Monday, 29 December 2008

Now I can show you what I have been making !....

So here as promised are the pictures of the the presents I made for Christmas ,for obvious reasons I couldnt show you before as I didnt want to spoil the surprise !
First is the cushion of Charlottes(my Granddaughter) quillow.....
and now the quilt part

Jean's (my sister)cushion

Jeans quilt

The cushion of Kate's (my Daughter)quillow
see the sheep ,in the left hand corner ?

The Quilt...

I embroidered the tree and ironed on the sheep !see here in detail ,still on embroidery frame !

All three quillows together amongst some of my cushions

And I made my older Daughter Sharon a cardigan

Oh yes ,along with a book token, we gave Jeans husband Pete a jar of pickled onions ....
Have a good day everyone ,with love from

Friday, 19 December 2008

A pictorial catch up!

Good Morning everyone ,Well since I havent posted for simply ages ,I thought the best way to catch up would be with pictures of what we have been doing ,this very busy month ,The first two I took the other evening when the Santa Wagon came round ,This is done by the Rotary club who do such good works locally .

Now the next one is of the girls,we all went to Corby, Christmas shopping ,last Saturday ,of course we split up otherwise we wouldnt have got anything done ! Can you see Kate and Charlotte and Sara (my Grandson Matts girl friend)and me ?all on the left ,The others are friends .We all had a great time and spent lots of money hee hee .

And then ,the week before that ,Maurice and I went to Sunday lunch with Kate

And Martin
We had a lovely day .......,and some after dinner conversation!

Kate's boys hate having their pictures taken ,...Here is Sam

And Matt and Sara !

Oh yes, Sharon my older daughter, has a dog now ,he is called Milo ,but wont stand still to get his picture taken !

Here is Sharon trying to get him to pose .....NAH!

So now we come to the beginning of the month ,when I was at lunch ,with my friends at the over sixties club ,after a delicious lunch ,waited on royally by the gentlemen of the afore mentioned club ,we were entertained by the ladies WI drama group ,whose performance of Jack and the bean stalk held us all spell bound ,when we werent our splitting our sides laughing .....

Isnt this next one, charming? This lovely lady and Gentleman ,actually deliver my church magazine each month,and were happy to pose for me .

Oh yes, theres me ! Santa hat earings and Santa brooch !

The next one is of Len ,he collects me and brings me home each month, a lovely man .

The lovely lady in the centre of the picture is our hard working President Ina ,everyone loves her .

And here are the ladies I usually sit with ....

So now I am somewhat up to date ,with my blog I must now go ,and get back to the sewing machine I am on the very last lap .of the final Quillow ......I will take pictures when Im done so that can see what has been keeping me so busy,Have a lovely day everyone ,It wont be long now Ooooo! as usual lots of love from ....

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Its getting nearer !

As my title says it is getting nearer.... Christmas I mean !do you like the Santa graphic? of course you do, it is one of our dear Donna's ,who as you know has been very poorly ,but we all send our love and continue to pray for her fast and complete recovery .Well before we go any further I want to share with you some pictures we took at Sheila's recent 80th birthday party ,Sheila was married to the late Aubrey who was my late husband Micks brother ,phew are you with me so far ? Well we worked out I have known Sheila now for 52 years ,gosh ! when Mick took me home to meet his family I was 16 ,in many ways she has been like a big sister ,always there to offer her advice and support ,And when Mick died her and Aubrey were our Rocks ,
Here is Sheila thanking us all for coming ..etc..doesnt she look lovely ?(I think all ages have a certain Beauty ) here Sheila proves that point .

Aubrey and Sheila have two lovely daughters ,who in turn have delightful husbands and familys ,here is Bridget left and Judith right ,Judith is making a lovely tribute speech to her Mum .

The three remaining brothers ...are Victor ,Dougie and Peter between and behind them ,

Here is me with Dot, and Stan her husband ,Dot was Micks sister ,Dot and I have always been close ..

Sheila and Peter

Dot just arriving next to my Kate

Dougie ,his wife Joyce ,my sister Jean and my daughter in law Chrissie ,who very bravely drove us there and back in the fog !There I hope you enjoyed a look at our party pictures,

And lots of love Jan xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Cinderella comes to the Fens ..

Imagine my delight ,last Friday when I went up to town ,and discovered a lot of the shop windows were telling me a story ,a favourite one with us all ,Cinderella,I started of passing the antique shop ,(I wish I was a better photographer) but Im sure you will enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed looking into these shop windows....

Below is the vets

now the bakers

The accountants

Good old Lavender Blue ,never lets us down !

The Childrens clothes shop
And the dress agency (love this shop I often go in here ! )

With a real glass slipper ! see it ?
How lovely, they all lived happily ever after , I hope you enjoyed our walk around the shops ? as much as I did ,have a lovely day ....with love