Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Now, where was I ?

I know Easter has gone but you can't blame these little girls for continuing to wear their charming Easter bonnets,thank you again Sugar for todays graphic ,I really couldn't wait a whole year to use it . Some of you asked what I have been doing all these months,so to address this I will make some random posts ,In order to catch up a bit.

In September Maurice had a Birthday

Then later in the month,Jean my sister and her husband Pete ,(Maurice was at work )and I went to plough Sunday,at the Rural museum in our town 

Beautiful Shire Horses ,with the ploughmen vieing with each other to plow the straightest furrow,these two handsome beasts enjoyed some Fox's Glacier mints ,I found at the bottom of my bag ,brave on lookers were invited to have a go at driving the plow and team,only to realise how difficult it could be .

This little chap was with the farrier


Look at the beautiful array of horse brasses

No queue for this loo !


A lovely country dance team ,we spent ages watching these ladies and Gentlemen

They were called the 'Heartsease dancers ',hence the pretty hand embroidered Pansies on the front of their Aprons

And here is Jean trying her luck at hoop la ,unfortunately she didn't win one of those flying pigs

Well I guess that is a few high lights from September ,I will be back soon to catch up on my absence .

Mean while, as ever my love, and for now  byeee
Jan  xx


Sybil said...

It is so good to catch up on your days/'s are great makes me wish I could have been with these horses..
Love sybil xx

Paula said...

You do keep busy Jan and that is always good. Nice to read a post from you.

imac said...

Wot wonderful shots and those horses are beautiful, good time that you all had too.

mortonlake said...

lovely pics. theres a shire horse centre not too far from me.huge animals. gentle though.hate one on my toe though lol tc xxx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great pictures of your happenings there. I have missed them. Happy belated birthday to Maurice!

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures Jan! I love days out in the UK. There is always so much to see and to do. As long as the weather co-operates! I have always said there is no finer place on earth when the sun shines. Despite some of our modern problems it is still one of the best places to live and has the finest people! So good to see you posting again! xxoo

Kath said...

Well Good Morning Jan,Yes we tend to leave things a little too long nowadays don't we.Still it does give one more to write about I suppose.Love the pictures.The Shire Horses are fabuylous animals ,I love to see them.I see Jean enjoyed the hoopla He-Hee Sorry she didin't win anything.." Belated Birthday Wishes" to Maurice.Rooster turned 60 in February.Good grief Jan where does time go to,I ask ?.Have a great Thursday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Jan lovely pictures and an interesting read ~ Allyx