Monday, 20 August 2012

August Post

Hi everyone,Once again a long time between posts,I have had laptop problems ,well disasters really ,mine is deceased ,and the company one I have ...well I'm not sure if I should be hand cranking it .....or maybe peddling it to make it go faster ,(as in bicycle peddles )though the other meaning of the word might be an option !and of course you know what happens when your laptop dies ? all your pictures graphics etc die too ,if you don't back up your stuff ,and me well I'm always meaning to do that~ tut tut  ,will I ever learn ?any way the chap who declared life extinct on the old Lappy thinks he may be able to retrieve some of it ,heres hoping....

Well what is the header picture all about ?
Remember ,we were the winners of the Regional Annual Report for tenants ....We had entered the catagory ,'Excellence in Annual Reports',so off we all went to Birmingham ,as we had now been short listed for the National award ,

Here we are looking forward to going into the dining room for dinner.See how we are supporting Angela,well it's only fair! she has guided us through this report ,she's the PA  to the Chief exec ,and publicity  manager and so  very clever . ..
A very Hilton hotel dinner  was enjoyed before  the presentations took place ,delicious it was... but we still left room in our tummys for butterflies ....
Ta Daaaa
and the winner is ............
Axiom Housing Association...

Every picture tells a story!!!! ,wasn't it clever of George to take this picture at just that moment ?
And below, on the stage collecting the award ,to very loud applause
And here it is....the prize we have worked so hard for

As ever lots of love Jan xx