of milk at break time  at school.. 

At bed time the kettle would be boiled to fill these stone bottles with hot water ,to keep us warm in bed ,and if one should fall or get kicked out of bed in the night,an almighty bang would wake everyone up

Another favourite tv programe was Dear little Andy Pandy ,Teddy and  LoobyLoo,their Dolly friend

Many happy  hours were spent on our roller skates on the hill out side our house ,Do you remember singing- Iv'e got a brand new pair of roller skates ,youv'e got a brand new key?

And to keep us little girls warm ,over our vest and under our jumpers we wore our liberty bodice.And we hated them!!

Oh look the radiogram,see the lovely big speakers!

A tredle sewing machine ,very much like my first one

Here comes the delivery  boy

And we musnt forget wash day! look at this,and it has its own mangle

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures I have been snagging and saving ,if I pinched any you recognise as yours ,they probably were, so very sorry and erm thank you 
And now as Sooty Sweep and Sue,used to say Good bye everyone Goodbye

 And from me ......Love Jan xx