Thursday, 31 August 2006

Hanging on to summer, with Lavender and sunflowers.

Thankyou Chris,this is delightful and we all love lavender ,dont we ?

Charlotte is still here ,and enjoying her stay,she has made friends as I said the other day.Many of the girls belong to a dance group and are cheer leaders ,so she has been enjoying practising the moves with them ,and when things get to complicated, there are always the boys ! my door has never been knocked on so much ! Can Charlotte come out ?is the cry  !,Whilst she is out I get a chance to use the computer! Tomorrow she has been invited to go swimming with the very nice sixteen year old  girl who lives next door ,of course she hasnt brought her swim suit so we rang ,Sharon ,her Mum (my older daughter) who is to look it out and Maurice has to collect it on his way home  ,you forget how complicated life can be with a teenager (nearly ),in the house ,Yesterday being a lovely day I did loads of washing and ironed it ,well I couldnt get near the PC lol ,am just about keeping up with the alerts, Maurice is doing his last day at work then three nights and he will be on holiday, so we are planning some away days .

My favourite programe returns to BBC 1 next Wednesday at nine 'Who do you think you are ?',celebrities trace their ancestors ,this is the third series and if its like the first two we are in for a treat.,thats the day I go into work ,well you know ex work , I help with the news letter ,so life is busy as ever .I wouldnt have it any other way .I know its a cliche' ,but how did I find time to fit work into my life ?

Looked out of the window last evening and saw the air balloon passing so low , then it was fired up and off it went ,but not before I took  a picture , and then when I opened up my alerts this morning I found Dianna had sent a graphic for Charlotte ,needless to say she was delighted what a lovely surprise thankyou Dianna,so I must go now ,but have a good day everyone with love from

 and Jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

We have a house guest

I havent  posted  an entry  since last Friday ,or was it Thursday ? My explanation is in the pictures above ! Yes we have Charlotte ,my Grandaughter, staying for a few days before she goes back to school on September 5th ,and Maurice has been off for three days,so we have been busy .On Saturday ,(his first day off )we went into Peterborough ,called into see his brother Mike and Mikes wife Jackie ,then on to pick up Charlotte~ whilst in Peterborough popped into PC world for some ink for the printer ,soon have to take out a mortgage for the stuff,on our way home we went to see Aunty Kitty ,who seems to be more frail each time we go ,Though this time she was really quite bright ,wonder how much of that was to do with seeing Charlotte ,amazing how the old, enjoy young peoples company .On Sunday we had a lovely day out, which I will tell you about another time ,we went to the rural museum ,and by chance there was a Thatching display ,so along with the joys of the museum ,it was so interesting ,and I have been invited to help out (on a volantary basis )which I would really enjoy ,but as I said more of all that later ,At home Charlotte isnt on line ,so of course the computer is a fasination to Charlotte,so I am just about keeping up with comments !!when I can persuade her to let Gran have a turn ,she is out at the moment playing with the local children with whom she has made friends  ,we went into Huntingdon this morning so ,life is quite hectic ,this entry is just to let you know I'm still around ,but being kept busy by a twelve year old (going on thirty five lol )So with love to everyone and

      Jan xx

Friday, 25 August 2006

Still back in the 40's

Hi again every one ,Hope you are all well , this evenings entry is a follow on from yesterday,Oh and by the way, yes Jen ,I did post a similar entry after we went to the 40's weekend last year ,oh and also........ to clarify the fish Maurice caught were Carp and the big one weighed aprox twenty three pounds  ,and we dont eat them, we throw them back  .

I found these pictures in the local free paper that comes every Thursday ,it is mostly adverts, but does sometimes contain some interesting local news ,I thought you would like to see them .

Isnt the man doing his  Sir  Winston Churchill impersonation good ? and the guy playing the ukelayli oh spelling  I'll just say UKE  you know what I mean ! he was part of the group in the evening ,also very good .

Isnt he a sweety ?reminds me of the little boys starting school when I did !look at his plimsolls (footwear )and whats in his box ?

Well its this !a gas mask ,and this is the childs version and meant to look like Micky Mouse ,to encourage us to wear it should the need arise,fortunately we didnt need it ,like Micky Mouse ?I couldnt see it then and I;m still not sure  !So there you have it another blast from the past .......Have a lovely weekend everyone ,a good bank holiday Britain and if you are going away ,safe journey

with love

Thankyou so much for my siggy today Dianna...perfect !

Thursday, 24 August 2006

The 40's weekend

Thank you to Chis for this one (Cacklin rosie,or CAB)

Around the 19th 20th or 21st of August each year our little market town ,celebrate the 40's ,at a nearby disused airfield ,the shops in the town all enter into the spririt of things with wonderful window displays ,and on the air field it self are the most interesting sights to be seen ,most people dresed for the occasion ,ladies with their fox furs,land girls ,people riding around on old sit up and beg bicycles ,lots of different uniforms ,even children delightfully dressed up in the costumes of the era ,ladies with their lace gloves carrying their baskets ,usually with a handbag in it ,all the ladies of couse wearing a hat ,you saw what I was wearing ,on my entry a couple of days ago ,though only for the dance in the evening ,Which again was amazing well over seven hundred people in a vast hanger , the atphosphere was well,full of the war time spirit ,every one happy ,and into the the mood set by the way it had all been,organised  union jacks on the tables which looked like a big street party ,music from the time had us singing along,and tapping our feet,Maurice doesnt dance ,nor did the daughter and son in law of the lady who sat opposite me ,but we couldnt bear it ,so we danced together ,and danced our little legs off  ,she said afterwards how she hadnt danced for years and was so pleased Id talked her  into taking the floor ,we had such fun ,then we sat for a rest ,and the place erupted when the band played there'll always be an England ,waving our flags and singing at the top of our voices .....yes a really happy night,and the nice thing is after expences lots of money goes to charitys  ......Have  lovely day everyone .

               Jan xx 

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Tight lines and Storms

Thankyou for the graphic Donna, I have told you before she has one for all occasions !

Friday morning,very dull ,start to the day ,and not just the weather,I hadnt slept very well so not sure about this ?all packed up we set a really grey morning ,about three quarters of  an hour drive to some new lakes an old work colleague of mine had told Maurice about ,At a place in the fens ,Gedney Hill ,we arrived Maurice set up ,I went to explore (we had forgotten the water ) armed with camera ,and kettle I set off discovered the heron ,and the bullrushes ,found lovely clean toilet facility ,and fresh water supply ,filled my kettle and off I went ,spied some golfers as I climbed up the bank to have a look around ,from my summit on the bank I could see for miles out across the fens landscape

Maurice had put the brolly up for me ,so I quickly got the gas stove lit and the kettle boiling for a cup (mug) of tea for him and coffee for me ,we had some breakfast ,then he settled to fish ,and me to knit ,nothing much was happening ,so we were entertained by some dear little baby ducks (I know ducklings ),I then had a read ,the sun broke through was lovely, took picture of the water lilys that had now opened up ,I sat down to read again,and fell asleep ,woke up made more tea coffee and eats ,picked up my knitting again ...

Oh gosh it looks black over there ! Can you hear the thunder !,yes its spotting with rain .....

The rod bowed ,the bite alarm was going crazy .Maurice reeling in !! Im videoing this with the camera ,I hear him exclaim 'oh you beauty',am still filming then CRACK ...the handle on the landing net broke ,an expletetive here ! am still filming so you can hear what he said followed my indignant MAURICE !!(we roared with laughter when we played it back )sounded like Mrs Bouquet...I quickly switched to photo and took the pictures .And then the rain came down ,so hard ! I reckon it went up again...Puppy dogs and kittens or stair rods which ever, it did it!and it thundered and lightened ,the wind got up ....we sat in the brolly and held on to the sides  I thought we would all take off,the anglers version of Mary Poppins lol


The sun came out and Maurice continued to fish and caught lots of smaller fish ,I did my knitting ,and listened to the local radio station on my little radio ,telling of the storm ..erm right ! around five oclock we started to pack up ....I set off to the loo before the journey home and  was talking to the owner ,who pointed out that my heron was a plastic one ! Durr            Have  a Lovely day everyone 

        Jan xx     

Monday, 21 August 2006


A very Happy Birthday,to AOL ,and the journals that have now been going for three years .......Thankyou Donna for this and all the other lovely graphics you have made and indeed explained how to use ,my journal would have been a dull place with out you and Chris ,Dianna Angela and Shelly,and I'm sure there are others too,. I am so grateful to you all for your talent.

I have been part of this community now for one year ! less ten days  ! .....I had used a computer at work ,as little as Icould get away with ,I was a more hands on person ,the  less time I spent on it the more time I could spend with my residents at the Residential scheme for the elderly where I worked until I retired two years ago in October,we had a computer but we hadnt gone on line until April last year ,I enjoyed emailing my friends ....began surfing ,and there I found Jeannette and her jottings ,HANDS UP  all those who started out this way !I would imagine the number is very impressive .....well I started lurking ,starting with the people on Jeannettes side bar then commenting (sound familiar ?)and all the time emails going backwards and forwards between Jeannette and I,(Jeannette was always announcing new journals encouraging us to visit and make the new comer welcome ) I also struck up a friendship with Sandra,who also encouraged me,to write my own journal ,so on September the first last year I made my debue,and the rest as they say is history ....and boy have I met some super people ,I have spoken to my dear friend Jeannette (travels) many times,she has been a great help ,virtually compiling a manual ,with the stuff she has sent me to print off and refer to .we plan to meet up ,I did meet Joan (anirajc)at her daughters wedding ,this year ,I speak with Ally ,Freda and Sandra on the phone too ,and email ,and instant message many of you,Jules has always been there for me too ...leading me on to the highlight of my journaling success ,I was selected in May to be AOL UK'S  silver surfer for a week ,what an honour ,and I am even now on the blogs page as one of ten blogs ....I have made so many special friends I have named a few ,even dear Connie when she first aproached me by IM  (I ignore ones Idont know)emailed me ,yet another friend..... the list goes on Stuart always there to help up there in Scotland with  Guido ,Caff, Joan Ainsley ,theres Sara ,in MK , Jayne and her Mum further south with Jen, Debbie.and Rachel who kindly sent me a copy of her Dads book ,theres Sylvia ,Denise , Jo , Astra dear Colleen and Claudia  ..........Barry ,Steve Leigh and John whos not that old ,oh I have so many names ,but you know who you are ,and I havent even touched on all the dear people 'across the pond '......We call that ocean ,that devides us 'The pond' and you know what happens when you throw a stone into the water ,it ripples and I say to anyone contemplating starting a journal ...go on chuck your stone in !,and watch how far the rippels  go,.........




Sunday, 20 August 2006

Phew I'm back !!

Good afternoon everyone ,Donna's fairy is doing what we have all been doing ,the last few days ,sheltering from the rain ,though not under a flower ,but a variety of umbrellas ..

Today is my little sisters Birthday ,she is on holiday in Cornwall this week,with Pete of course, and her daughter Jo's family ,and I have been talking to her,by phone of course , she was on the beach making sandcastles for her grandaughters Rachel and Emma ,with their other Gran Jenny ,she says if the weather is like it is, she wont mind so I take it they are having better weather than us !Any way although shes away I couldnt not do an entry for her ,she is not only my sister she is my friend and I love her dearly ,happy birthday Jean ,

This is the first time I've been alert free for days ,and no chance to do an entry ,when Maurice woke up on Thursday noon ,after three nights working,we went into town and bought some M&S vouchers for Jean and a card ,we did some shopping then over to see her ,before they went away ,then grocery shopping ,then home Maurice to get his fishing stuff ready and me to prepare for the day ,food drinks ,knitting , books, camera etc,then at silly o clock,Friday morning  ,up we got and went fishing for the day ,

More of that another day ,and Ditto yesterday ,when we had a fun day participating in all the fun of the forties weekend ,and dancing last night ...I seem to have spent hours trying to catch up so now I must go and hang out some washing while the sun is shining ,and then prepare  dinner  and ordinary stuff lol ,with love

And Thankyou to Dianna for my lovely sig today

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Or The Scarlet Woman !

Isnt She Elegant  ? thank you Donna .

It suddenly occured to me last night ,for the Red carpet walk I should start to think about my outfit ,so with much to-ing and fro-ing across the atlantic ,emails ,containing advice from Dianna  SazzyLilSmartAzz suggesting places to look for an ensemble ~So Jeannette (travels)and I went on a cyber shopping trip ,hence Donna's lovely graphic ,we had to take a break and have a capachino and ciggy ,I love her choice and she approved of mine, assuring me it didnt make my bum look big ,Ifind American sizes are different to ours ,I would wear a twelve here ,but a size six US size would fit me ,the cost of the dress is $140.00,I have no idea how much that is in Stirling ,Stuart specimen days told me Sterling is in Scotland.... erm right thanks dear ,I wanted to know how many pounds I've spent know ££££'s I am numericaly challenged ,I had the same problem with euros (not even sure if I've spelt it right ) when we were in Ireland.......Dont know why I'm whaffling on about cost its all fantasy anyway ....

 Do you like  it ?The accsessories are the colour of this script ,,the shoes and bag that is ,Silver jewellery ,,I shall be wearing 'Joy' perfume ,and Chris De Bergh  has promised to sing 'Lady in Red 'as I make my entrance ... Hope you all find the outfit you are looking for .....have a good evening everyone


Thankyou Donna for beginning and ending my entry so delightfully today ........






Monday, 14 August 2006

Theres an old mill by the stream ...Nelly Deane!!

Thankyou again Donna ....I love your mill !

A bit more local History in pictures ,I took these pictures one hot sunny day last month ,Iwent for a walk along the tow path,and walking back towards the bridge and the town it occured to me ,to share with you ,the main Street is built over the river  now,it was a river running through the town until the late 1800's ,Quite why it was built over I havent established ,but there was a working mill ,the river being the being the main access to the mill ,so it was a great source of income to this little market town ,with the surrounding fen farmers bringing their grain to be milled ,by boat ,along the many waterways which we have in abundance ,both rivers and man made waterways ......

I have recently aquired copys of some old post cards of the mill as it was in 1912 ,its great to compare these with the pictures I took ,and to be able to share them with you .

Have a great evening everyone ....With love


Saturday, 12 August 2006

Evening Telegraph ..sales soar ?

Donna has made yet another graphic ,that I feel fits my story today ....Thankyou Donna xx

Before I go any further let me point out ,Jeannette (travels )saw my mistake yesterday ,I had missed out a 1 on Daniells URL ,it should have been ~  ,sorry Danielle ,and thank you Jeannette ,for keeping an eye on me !

My title today is a complete and utter lie ,it ought not to be because they have printed my story ....

So there you have it !....... I have also been having  telephone conversations with the Editor of the 'Chronicles '(the John Lewis magazine )  who I think I have been able to help ,with his history of the fire ,and a bit about the store at that time ,

Well off now to do some ironing ugh ! .its been raining on and off all day ,what happened to the forecast that told us August was going to be even hotter ? Enjoy your Saturday everyone with love from


Friday, 11 August 2006

Ive been googled !

Once again Donna has produced exactly the right graphic ,for my entry today ,wow Donna ,this is getting spooky .....Thankyou .

The other evening a friend and neighbour ,called round to see me ,with a little gift ,Debbie and I often chat when we bump into each other ,at the shops or wherever our paths cross ,a few weeks ago ,she said ~" Hey ,you popped up on my computer screen ,and I thought I know that face " ,so she has been reading me ,and sometimes leaves a comment ,any way when I answered the door to her the other evening she told me she had brought some food for my mouses lol .

After my entry the other day ,entitled 'I got an answer '.the following comment apeared on my entry ,so I sent the gentleman an email,and have been able to help him with a few bits and peices ,and so the story continues....and Donnas graphic is lending it self to my memory trip back in time

Hello, sorry to bother you. I'm a journalist working at John Lewis Peterborough. I'm also writing an article on the fifty year anniversary of the fire at Robert Sayle, and came across your journal by doing a search on google. I've spoken to a few Partners who worked at both the old Robert Sayle and the one in the Queensgate centre when it opened in 1982 and the story is continuing to fascinate me as a piece of history.

I've spoken to our archivist in Stevenage who has given me a few photos of Robert Sayle, plus some press clippings, which I am also using to to do an extended feature on the anniversary for next week's magazine. I would be interested to know if you would like to help us with the article, or indeed see  some of the photos/clippings we have at our end. If so, you can contact me at


and finally on the same post I, got a comment from a young lady  Danielle who has just started a new journal ,is living in London ,looking for a job and hails from Wales ,she hasnt been getting any visitors ,so it would be nice if you would give her a welcome ~ 


Well I think thats all my news ,for now ,Have a lovely weekend folks ,Maurice is at work ,days today, tomorrow and Sunday then three nights then we will have our weekend .....

With Love

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

I got an answer !

Well I heard ,back from Lisa ,at the Peterborough Evening Telegraph,our local daily paper , it calls it self' evening ',but gets here at lunch time ! I like to read it each day ,it keeps me in touch with what is happening in Peterborough and surrounding areas .....I always read the Hatch ,Match and Despatch ...and if we're not in the obit' column ,we live to fight another day Lisa from the paper ,E- mailed me to say they would be using my contribution  next week,and that the Features department would also be in touch ,regarding the fifty years aniversary of the fire ,fifty years, you know ! and I can remember it ouch ! we had a reunion after thirty years ,and that was nearly twenty years ago ,I am getting more and more depressed as I write this !....I emailed some news paper cuttings I had scanned and copyed to my files . 

Still I suppose  its history and our duty to record what we know ,so much has been lost ,as we ,who are interested in geneology realise ,I often wish I had asked more questions as a child ,the only thing when I was little ,children were meant to be seen and not heard ....

                                                                    Well since I'm beginning to waffle ,I will close now and go and cook some dinner ,Have a good evening everyone ...