Monday, 25 August 2008

Remember me ?

Hi every one, remember me? Don’t ask where I’ve been cos I’m not sure myself! Thank you to all of you who inquired about my absence, Iam fine really, I think I just needed a break from the computer, I have been busy doing other things though, Maurice, Kate and Martin and I spent a lovely weekend in Leicester to celebrate my niece Wendy and her husbands thirtieth wedding anniversary, We stayed at my lovely Niece Stella’s house, and her and Steve made us so welcome, lots of pictures to show you another time, then my nephew Gary(Jean and Pete’s son) got married to lovely Holly..Ditto the pictures! ,Charlotte my Granddaughter came to stay for a week so we had lots of super girly time together, she is growing up so quickly fourteen now! I made myself yet another cardigan, and a little summer jumper….finished the quillow!



Being on the editorial team, another resident’s news letter has been compiled and as I’m also on the Forum we are currently planning the tenant’s conference to be held in November.

One piece of exciting news to share ….my clever Grandson Matthew (Kate and Martin’s son) achieved excellent grades in his GCSE exams and is now looking forward to the sixth form.

Last Wednesday I joined residents from a court I used to do holiday and sick cover at, and where my friend Jackie lives, we went to Dudley, is that in Warwickshire? To the Black Country Museum, We stepped back in time to see what life was like living along side a canal, in a mining community, ,and Jackie and Ienjoyed faggots and mushy pes and chips for our lunch !so now Iam going to see if I can remember how to add pictures, so I will close as usual, with lots of