Thursday, 26 April 2012

Now ,What else have I done ?

Hmm put on the Bling and manicure my nails ,I have an invitation to give a presentation ,to residents who live in one of our Sheltered Schemes ....

As the present chairman person of A.R.F (Axiom Residents Forum ),I go along to explain ,what we are all about ,and how we can help .and how they can become involved.But before I go into my spiel about ARF ,I explain  a bit of history of Axiom Housing Association.
 Axiom was founded in 1967,by three Gentlemen .Michael Belton,Geoffrey Martin OBE and Alan Tapley.Around about this time,these three men were enjoying a pint in a Belgravia pub in London,and found they were all inspired by the BBC TV documentory Drama  'Cathy Come Home',I remember watching this and could relate to it ,I had a young family at that time ,and I could see many in the room nodding their heads as they too recalled this very touching  programe.

As I said these men were also moved by the then typical story and ,the uncrupulous exploitation of tenants in the Notting hill area of London in the 1950's and1960's.One infamous man in particular was ,Peter Rachman who  built up a property empire using mansion blocks for multi tenancies,he drove out( mostly white)sitting tenants,reletting properties to immigrants from the West Indies,from whom he charged exorbitant rents,it had  a major influence on Goverment policy makers at that time, and we suspect the future direction of Axiom housing Association .
It was the wife of one of these Gentlemen who came up with the name Axiom ,which means TRUTH

I am also on the board at Axiom ,where amongst other things we are passionate about good quality social housing at affordable rents.
I haven't included the whole of my presentation but you get the gist ...

.Most of all I enjoy being with my fellow residents

I have made so many wonderful friends

And am truly blessed

Here you see Humphrey,thanking me for coming ,it actually was my pleasure, and as my Mum told me to say 'Thankyou for having me'

With my love

Friday, 20 April 2012

Residents Conference 2011

What a very emotive statement ,I know I care ,and that has it's own rewards ,people usually care back , the only draw back is the hurt you feel when people let you down .I don't understand people who say 'I don't care',what ! don't they feel? are they numb ? I start off liking everyone and am not often let down , but when I am, then I hurt !. Gosh the above picture really evoked some  food for thought .......

So what has all that got to do with this post ? Well.. erm ..nothing at all ! This entry is another flash back , Last October we held our annual Residents Conference,and the attendance was the best yet.With an agenda to keep everyone interested all day,We started off hearing about the companies plans for the year ahead from Alan our chief executive .Question time was a lively affair with questions to the executive team from the residents .We had breaks in the foyer area with stands bearing lots of information that was helpful and relevent to our residents,We also had a stall that was laden with hobbies, craft and hand work that our clever residents were keen to show off ,I am so sorry my battery died so I only took a very few pictures .We were entertained by Staff and residents alike ,here you see The Sheltered Housing Manager Denise ,singing some great blues number ,


Oh look there is Tracey our resident Inclusion manager and I,Tracey is a very hard working and supportive  young lady to our residents group (ARF)

During the whole day we had a very talented cartoonist doing charicatures of any one who wanted to sit for their picture,here is Maurice !

And Moi ! 

Well that was  in October ,and now here we are in April ,as the saying goes 'doesn't time fly when you are having fun ?'

So on that happy note,I hope you are managing to dodge  these April showers
                                                         ,and as ever love Jan xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just like waiting for a bus ,wait forever ,then they come along together !

Are we superstitious ?..nahh.

As I say in my title,My entry's ,are much like buses, you wait around for ages then ,two/three come along at once ,I have to admit I am finding the new style blogger so much easier,much better to add pictures as you go along,rather than start at the end ,I do like to add pictures to my entry's,because I like the pix in other journals. And do like to add an opening graphic ,a habit dating back from dear old J-Land .
I am going to do a more current entry today,though will still 'play catch up' if you don't mind old news  another time.

And you can't get more current than todays copy of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph,I hope if you click on the picture above it will tell the story . 

And the winners for this category are...................  Axiom Housing Association

Yes we won the Central Region TPAS (Tenant Particiption Advisory Service) Award for Excellence in Annual Reports,for the publication,which was produced in collaboration with residents,

This report is primarily for tenants,and is an annual regulatory requirment for all Housing Associations to produce  with involvement from it's tenants  
Axiom's musical theme was first created for it's 2009-2010 annual report and it was the organisation's decision to build on this,combined with involvement  from residents it 'struck the right cord with the judges '
This the regional award ,so proud to get my hands on it ,Look out Grand finals in Birmingham in June ,
Axiom are coming !

Here is Angela and me with Paul Wogan,who arranged the work shop we did last year ,He was in the audience ,when he heard the announcement of our win ,came over to congratulate us

Here are Luke and Alan ,they live in a Foyer ,near Gainsborough ,and were highly commended for the youth work their group had achieved .Well done, so nice to see some really nice young uns being recognised  for the good they do .

Well Thats it for this time folks,no prizes for guessing what day I started this entry?,also still no prize if you can guess the colour of the lining of my 'little grey dress' !
So as ever Love from

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Now, where was I ?

I know Easter has gone but you can't blame these little girls for continuing to wear their charming Easter bonnets,thank you again Sugar for todays graphic ,I really couldn't wait a whole year to use it . Some of you asked what I have been doing all these months,so to address this I will make some random posts ,In order to catch up a bit.

In September Maurice had a Birthday

Then later in the month,Jean my sister and her husband Pete ,(Maurice was at work )and I went to plough Sunday,at the Rural museum in our town 

Beautiful Shire Horses ,with the ploughmen vieing with each other to plow the straightest furrow,these two handsome beasts enjoyed some Fox's Glacier mints ,I found at the bottom of my bag ,brave on lookers were invited to have a go at driving the plow and team,only to realise how difficult it could be .

This little chap was with the farrier


Look at the beautiful array of horse brasses

No queue for this loo !


A lovely country dance team ,we spent ages watching these ladies and Gentlemen

They were called the 'Heartsease dancers ',hence the pretty hand embroidered Pansies on the front of their Aprons

And here is Jean trying her luck at hoop la ,unfortunately she didn't win one of those flying pigs

Well I guess that is a few high lights from September ,I will be back soon to catch up on my absence .

Mean while, as ever my love, and for now  byeee
Jan  xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Good Friday,The Day they crucified our Lord

 Good Morning,Easter Blessings to every one,and my thanks to dear Sugar,over there in Texas USA for the amazing graphic and I might add ..the inspiration to post this entry on my blog,
As you will probably remember from last year ,The silent walk of witness,that takes place in our town each Good Friday,once again I joined, I imagine about two hundred people,me on the trusty Buggy,I couldn't possibly walk right through the town to the Church ,St Thomas a Beckett,we were so blessed the sun shone (though nippy)so we were able to enjoy the open air service on the green in front of the church (if wet the service would have been in Church )       

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Who remembers Serendipity ....and Jan ?

Hi Every one ,   Hmm blogger has changed ,and since I havent posted since last September, I feel as though Im in a strange place ,I am doing a little trial run,so bear with me! I'm not sure how this will look ,its all so confusing ,why oh why do people need to reinvent the wheel?.

As I say I havent posted for ....oh dear! seven months ! So if this works then I will do a fuller account of the last few months within the next few days ,Hey I might find I like the new method ,mean while Have a Blessed Easter day tomorrow ,and enjoy all those choccy eggs

       With Love Jan xx