Friday, 28 October 2005

In Bare Foot days

Yesterday, Jeannette gave me some food for thought with her entry about early memories ,Iwas born in a village in Northamptonshire ,as was my life long friend S,who is five months older than me,and did she pull rank because she was older!I had a  brother who was three years younger than me and  my sister was six years younger,S came from a big family,there were ten of them .S and I were about eight I suppose,and we were charged with the job of minding our little sisters ,whilst our Mothers were busy,I can clearly remember us pushing our little sisters in their pushchairs as we as intructed took them for a walk !It was a warm summer day,and our walk took us about a mile from home ,along a country road towards the next village,(not much traffic in those days) just before a bend was a wide verge ,where I remember we parked our little sisters ,who were sitting in their pushchairs,strapped in of course ,we ducked under the barbed wire ,across the field to the bottom where the Willow brook ran,off came our socks and sandals and we had a lovely time paddleing in the brook.Afterwards back we went to were wed left our baby sisters ,both were howling their heads off as I remember !(Sorry Jean ),the babys had been sitting on pram rugs ,which were ideal for us to dry our feet on !! ...........Id rather you didnt point out to me how many things could have gone sadly wrong!!! They didnt! as we are all here to tell the tale .

At around about the same time,I suppose I ran all the errands ,both for my Mum and my Granny .I dont think we had electricity at that time and our "wireless",ran on a battery and what used to be called an accumulater I think!this thing was like thick glass enclosed in a metal cage about the size of a house brick,with a handle and sort of terminals that attached to the wireless ,well I was frequently sent to get it charged up at a house two streets away ,it seemed a long way as I remember,with the instuction to hold  it away from you (it was heavy ),and mind your coat!............Imagine a kid today walking the streets wth a container of acid !!!Good old days . 

My Dad was the village barber ,part time only .I used to be sent down to his little shop to collect his scissors , (Dad always pronounced it sithers)and take them on to my Grandad ,who would sharpen them for my Dad,.........Dad would give me his bunch of keys ,thats the shop key he would say ,he also gave me a news paper to wrap them in so I didnt "stick "myself with them !I was always told to make sure I locked up on leaving,and to keep out off the cupboard!!hed have been better not saying that because off course I looked ,didnt I ?this was a barbers shop !!!..........Any thing for the weekend sir ?

They are some of my memorys,or one might even say confessions!So maybe Id better stop...............Have a good day folks         Jan xx

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Asewing machine,agirls best friend

Hello again,Maurice has gone fishing today with ,sister Jeans husband Pete,(it is so nice they get on so well together)I have the whole day to get some jobs done,thought I would go through my wardrobe,today put the summer cloths away into a suitcase in the cupboard in the hall,it contains winter ones at the moment ,but change over time is here I think.   So now you know what the pictures of skirts ,are doing there!These are some of the ones Ive made,I bought a pattern,last May from John Lewis,Macalls patterns were reduced,to half price on a pro mo I paid £3.50 for this one.I discovered some lovely materials on the market,for £1 a metre.So these summer skirts have been costing less than a fiver each ,with the exception of the the green one ,thats the embroidered green cord I told you about was more expensive but so much cheaper than the shops.           Yes ,since I retired I rediscovered my sewing machine,I made the bed head you saw at the back of the bed ,that Scooby sleeps on in our absence !! I also enjoy knitting and made a poncho in very heavy wool and telegraph poles,instead of needles(slight exageration) ,that made my wrists ache so was pleased to complete that, I make cardys to go with my skirts ,and have made some little jackets for baby Keira .I think I inherit my creative streak from my Granny,my Dads Mum.Yes I enjoy creating ,even if its only havoc !!!!! So now Im off to creat  a void in the ironing basket!!UGH .

         Hope your day is creative folks   with love Jan xx 

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Carry on Matron!

Today, we went to visit Aunty Kitty,who now lives in a residential home for the elderly,the home isnt a purpose built building,in fact it was once a convent,a beautiful house still.It has been sympathetically adapted ,whilst still retaining many lovely features .Maurice ,can remember being taught by some of the nuns,who had lived there,with not particular happy memories of some of them!!either he was a naughty little boy or some of them were tartars !bless em !

Kathleen Wall,was born in Ireland in 1920,in a small village near Limerick, called Killmallock.She was the youngest of seven children,so she had five sisters and a brother John,her sisters were Bridie,Teresa,Lilly,one who sadly died at a young age,and Maurices Mother ,Mary,fondly called May .

Aunty Kitty is a frail old lady now , but on a good day ,it is still possible to see a spark of the lady she was ,She went into the nursing profession,as a young lady ,and I believe,fell in love,with a Doctor who,broke off the engagement and her heart.She then threw herself into her job,she worked in many ,aspects of nursing ,and became extremely qualified, and attained the position as a  matron.I can imagine her ,the old school ,standing for no nonsense from either her staff or indeed patients alike.She actually nursed Spike Milligan at one stage in her career,when I commented on this,and asked what he was like, she dismissed me with Oh I didnt particularly like him there !!Old age can be so cruel sometimes, all that knowledge has left her now.She can remember though  what to do with a nice glass of sherry,indeed why not,at eighty five her work is done,so she sits and watches ,her carers at work ,and looks forward to her visits from her family .Shes lovely!

After we left Aunty Kitty, we went shopping and stocked up the freezer, and home ,where Im typing this up, on a compooter that has a mind of its own ,and wants to change size of text to suit itself no amount of correcting by me ,has changed it so you can see who had the last word !!!  

  Have a good whats left of the afternoon and evening friends ,

            Jan xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Good morning,?is it ?    Well just ,we are going into Huntingdon,soon so a quickie again ,Ithought Id post a few pictures of our little garden today ,As you will see,Maurice put decking down to make a patio area, out side the back door ,also he made the trellis ,clever boy ,he is !!Can you see the ducks ,Ivy and Poppy,also pictured though not very well,we recently bought three hanging baskets complete with winter pansys in yellow white and my favourite violet ,in the back ground opposite the patio door you can see the summer house,also built by Maurice ,told you he was clever didnt I ?and just to bring some reality into the pics you can see the tea towels on the line,that I used to mop up whilst defrosting afore mentioned freezer,well as Isaid we are going out so will go and get ready ,dont want to keep anyone !waiting !!So this entry today is~(to borrow a saying of my Dads) Like a donkeys gallop ,short and sweet!!    Have a good day ,be happy ,Jan xx

Monday, 17 October 2005

Whos been sleeping in my bed??

Just a quick entry today ,Maurice has a few days off so, weve been doing loads of odd jobs around the house ,and garden,he has been cutting back a thick hedge at the side of the bungalow ,me Ive been defrosting the fidgefreezer we have shredded loads of paper ,dont you accumalate,some rubbish?

I go to the shops and when I return,there is signs that Scooby has been sleeping on the bed in our absence,we havent yet caught him but he kind of gives the game away....Ive found slippers,toys books ,on this occasion you will see hes even taken his dinner,he must nudge the toy Scooby to one side and curl up with a book to wait for our return,because,there is a warm patch on the bed,but he will be standing wagging his tail as we/I unlock the door!!           catch you all later          Jan xx  

Saturday, 15 October 2005

What A O L did for me (not an advert!!)

Talking to a friend today  on I M,she asked me how long had I been with A O L, I suppose its probably,five /six months now .And on reflection its changed my life ,that is a bold statement to make ,but true .I spoke earlier about the difficulty I had adjusting to retirement,not being able to stucture my time etc.Maurice ,said ,at the time ,he didnt think I was mentally ready,with hind sight he was right ,but at the same time my body was telling me something different,working full time in a stressfull environment,and with alot of responsibilty ,was taking its toll,I suppose my employers acknowleded all this ,when I left but was invited to do holiday and sick cover.

So when my sister talked me into getting A O L ,it became away of life I didnt foresee,and I have now found the ideal way of exercising,the leetle grey cells!At first I was finding my way around ,clicked on to blogs ,then Jeannettes jottings ,went to people in her list ,hey this is good !!My sister came over to visit one ,have you done this showed her ,yer wow .....I read and commented,loved it ,I emailed Jeannette for some thing or other ,we had quite a correspondence going,she said why dont you do your own journal!!!WHAT ME ?????oh no ..........what would I talk about LOL ............some more time elapsed,I think I was physcing myself up ..............THEN I thought why not,did the entry ,pressed save and emailed Jeannette saying ,Ive only gone and done it !Ive had some hiccoughs along the way ,and yes youve guessed she sorted me out ,well here I am !Ive been read some 1500 times thanks everyone ,and the rest you know is history.Its great !! Im in the living room or kitchen(but not alot!!) when ....PING....goes an alert ,the dog automaticaly,trots into the study (posh word for you know now where )because he knows we will be in here some time .I have met some fantastic friends and enjoyed some wonderful stories,Its the bestest retirement hobby a girl (and fellah )can have.    With all my love and thankyou   Jan xx  

Friday, 14 October 2005


A miscellany,of pictures and storys today............Picture no 1.. At the old bungalow we lived in Maurice had built a fitted wardrobe,when we moved here ,the second bedroom, it was decided, it was far too small, so no attempt was made to furnish it with bedroom furniture,He rebuilt the wardrobe and it is  usefull storage,as you can see Matthew(Matt) , Sams big brother,is playing on the leccy organ ,Maurices guitars and bodrum are on the wall above the organ and computer.If grandchilren come to stay like Sam the other week,the organ is removed and a camp bed ,put in there,so now you see our music/computer room............Picture no 2  Was taken with the journal in mind so though it didnt show what I wanted it too Im posting it anyway!~the top plaque reads cemetary gate,underneath is the warning ,from the electricity board~   In danger of death keep out !!!........Picture no 3,My eighteen year old grandson Paul,has a girl friend,who recently had a baby ,her boy friend left when it was found she was pregnant ,Paul stayed and loves the baby like his own and his girl friend of course,well thats good enough for us,except that makes you know who a greatgranny!!!!!Which Paul tells me Ive always been a great  granny AHHH!  She is adorable,her name is Keira,and Ive loved knitting her lots of little jackets and buying little clothes for her.SO there you have it a patchwork of pictures today,with stories to match.And for all you workers out there except those doing shift work Maurice!!   I used to love to say ........"The weekend starts here " have a good one folks  JAN XX 

Thursday, 13 October 2005


The little town we live in hold a Fortys weekend ,once a year,John the owner of the car in picture no 10,is a friend of Maurices,we discovered about the event from John,when we were out walking the dog one day,there was John in a garden we were admiring ,it was then he told us of forthcoming events in the area,and the Fortys was some thing not to be missed he said .So as the time drew near we purchased our tickets for the dance .The whole weekend was in and around,the town with all the shops ,competing in the window displays,There were stalls in the street,the main events took place in the adjoining village where there used to be an air base in the war,So on the afternoon of Saturday August 20, we set off in the afternoon,and had a great time looking at the stalls selling fortys memorbelia I bought a little straw beret type hat,as I planned to wear a dress I own from that period,a little black two piece ,button down the back, with a big sequined sea horse on the front,I managed to locate some seamed stockings from the antique shop,earlier that week.There was an amazing display of cars ,tanks vehicles from the forties,bikes etc .People were strolling round in the sunshine in costume,strenthening my resolve to get dressed up that evening ,picture no 6 shows a blindman?selling his matches bootlaces ,behind him,was a mock up of a garden with all the veg ,complete with washing line,on which an amazing array of washing ,was drying ,including a liberty bodice!There was just so much to see.We went home and called in for some fish and chips from the chippy.Then we got our selves ready Maurice wore his suit ,but called it his demob suit !!and me in my regalia wished I had some gloves ,ladies always wore hats and gloves, never mind Id got my hat ,I tucked a lace hanky into my watchstrap,and off we went ,People had really gone to town,some of the dresses were amazing ,and the uniforms were a sight to see .Igot talking to one old gentleman(old gentlemen are my stock in trade!! )In a Majors uniform,it was authentic I recognised his badges as those of a medic he told us of his time in Burma what a delightful old gentleman I thanked him for his part in making my growing up safe !!The music was great ,Glenn Miller and numerous others ,the dances ,jitterbug ,jive wow ,even a gentleman in his smoking jacket and long cigarrete holder, doing stuff from Noel Coward.It was a truly enjoyable evening ,and now Ican do pictures I was able to share it with you,The one of me with the MP in front of the tank, He was the door man, I asked his wife if we might take the picture,sure said she in her Essex accent and  American uniform ,apparantly these people go all over the country to these events,make lots of freinds and have a ball.My M P ,when Isaid ,you dont mind do you ?replied out of the corner of his mouth ,course not babe how do you want me !hence the big grins on the picture .

And so on that happy note I will wish you all a good day,JAN XX 



Monday, 10 October 2005

A Piscatorial entry!!

Good morning ,Every one ,Im going to be playing catchup now I have discovered how to add my pictures,it wasnt so much how to add them ,more a question of where they were on the computer!The journals today seem to have a fishy theme I ve just read Ally and she tells us a lovely story of how she became interested.And now youve seen the pics of our Sam with his,booty ,beauty...catch! I was given a rather amusing book one Christmas ,by my sister,entitled  The Fishing Widows Guide by Rosie Barham.Iam about to share some of the more amusing,bits. 

Glossary-A few angling terms (and what they really mean)----------BAIT BOX-Tupperware   BARBEL -lady angler in the pub-or a species of fish.  CARP-what they do when they lose a fish or Common,Mirror,crucian,Leather etc.CASTORS(OILED)-what an effiently run anglers house hold runs on or maggots at the chryaslis stage.COURSE FISHING-Shouting abuse at other water users,ie boats swanns ducks etc or fresh water fishing  BIVVY- anglers cant pronounce bivouac.PINKY -affectionate name for a light red maggot SHAKESPEARE BOX-part of a theatre,where you will never persuade your angler to set foot ,or the trade name for a tackle box. PRIEST what catholic anglers look as though they need after a long session or a lead baton used to kill edible fish. ROD REST -time for a beer, or a support for fishing rod.SWIM,you must never do this anywhere near your angler or a section of water so called because ....swim in it .FISHING LICENCE-similar to poetic licence but only applies to the size of the fish..................AND ...then we come to the letters page ~~from Hooked of Holbeach-I think we have a poltergeist in the house!! I go shopping once a week but tins of sweetcorn and luncheon meat,even crusty loafs of bread seem to disappear overnight and no one knows where they have gone ,Shall I call in a priest.......................Dear Hooked ,your groceries are being thrown in the river.The only course of action is to hit your husband over the head with a priest he is bound to have at least . one in his tackle box.     AND FINALLY ...From Shell Shocked,of Southampton ,My husband and three sons keep using the" F "word.It appears in their conversationin almost every sentence and when I protest,they argue  that it is heard everywhere nowadays,even on T V .I find it most upsetting how can I stop them saying it ?.............Dear shocked.    You will never be able to stop them from saying it,try to ignore it.I understand your concern but the word "fishing "comes from the old Anglo Saxon,and is becoming quite acceptable in polite society.

Well have a good day folks and if your going fishing?---- Tight Lines !!                      Jan xx        

Sunday, 9 October 2005

.The wrikly dog !

It says at the top Im ecstatic ,well yes ,look Ive added pictures,so now you know what our wrikly dog looks like,Im using red a joyful colour..........I cant believe Ive done it,the ever patient ,ever tolerant Glen from next door,came round to re connect the printer Id taken its plug and other gubbins out to make room for Sams bed last week.Whilst here I was asking him things,he showed me no end of clever stuff ,stuff Id been to proud to ask!!stuff that you clever people out there take for granted,as Im sure I probably will once it becomes second nature to me .Jeannette you had better get that box of gold stars out now ,just look what your protege ,has been up to!!    GOOD IN IT ?          Yes well stop crowing and do your journal..

Maurice always wanted a dog,so once Id retired,we used to go off to the fairly local animal rescue centre and one week we went and there was this fellow looking at us through the bars,well the rest as you know is history,...........we were allowed to get him out and walk him round,for a bit,we decided we would like him for our dog,we went back to reception and filled in the necesary paper work, and gave the lady our plastic,it was suggested we might like to go for a coffee whilst all this was processed, ooo we might be coming back next week for our dog ,we had our coffee,well Maurice had tea ,and a few fags and finger nails!!     when we couldnt wait anymore we went back to reception and were asked ,subject to the vets O K would we like to take him home today.Oh Yes?  So off we all go to see the vet she gave him the once over deemed him fit ,advised us about his diet and various other bits,and we have got our dogWOW next stop the shop on site to buy collar and lead, bed, bowls,numerous other stuff including food,another bashing of the old plastic.But yer now we have a dog,so now when Maurice is at work I have a chum,He adores Maurice its something to see the greeting he gets when he comes in from work .We are not sure what happened for him to be sent to the animal rescue place but hes very wary of strangers ,he had no idea how to play,all that has changed gradually,and hes most certainly decided we are his people,which is just as well he is our dog. And now you all know hes crosseyed too!!!   Got to go now and press save to see how this all comes out !

Have a restful happy Sunday .          Jan xx

Friday, 7 October 2005

Bootiful !

Maurice went off to work about eleven ,fifteen today,so I didnt turn the computer on until about eleven thirty.Didnt I do well?In my mind I pronounced ,computer~compooter,which is how a girl I worked with used to say it,Now at the court I worked at was a dear old Norfolk gentleman,he is actually ninety six ,with his wife who is ninetyone,I was visiting one day when I explained to them I had to do a reading of some form or other to add to the afternoons entertainment,and wanted something abit different,so he wrote out a little something and rehearsed me,I dont know how its going to work ,but worth a try,with apologies to the Norfolk dialect!!!!   Think Bernard Matthews!!

Beast of Burden~          A  Norfolk lad,who had been promised a baby or sister for his birthday said to his Mum....If that dunt make yew too big,oied like a shetland pony anorl,

         "Good mans smell"                   A true story from Norfolk?In the days before mains water.A lad was sent home from school,with a note demanding, that he was washed!!the indignant Mother sent him back with this written reply~Dear Miss,yew hev sent our Billy hume,corse yew say he smell.Well let me tell yew, I send him to school to be larnt not smelt .Ennyway he smell just like his farther smell,But there yew bein an ol maid,Idunt spoose,new what a gud man smell like!!!!!

Did it work ? Well it went down well with the ladies and gentlemen on our afternoons,entertainment,Thanks, I think to Bernies tuition of his dialect,And there was you all thinking sheltered housing management was all care plans ,angina attacks ,and liasing with all sorts of relavent medical agencies.

             Hev a gud day folks   Jan xx

Thursday, 6 October 2005

Deja vu

Many years ago,at least thirty I would think, I was a participant in a correspondance magazine,or a round robin as it was some times called.Yesterdays entry prompted the train of thought that made me remember this.

About six or eight of us belonged to this particular "Mag"as we called it ,and the title was Firefly.         We would all send our entry into the editor by a certain date of the month,she would then ,put all the letters, photos,recipes knitting patterns etc into the mag,we were allowed to keep it not longer than three days,to read ,make our notes,then you send it off to the next person on the list.

We were all like minded young married women,with young familys,so had lots in common.I remember feeling quite excited as the date for the arrival of the mag drew near .I would read it catching up with news of my friends and their familys,making my notes on the entries,(sound familiar?)My daughter Sharon ,then I suppose about eleven or twelve was also an avid fan."Is that the mag Mum oo can I read it?"After the three days some times sooner,off would go Firefly winging its way to the next eager contributer via the good old G P O .I also remember that one of the members didnt contribute for a couple of months ,when she did it was to tell us her husband had died ,asthma ,at home waiting for the ambulance,she had three small children I remember.I wish I could remember all the names and more details.What has stuck in my mind though,it was decided we should meet,and as the girl who was the editor lived in the midlands,she was to be our host.I actually do remember the name of the girl who took me in her car,she was Sheila,well off we set we were finally going to meet our friends wed been writing to each other for a number of years now.We were chatting away,discussing our fellow penpals,approaching a round about,slowing down............thinks she ll stop in a minute!!!!   NO    We hit the car in front,fortunately no one was hurt ,so we continued on our way ,somewhat shaken but undetered,I seem to remember we had a lovely day,rather spoilt by the thought... Ive got to go home with this scatterbrain as she proved to be!!Happy days! do wish I could remember more ,especially those girls names.   Mags Journals,so very similar .FIRE FLY a lovely song too!

   Have a good days friends with love  Jan xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Dont time fly when your havin fun ?

Good Morning again,yet another nice day !You see it can do it, the weather I mean!If I was at work and needed to be waiting around for buses it would be raining and cold.Never mind enjoy it whilst we can .(end of weather forecast)

Maurice is at work to day so ,Im home alone still trying to get some ,structure ,some shape to my days at home,they are so shape less they are in danger of becoming baggy!!

Whilst in Huntingdon yesterday,I saw a new Maeve Binchy in paper back,I almost bought it only to find when I got home Id got the hard back copy,So it wasnt new !another favourite who has a new hard back out ,is Lesley Pearse,but Im desperately trying to resist buying it,untill the paper back version of that arrives in the shops.

I have been writing this journal just over a month now, I cant believe that !Its a cliche,we all keep kicking around ,but where does it go ,the time ?My family and I have been discussing recently ,the changes in technology.When Mick my husband died twenty two years ago,we didnt yet have a video recorder, and look what has happened since then,mobile phones !,where are they going?just thirteen years ago we were all at my sister Jean and her husband Petes twenty fifth wedding aniversary,all except Kate ,my daughter who was in labour,at the Mat unit,we were able to keep in touch ,with Dereks (my son)mobile phone I tell you it was as big as a brick and so was the charger !The amazing thing is weve kept up with all these,changes,yer weve come along way from the abbacuss!!!!which is what my generation started out with.If Mick came back now he wouldnt recognise,any of this! 

Right,Im now off to mangle my washing!!Im not really! what I mean is the washer is on its last spin so Im off to peg out the washing       With love ,have a good un !    Jan xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

This and that and the other duck

We are doing well yet another lovely Autumn day,with sunshine a light breeze a few birds in the garden ,sadly the swallows seem to have left,how excited we feel when we think we see the first one,Maurice is at home today,and is doing some of the odd jobs that are ever there awaiting our attention or inclination,hes just put out the bin, today is the day it likes to stand in the street to fraternise with its neighbours.

We woke to the sad news of Ronnie Barkers passing ,what a talented man,he has entertained us all for many years with his comedy and I believe he wrote alot too.Maurice has a cousin who owns a hotel near where Ronnie lived and had his antique shop,,so knew him quite well,a truly lovely man

Ive got another little duck,I was wandering round our little market town the other day and noticed one of the local vacant shops was full of...ob-je-darts so being of a nosy disposition in I went for a browse!The lady told me they had been allowed to use the shop for a few days ,to sell off a load of bric a brack in aid of the Royal British Legion,I bought a lighter for Maurice in the shape of a fish not sure if it works!!,a book by Libby Purves entitled A long walk in winterI have an audio story of hers,about and her and her husband Paul Hieneys trip by boat around the coast of  England and Scotland with their two small children..............The Duck, yes there he sat,made in wood,not quite as big as Ivy but  hey what do you want for fifty pence,covered in a thick dark mahogany varnish embellished with gold paint Yuk,hes out side with her hoping to weather!!!!No sorry hes not a he because shes called Poppy for obvious reasons!!

Do you fancy a ride to Huntingdon ,Maurice has just enquired ,Oh yes !so Im off          BYEE, enjoy your day everyone    Jan xx  

Sunday, 2 October 2005

Gone fishin

Good afternoon ,Everyone,A nice sunny, if windy Sunday,Ive been reading this morning ,a book by Charlotte Bingham~The magic hour .  I was up to see the fisher men off,at six o clock, have been getting regular updates, up untill about eleven thirty it had all been quiet,then Maurice caught a twelve pound carp,and then Sammy Jim,(Grannys pet name for Samuel James)caught a carp weighing in at fourteen pounds,I hope youve taken pictures says I... we have ,was the reply,I then asked had he landed it himself ?Obiously Sam was within ear shot as Maurice said well we are doing it between us I reel in and Sam handles the landing net,isnt it great ?abit of male bonding going on there.Out of all the boys Sam is the one most interested,having said that Micky down in Dorset is keen (another grandson) ,but obviously lives too far away.Maurice and his Father used to fish together ,when his Dad was alive.Sadly his Dad has been dead now a number of years,but Ive never yet been fishing with Maurice,and Ive been a few times,I dont fish ,I knit or read or explore,His Father would always come into the conversation,he seems close to his Dad when hes fishing ,memorys never die....Mick my late husband used to fish,though neither my boys ,Mark and Derek are interested,its nice some of the the grandsons are.Well when they come home,all that fresh air will have sharpened up the appetites,so I plan to do a chicken casserole,with everything in it except the dish cloth!!and I know Ive said it before............... (dont these Sundays roll round)

Have a Happy Blessed Sunday Everyone       Jan xx

Saturday, 1 October 2005

The sublime to the ridiculous

Ridiculous,to think,yesterday at this time the amount of stuff Id done ,today here I am still in my dressing gown,not having done anything much,thats the trouble when your not working ,the days dont have a shape,I know today is Saturday ,so its different.But you do need some sort of pattern to your life,I m getting in abit deep here so Ill stop....... but Im sure you know what Im getting at !! Maurice picked me up from Sharons yesterday,we went to Asda,then home I made dinner,Then caught up with my comments,watched some T V,fell asleep and missed the end of Taggart,I think my brain is saying youve finished this stint of work now let go and relax.Whilst your in the thick of it (work Imean)you seem to be on a roll and will keep going its only when you stop you realise how much of your self youve given and how tired you are !Does anyone know what Im talking about !!Maybe best if you dont answer that !!

Maurice is at work till seven tonight so Ive got all day to poodle through a few jobs,or not as the case may be !!He is collecting Sam,my ten year old grandson,on his way back from work and they are going fishing tomorrow,another day to poodle(lovely).Much to Maurices delight Sam likes to fish ,so he has a protege.Sam will stay overnight so I can do the doting Granny bit.Its nearly 11.30 am I am going to get dressed now and get whats left of the day underway.

Have a happy chilling out day ,like me ,everyone     Jan xx