Saturday, 10 September 2011


  When journalists were invited to do a dedication,to a victim of 9/11 to mark the aniversary five years ago,I thought about it and decided I would like to pay a tribute ,to one of these brave people ,It , however become a very moving thing to do ,and as I  researched this my heart  become heavier and heavier ,John has become so real to Maurice and I, of course we couldnt know him ,but it so important,to bear in mind ,many people did know and love him and be mindful of their grief ,then and now.
 Nearly 3000 people perished on that awful day...... John was one of,that number  !  And now ten years on I still hold this man in a very special place in my heart

[John Santore]He was a married man,with two daughters ,how they must miss him .He was fourty nine.

Here is part of my entry....

There has been alot of TV coverage ,on the disaster that started the millenium off. and we have been watching it all ,The New york fire Brigade had been featured on a film some Rooky firemen were making at the time ,and as it coincided with the disaster they decided to carry on ,and as you see from the above pictures John's picture was also featured .Here is the tribute left by his wife
John Santore
John  Santore

World Trade Center

Spoiling the Girls

When the Santores traveled, a few things always accompanied them: candles and two Champagne glasses wrapped in a towel. The candles were store-bought; the glasses were a relic. They were the same glasses John A. Santore and Frances Scarselli used to drink to their happiness the night he asked her to marry him. Mr. Santore asked the waiter if he could keep them.

Both the candles and the glasses were necessary tools for Mr. Santore, a firefighter with Ladder Company 5 on Staten Island, the father of two girls, 20 and 13, and a romantic.

"He would set the table with the candles and the flowers and the wine and then cook for us," Mrs. Santore said. "We are three girls in the home, so he would always spoil us."

On weekend mornings, Mr. Santore would run to a deli to buy coffee and croissants for the family so they would not have to cook. During the week, he would often surprise his wife with a bunch of wildflowers.

When someone mentioned the need for a maritime museum on Staten Island to honor John Noble, a famed local artist, Mr. Santore, 49, formed what he called the Noble Crew to build it, his wife said.

"He was wonderful with his hands," she said. `There was nothing he couldn't do."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES
John it was my honor to be assigned to you ,as my victim you became my hero,and I shall think of you often ,and I send very special love to your wife Frances and your daughters

......Jan xx


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Petanque and...The Forties weekend

A busy week end,which in honour of The J-Land aniversary I want to share with you all. On Thursday evening I had my annual Board member assessment ,which went well .
Above is a picture of Humphrey,introducing what was to be a marvelous afternoon . But I'm getting ahead of myself ~One of the committees I am on, decides how a community fund ,set aside by the company, can best provide something that would better the lives of the residents ,this must have been one of the biggest projects so far ,but what a success ,it has proved to be .....At one of our sheltered schemes for the elderly,(a beautiful old property ,converted into flats and set in the most beautiful grounds)
A few years ago a resident there saw an advert for a set of Boules in the local paper ,they were as new,so Ruth bought them ,and since then they played on the grass.....until their scheme manager suggested they apply through community grant system for a boule piste to be built ,we in due course approved the idea,.....So below you see a picture of Ruth on the left,next to the Mayor of Huntingdon who cut the ribbon to officialy open the piste On Friday afternoon,Next to him is Stella who is their teacher and trainer ,and then the head of the council .
We all had a little turn,and it proved to be so much fun we all want to learn and play ,Hmmm I forsee some matches coming up ......

I was proud of this picture see how the boules have just left their hands !
Below see Stuart ,our ops Director ,trying to beat Ruth

Isnt it great ?

My sister Jean had a birthday yesterday so of course I made her a cushion Now every year at this time our litte Market town turns back the clock ,and we have a fortys weekend ,so as I was shopping yesterday I'snapped' a few people ,who I encountered

An American officer and his lady
This chap told me he was riding a Belgium Amy bike called a monarch .
And here is his lady who was happy to pose for me
And here is my friend Jane getting into the spirit of things .
Jane is the chair person of the Ramsey intiative ,and works hard for our town .And below the ladies in the charity shop having lots of fun ,lots of fortys music playing
So there you have it !Have a Blessed Sunday everyone ,with a good week to follow,and as ever love from Jan xx....and Kizzie!!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Beauty,really is only skin deep.....

Hi there everyone ,I hope you are all well .I am fine ,busy as ever ,and like the cow's tail all behind as usual,lots of meetings and some sewing .....Because I am a board member ,I was invited to the staff conference .I love this I meet up with old colleagues,as well as other staff members .The theme this year was 'Challenge ',so due to the changes government are making ,in the housing sector,it was appropriate , so mindful of cut backs and everything else this year is going to be challenging .However Alan our chief exec is confident that we are able ,for what ever presents it self .
After all the facts and figures were explained to us ,by the different departments ,we went on to play some really interesting quiz games .before a delicious lunch ,where we could again chat to our friends .
After lunch more corporate stuff before our guest speaker .....
Yes it was Simon Weston O B E ,what an insiration ,this man is ,handsome inside and out !! I remember watching the programes on TV about his ,struggle with all the surgery he needed when he returned from the Falklands conflict of 1982 horrifically burned,(he is a similar age to my second son!).....and boy has this man accepted the challenge ,he helped to form 'Weston Spirit',helping disadvantaged youngters ,build their lives and believe in them selves .He has worked tirelessly for the Star and Garter homes ,as an ex Guardsman with the Welsh guards ,some thing close to his heart .Now happily married to Lucy with three young children,he campaigns,for many charities,-he has jumped with the Red Devils -run the New York marathon-to create a better future for the young people and veterans alike......Of course he has had his dark moments,some of which he spoke,and as many of us wiped the tears from our eyes ,he would have us all roaring with laughter , he has a fantastic sense oh humour ...A great Man ,God Bless you Simon ...
I went home feeling very humbled ,greatful ,inspired ,and clutching a copy of his latest book that he signed for me

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A trip to London

I cant believe it is 12th June.since I put these pictures on here ,and never got back to finish this post. . Ah well Im here now
Before I start I want to introduce you to Debbie ,she has been blogging for about a year but doesnt have many readers SO~ shall we see if we can change that ? pop over ,you will be pleased you did
Now what are those people doing below ? you may ask ....perhaps not ! We are a group of residents ,who participate in the Residents Inclusion Group,or RI.....I am involved in The News Letter ,written by the residents,for the residents.I am vice chair of ARF ,Axiom Residents Forum , and a resident board member ....Axiom Housing association involved in social housing ,who value residents input and we work closely with them ,(I was a scheme Manager,on a sheltered scheme for the elderly ,until I retired seven years ago .)The picture below is us working on 'The Annual Report 'some thing the government want housing associations to do with the aid of residents .....getting boring now isn't it ? (nearly done now with the explanation)Last year we were,highly commended by TPAS (tenant particiption advisory service) and went for a lovely Lunch at Solliehull near Birmingham ....Then ......we were invited to give a work shop ,in London last month
Angela, who is PA to the Chief Exec,and communications Manager ,booked us all on a train to London,(she asked for assistance for us as we dont walk far !)So Angela Jackie Ann and Jan off to the big smoke
Not a good picture but this is where the meeting was to be
Bit of interest, you will need to click to make it big enough to read

Here we are at the side of the stage, assisting Angela as she gave her presentation which included us too .
Pheew we did it ,and with such aplomb,though I,say it myself ,we were a hard act to follow
Oh and I made a bag to go with ......
As ever love from ..Jan xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Having a 'cushie' time

Sorry about the 'Good Morning ',it will be afternoon by the time I post this ,
and I will warn you
,this is a multi picture entry ,many of you asked to see what I had been making since I got the new sewing machine for my Birthday .The first picture is of Rachel my Great neice ,who shares a Birthday with me ,She is 11 and we are all extremely proud of her , she excels at swimming and has won many medals.She competes all over the country .

So for her Birthday I made her this cushion scanning a picture of her then transfering it to a transfer that is then ironed onto fabric, the idea for this method was explained to me by Laura I am very grateful to her and her patience in talking me through it via Email

Next I made a cushion for my Taxi driver Muncha who is so kind, and takes me to all my meetings he lent me a picture of his little daughter and
voila ...they were all delighted and little Atitia wont be parted from Her cushin! I have to make one for her cousin now !

My Friend has been fighting a very nasty illness ,so to cheer her up ,I snagged a picture of her Granddaughter from Face book ,and made this one for her .....

Then for a bit of a change from cushions ,I made some wall pads for along side the wall by Great nephew baby Harry's cot

Harry's great Grandparents are from Ireland ,so I put a shamrock on the back of one of the blocks!

I was telling my friend Jackie about Harry's blocks she said she would love a set for her new Great Grandaughter so I made some for little Rubi ..

And then Joanne my neice was 40 , (Jo is Rachael 's Mum)
so of course ,another cushion seemed right !and since Jo likes cats I put some onto her
one ,holding ribbons attached to balloons.....

Another dear friend Violet had her birthday on May 16th ,the same day as my Daughter Kate so two more cushions were made and two more happy Ladies

Sorry the pictures arent as good as they might be , but I sure you get the idea and at least you can see what I have been doing with my time ....

As ever lots of love from

Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday 2011

A Very Blessed Easter time everyone ,I bet you can't remember me ! I am ashamed to say I havent posted since last October ,So thought it was time to put that right .I have been as busy as ever .I have been doing lots of sewing ,and for my 70th Birthday in February ,Maurice and the family all chipped in to buy me a super new sewing machine,one that does wonderful things because it is computerised I love it ,I ,must show you some of the stuff I have made some time ,not today though ,because I want to share with you all where I went this morning,I feel so good ,so uplifted and erm ..humble ......Each Good Friday all those that believe ,and of different faiths ,do a silent walk of witness through the town , following the cross ,as we all assembled on a car park ,on a gorgeous warm sunny morning,The Rector said a prayer, before asking for a volunteer to carry the cross ,a dear little boy piped up ,''I will '',However his Dad stepped in to do the honours ,accompanied by a very proud little boy and his even smaller brother ,we walked in silence right through the town (me on my buggy )quite away,until we came to the green beside the Church,St Thomas a Beckett,with the ruins of the walls of the old Ramsey Abbey behind us ,I was amazed how many people had turned out ,For a wonderful open air service ,with Easter hymns ,readings and prayers ,I did say how up lifted I felt, as you will imagine .Afterwards came the Dressing on the Cross,where we all threaded our flowers through the wire on the cross that stands permanantly on the green,Afterwards tea and coffee was served so we were able to sit in the sun and chat to our friends ......

This is the cross that was carried

Out side the Church afterwards

The Tall Gentleman with his back to us is our Rector

Wishing you all a joyous Easter ,and in the words of Our Lord 'Love one another '

As ever love from