Tuesday, 28 February 2006

The Lowest of the Low !


Good morning ,a lovely sunny day again ,and yes its still very cold .After yesterdays entry ,I thought we'd come nearer home today ,or more correctly Holme ,I found this article in the local paper,and since it was of interest Idecided to share it with you .


I hope you were able to read that! so its now official ,we in this area are the lowest of the low ! Maurice and I plan to ride out and look for the posts ,its only a couple of miles from here ,give or take !! Although the Fens are on first sight a vista of flat nothing much ,there is so much more happening here than first meets the eye ,at the moment as the ground is being ploughed and readied for the crops ,the soil is a rich black colour ,but is capable of surprising the plough man ,and costing the farmer! a series of jagged stumps rise up from the black peat soil like a forest of ghosts ! and indeed in some ways that is exactly what they are,these wierd objects are Bog Oaks ! and until they are uncovered by the plough have lain uncovered for thousands of years .They were once part of thick blankets of Oak forests which covered this part of the country until the land began to flood.Large shallow lakes formed when the rivers Nene ,Ouse and Welland began to silt up with tidal sands trapping the water inland ,the Oak trees couldnt survive with their roots rotting away  trapped in water so eventually they fell down over the water,over the years layers of dead reeds and other plant materials gathered on top of the wood to form peat,this acted as a natural preservative around the trees because their was no oxygen to rot the wood .So now,some six thousand years later the local farmers are regularly digging up Bog Oaks as they til the fields around the area ,apparently trip beams are used on the machinery,to let the plough man know whenhe comes across one ,they can be dug up later ,the peat is shrinking all the time and that is why the Oaks keep appearing ...........I hope I havent bored you to much with some local History /Geography . 

            AND LOVE FROM Jan xxxx   

Monday, 27 February 2006


Southwold on the East coast in Suffolk,is a favourite place of Maurice and I .So you can imagine my delight when Donna ,worked her magic on this picure for me . I took the picture from the pier ,after a delicious sea food lunch ,we wandered up to the end of the pier ,breathed in the ozones, then wandered back reading the plaques that were all along the support rails,Some of these were very personal devoted to loved ones who had died ,to couples getting engaged and to wedding aniversarys ,in the pavilion on the pier was an impressive art show ,,next to some arcade games that were so different ,almost Heath Robinson ,very quirky and amusing .After the pier we walked along the beach ,eyes peeled ,as we'd been told Southwold  beach was once famous for findings of Amber !We carried on into the town,calling into  the sailors reading room ,which had a wealth of seafaring memorabilia,pictures story's  of history relating to the town, On we went by the Light house ,In the little town which is full of lovely old buildings ,so full of character ,we discovered the famous Amber shop/museum ,that was a joy with lots of wonderful pieces on show ,all of course made of Amber                  This tree is a beautiful example ,Inside some of the pieces on show are little bugs that have become fossilised over  thousands of years , Maurice bought me a small piece which as you can see by the picture I wear on a chain ,and with the aid of a magnifing glass you can clearly see a little spider ,caught there for all time.We strolled back by the beach huts,which are a bit of an English seaside.... ,Isuppose one could say excentricity!But I love them ,each one is different ,all painted up, some very plain and practical ,and others with quite garish colours ,They arent very big ,but its amazing what the owners can fit into them ,as well as the usual deck chairs they fit them out with mini kitchens,,in there are the things that reflect the owners personality's ,books pictures and oh just anything you might or might not need for a day at the beach ,I know because as we walk along I'm peering into them ,being a naturaly curios/nosy person !some people smile at you and pass the time of day ,others just scowl !By now we were back walking on the path in front of the huts in the pictures ,and the tide was coming in and beating against the wall and ~whoosh~ we were getting  well and truly sprayed ,and I was roaring with laughter (and no! I am not in my second childhood !I havent finished with the first one yet! ) anyway I hope you enjoyed our day by the sea, We will have to go again when the weather gets better ,wont we ?  And here  courtesy of  dear Donna ,a sweety to eat on the way home ,With love                     

Sunday, 26 February 2006

A Man of the Cloth

Good morning ,everyone ,lovely sunny day again ,but still very cold here .

Stuart (specimen days) posted a picture of himself and some colleagues ,in their clerical wear ,the other day, and posed the question ,'is this how you see me ?'Which set me thinking about some of the ministers I've known , The first one ,who made an impression on me was The Rev John Bryan,after Sunday school,I graduated to the church choir ~I can remember choir practise,especially on a dark night,we would rehearse around the organ ,the main body of the church would be dark ,and fascinated, we would watch the bats swooping around the high ceilings ,as we sang ,and sing we did if we knew what was good for us ! Of course we loved to sing ,all the lovely hymns appropriate  to the church calendar,at each service we would sing four hymns and the psalm,as well as the responces  ,an then on special days we would learn to sing one of the lovely anthems ,sometimes requireing ,additional practise The Rector loved to sing too ,and he also strove for perfection !He and Miss Robins,taught me so much ,I can remember as well as the normal services we sang at weddings ,funerals and ,can also recall an outdoor service where we went around the edge of the Parish blessing the Bounds (Which I understood to mean the boundrys )My Dad also had alot of respect for this lovely man ,though you wouldnt always think so ,they often drank to gether in the pub opposite,the church  and would tease each other ,unmercifully !When Mick and I got married it was he who officiated at the service ,as indeed he did at Jean and Pete ,and John and Julia's weddings ,he was a great friend of the Rector at Micks church ,The Rev George Bradshaw ,who if you would like me to I will speak about another time,another lovely man ,When I,had my children,I had to alternate the minister who Christened them !The Reverend Bryan did Mark and Sharon ,and the dear old Rev Bradshaw did Derek and Catherine  ,When my Dad died I rang Rector Bryan from the hospital,I remember he said he would ring the passing bell at the church before ,we got back to the village ,to save my Mum more distress .He did a lovely service for Dad likening him to an old Oak of the village,that had been hewn down ,And quoted from the poem by Thomas Grey'In a Country Church yard ',making the words 'Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife,their sober wishes never earred to stray ,along the cool sequestered vale of life ........etc etc very special , he joined us at my Mums house after the funeral,to drink tea etc with the family ,but first he took off his surplus and cassock and left them on the top of the soft water tub outside ,before joining us and sharing some funny stories about him and my Dad ,Yes he was /is a special man ,and though now retired ,when John (my brother )and Julia came over the other week they tell me they often see him in Morrisons in Stamford having his lunch ,So he was the first ,and if you like I will tell you of more special clergymen ,another time .

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone ,with love from     

Saturday, 25 February 2006


A lovely sunny morning with some wind ,have changed the bed and the washer is on the rinse cycle, dont be fooled though it is very cold !The wind is coming from the east ,and being very flat here, there is nothing to stop it Brrr.

I bought a door wedge yesterday from Huntingdon ,and tried it out under the lounge door to prop it open  ,yer great ,I then put the mushrooms in the garden,and took the pics ,then came in here to post my entry ,getting the tea ready I noticed the door wedge was missing ,I searched everywhere ! couldnt find it ,so thought I must have removed it and put it somewhere ?From time to time I have to question my sanity ! any way forgot about it ,Maurice came home and was telling him what I'd bought ,and about the wedge ,like me he looked everywhere ,he found it underneath the cupboard in the hall ,he replaced it under the lounge door.....I was in the study reading some entrys and heard Maurice laughing ....Scooby had pawed the wedge from under the door ,and well, assumed I'd brought him a pressie from Huntingdon ! Bless him.....

The washing machine is finished now ,so I'm going to be brave and hang the washing out today ,it would be a pity to waste the sun and wind ,Have a good day everyone ,I will leave you with another one of Ally's daughter Lynn's lovely siggys she made for me 


Friday, 24 February 2006

On line at last !

Another one of Donna's lovely  designs,she entitled this one waiting !and since I've been doing just that yesterday and today ,it seems appropriate !and what have I been waiting for ?Well simply AOL to allow me to file some things onto file manager ,and then yesterday afternoon it would'nt allow me to go on line at all ,then again this afternoon ,so though I went out today with Mark and Chrissy and Chrissy's friend Dawn ,I'm later posting than I planned to be .

Maurice went back to work today ,that week went by so quickly  ,As I said we all went into Huntingdon today Dawn makes greetings cards so we went to a couple of craft shops ,to buy the bits ,for her cards .We had a lovely time brousing ,though I think Mark got a bit fed up with us ?We also did a tour of the charity shops ,where I bought a lovely ankle length skirt ,in brown ,and if anyone admires it and asks where it came from I shall tell them ,'just a little boutique I know'! I bought photo paper and a pack of A4,for the use of...We also went onto the market ,and I bought some wooden ornamental mushrooms for the garden .Hey isnt it staying lighter longer ?

Allys ,Daughter Lynn is experimenting with  graphics and much to my delight I recieved a lovely surprise last evening ,she had made me my lovely signature ,so I will say have a very good evening everyone with love from  


Tuesday, 21 February 2006

The Tooth Fairy !

Hello every one, here we are again ,I was at the dentist this morning at nine o clock,Maurice took me so no need to walk ,we get there just as the Dentists and nurses were arriving and the first patients.Maurice dropped me off saying he would park down the road abit ,as he could see the car park at the dentists was becoming busy ,I was shown into the waiting room and listened to all the greetings ,some patients were sent up stairs and as I sat waiting for my nurse to call me,I heard a commotion ,coming from the reception area ,"You can cancell my appointment ,your just a shower of sh**! " came this irate male voice ! I think it was to do with the parking ,oh dear I hope he does'nt live to regret his out burst,when he needs a dentist in the future ,I was then called in and I handed over my little screw of tissue containing the tooth and before I knew it,the tooth was back in place .Home we came ,the post man had delivered four more birthday cards ,making sixteen now ! oh lucky me .I read some journals till it was safe to have a coffee! I have cleared up the ironing ,and the washer is on doing another load ,Just about to go and make some lunch ,so have a good day everyone ,With Love from 


   Another lovely signature made for me by Donna.  

Monday, 20 February 2006

The old grey mare she aint what she used to be !

Hi Every one from a very happy Jan,Im having such a lovely day ,I've had cards and emails and instant messages ,The card at the top is from Donna,Aileen made the cake I've used up nearly all the ink copying the lovely greetings ,from so many of you ,bless your dear hearts I feel so blessed ,and then lovely cards from my dear family and friends and presents ,yes once more my family and friends have been so good to me ,Maurice is as you know on holiday this week so between the phone and the computer ,he's never going to believe I dont sit at the computer all day WHOOPS    &+##4yd===98)

XHFH F9NG.... Well you try typing when your nose is resting on the keyboard ! (Just had a Pinochio) moment ! 

And now the bad news ....My lovely new tempory tooth that I went and showed to everybody on Saturday ,and those that didnt see it Saturday came to view it yesterday ,Mark and Chrissy ,then Jean and Pete....I bet Jean and Pete hadnt left the town ,when out it popped ,Iwas'nt jiggling it, honest ,but I didnt swallow it either Claudia ,so tomorrow back I go cap in hand well they call them crowns really so ,I shall be glad when the permanent one is ready . Ah well when you get to my age ,all your bits start to go, even the false bits are cracking up now !


Sunday, 19 February 2006


And a Blessed Sunday ..to you all .

We had a lovely day out yesterday ,first we went shopping ,I think the idea was for Maurice to buy some thing for my Birthday ,but I really didnt see any thing I wanted /needed or liked ,I didnt see the point of spending money for the sake of it ..any way this tooth will have cost over a hundred pounds ,and he had recently surprised me with a beige suede bomber jacket ,I was more than happy to take a rain check ! 

We then called in to see Aunty Kitty ,we hadnt been for a couple of weeks I didnt want to pass on the bug ,felt I should keep it all to myself Huh !She becomes ever more frail and muddled ,but I know she was pleased to see us ,and bits of the old spark shone through as we tried to talk to her .

Our next port of call was to Kate and Martins ,Kate has been in agony with sciatica ,she didnt pick the best time ,half term ,the boys have been very good helping her though ,as I sat enjoying my coffee in her dining room, I was admiring the picture on the wall opposite and said ,some time Id like a copy of that ,well they let me take it ,and I printed off a copy ,and also scanned it to show you ,its a family portrait with a difference .

Our last visit of the day was to see Mike and Jacquie,Mike is Maurices brother ,lots of chat and laughter ,and when it was getting time to leave I noticed a lovely sunset,and red sky ,through their lounge window  ,made a mental note to take a picture on the way home ,but as our farewells took longer ,as they do ,with lots of let me just tell you this's ! We missed the sunset ,and Iguess the red sky simply meant the "shepherds hut was on fire"..because its very grey and dank here this morning .And so on that note I will go and find something to do Jean and Pete are coming over this afternoon

Have a lovely day everyone ,with love from  

    Sara made this for me ages ago ,before I knew what to do with it .

Friday, 17 February 2006

Not one for the squeamish !!

Here I am home again ,safe and sound ! I have to say Iam sooooo pleased that is over ,My appointment with the dentist this morning was for eleven ,fifteen.I left home at ten fifty ,and took a steady walk ,the dentist is the other side of our little town ,and arrived about eleven ten ,it was twenty to twelve by the time I was called in,so my already tight as a drum nerves ,were at snapping point ,I told the dentist and the nurse I was petrified ,you'll be allright they said ,the dentist ,you remember I told you, is this petite blonde(Polish Ithink )with limited English !I also said shes about fourteen  ! (gross exaggeration of course ) I believe she is married ,cant ask all my usual questions ,for obvious reason ,Well she injected me at the front,inside my mouth above the offending tooth ,and oh my goooodness it was agony for... I suppose seconds ,but felt longer,and then another one into the roof of my mouth as well ,As she said thats the worst over ,and it was ,back I went to the waiting room for it to become numb,and then the process of drilling the remaining crown off ,that took for ever ....then impressions taken for the new crown ,and the tempory one was fitted .I was home again at one thirty so It wasnt my favourite way to spend a Friday,and I am sorry to be giveing you a blow by blow account,but I was so keyed up before I went ,and now its over I feel drained , and still a bit numb .I have to go back on March 3rd for the permanent one .

Right forget teeth ! When Maurice finishs work today he will be off for a few days well earned holiday ,he has to get his holidays taken before the end of March,so we plan to do some visiting and on Monday it will be my birthday so I am looking forward to getting some visits from family ,and of course Maurice has a couple of jobs around the house ,hes planning to do .So dear friends if I dont post everyday you will know why !     With Love

  I'm going to chill now in this lovely rocking chair made for me by Donna              


Thursday, 16 February 2006

February 16th

Hi Everyone ,Im later today,I had not one, but two residents,ring me ,this morning ,as you would imagine we do keep in touch ,so sometimes its nice to chat to them about everything and nothing ,Each call lasted just under the hour so I can guess they are with NTL or similar.One of them is quite housebound so I dont mind the the time I spend chatting to her ,especially as she makes the call ! One of them told me people with bus passes wont be paying anything after April ,we will see , They tend to whinge a bit about their ailments ,so today I whinged back about the dentist tomorrow!! 

I got the pictures of my flowers sorted out,and also a picture of the cardi ,so I've got pictures and a graphic on together !! I started the rib on the new little jumper with no sleeves ,last evening ,as I watched the final programm 'Who do you think you are?' I have to admit to not finding it quite as interesting as the others ,even though it was watchable ,maybe because I didnt 'know'her as well as the others.Well its like the donkeys gallop today short and sweet ,Have a good rest of the day .....with love from


Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Knitting wool and bus pass !

Hi everyone ,sunny and cold again ,we;ve had more rain overnight .Thus helping the 'drought 'situation ....We had a nice day out yesterday ,I told you I had finished my cardigan with the roundy front ,I found I had nearly a whole ball of wool left ,so rather than waste it, I found a pattern for a little jumper with no sleeves ,so I bought some more wool ,luckily from the same dye lot ...I'd taken the ball band with me ,so there you go another project for my squirrel corner !Maurice had some bussiness to attend to ,so he dropped me off ,in Sainsburys car park ,My first port of call was the council offices ,you see I discovered my bus pass had run out on January 5th ,so since then I have been travelling at half price (which is what pentioners with a pass, pay )illegally ,tereble crime !!Dont tell will you ?I dont want to find myself on Anglia news ,or carted of to the nick for defrauding the bus company .Or worse kicked off the bus ,after a massive shopping spree wandering the roads and lanes ,beside drains and dykes ,thoughout flat reaching Fenland ,...lost one bag lady !!

I was reading through some old e-mails the other day ,and guess what I found ?an e-mail from Jeannette (jottings)she was so helpful when I started my journal ,and would send me all sorts of advice and tips ,she had also sent some lovely graphics and intructions on the use off ,which at the time meant absolutely nothing to me ,so of course I saved them ..only to discover them ,so I felt like you do when you find a pound coin or two in an old handbag!The Teddys I started the entry with, was amongst them ,arent they cute ?So once again Thank you Jeannette . 

Have a great day everyone  

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

February 14th

   A very Happy valentines Day to all My J- Land Friends,

I am actually sharing the beautiful card Maurice got for me,isnt it lovely? the words inside are just as nice,He bought me red roses and yellow ones too.I bought him a card and chocs .I took pictures of the flowers but for some reason ,the computer is refusing to cooperate with the camera !!Its a lovely sunny morning here after the rain,we are going into Huntingdon later ,So just a short entry today.

Have a lovely day,with love from .....

 This lovely design  by Donna fits the bill nicely               

Monday, 13 February 2006

Monday Thoughts

Hi there every one ,the start of another week ,Or as we used to say at work, another day ,another dollop!!Its raining again ,so I guess the drought is over ,Over in some parts of the States they have snow ,wonder if it will make its way over here ,it quite often does ,perish the thought ,excuse the pun ,Well its valentines day tomorrow ,have you all bought your valentines cards for your loved ones ?When Sharons(my Daughter)  boys were little ,I always received one from the brothers Grimm !The other thing this week ,I have to go to the dentist ,for the crown to be renewed ,on Friday ,they have given me an hour long appointment ,and to say I'm dreading it ,would be an understatement ,so if I whinge about it  between then and now ignore me !I just keep telling myself this time next week, it will all be over ,and in a hundred years from now it wont matter .

I finally finished the cardi ,I've been making since August ,though I have done other stuff in between ,Claudia emailed me a lovely pattern , for a hat ,so that will be my next venture .

As a rather nice addition to my Mums story ,that I told a couple of weeks ago ,where we lived in the cottage where I was born ,there was a fire grate,with oven attached and a cupboard situated next to the fireplace  ,my Mum kept her treasures in there ,one night they were woken up ,by the sound of the baby coughing (me)somehow the cupboard had caught fire .With result my Mum lost alot of things ,throughout her life she mentioned a lovely cameo necklace she had lost in the fire ,Of course as I was older ,I bought her one , And then when I told her story,and becauseDonna had made a signature one for me ,It was so lovely to give her the cameo again ....Thankyou so much Donna.


Sunday, 12 February 2006

Sunday School

Good morning ,yesterdays Saturday mornings as a youngster ,reminded me of the  Sundays that followed ,the day would start with breakfast ,My Dad often cooked Sunday breakfast,and though my Mum was a good cook ,Dads breakfasts were some how very special ,he had probably been up hours before hand ,going for a walk to collect mushrooms to add to our delicious meal .After this ,all dressed in our best clothes we went to Sunday school,which was held in one of the classrooms at our school .Our teacher for Sunday school was Miss Robins ,we would start with a hymn ,then prayers more hymns then the bible story ...This was lovely ,and I can remember them still ,whether they were parables or first or second testament,storys ,Miss Robins always told them in her own word ......thus making it all so real !and indeed understandable when we heard the real thing later as we grew older .After the morning session was over ,off we went home for our Sunday lunch roast beef and yorkshire pudding ,whilst listening to the Billy Cotton band show ,Then off we would go again to the afternoon session .Miss Robins  would discuss current events and teach us to pray for our fellow man in trouble .She told us about Grace Darling and Florence Nightingale ,Nurse Edith Cavell ,Dr Barnardo,(we all had our own collecting box) sing more childrens hymns ,and then ....the high light of the week,She would read to us all the adventures of the 'Famous five 'by Enid Blyton ,Idont know how many books were serialised this way ,but it certainly covered alot,reading a few chapters each week.Miss Robins never married she looked after her ageing parents untill they died ,and carried on until she became too frail herself ,she was the organist at church ,I joined the church choir when I was older,but thats another story .Miss Robins taught maybe two or even three generations of children ...But Sunday school for me was wonderful ,taught by a very simple but clever Lady ,whose chistian name ,was Grace

Have a very Blessed Sunday Everyone ,with love Jan xx    

Saturday, 11 February 2006

Another fine mess !

Saturday !though I'm not sure quite what that means anymore ,since Maurice went on to this new shift pattern !Three days ,three nights ,then three days off ,the first of those don't really count as he goes to bed ,for some of that day ,I'm not complaining ,its just that a weekend is now a movable feast !(quaint old saying that )I'm not such a creature of habit ,that Icant adapt ,and because I'm not working anymore (till they ask me again lol)It does'nt matter at all .

It was just that how I was thinking about days as a child ,apart from school holidays everything had a routine ,school all week ,sunday school on Sunday ,but the high light had to be the Saturday morning pictures ,

           How we enjoyed those shows ,which were held in the village hall,we sat on rows of benches,all on floor level !no staggered heights ! so sometimes you had to jiffle to be able to see ,which often got you into trouble ! I remember the man who brought these fantacies to us,I'm nearly sure he was called Mr Barnes ,as well as the delightful couple above we would see various comedys ,Old Mother Riley and her daughter Kitty ,(Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane) George Formby ,Norman Wisdom .What we did enjoy was the cowboy films ,usually black and white !Roy Rodgers and Trigger ,whats his name and Tonto ,we loved 'The Duke' of course! good old John Wayne,and if George (Gabby )Hayes was in it so much the better .We sometimes saw a news reel ,But best of all,Mr Barnes would sometimes show film he shot himself ,of the surrounding villages,cricket matches I remember ! and very occasionally we featured in those films ,queuing to get in to the show or coming out of school ,at garden fetes etc (I wonder does the film still exist ? somewhere!) .When it was all over we would burst out in to the sunlight ,and gallop home slapping our hips ! 


Friday, 10 February 2006

Old chum!!

Hi every one ,hope your all having a good day ,the sun is shining here but its bitterly cold . I had a lovely surprise the other day ,Jean rang up ,and was telling me about a phone call she'd had with a friend where we used to live ,Well the girl she'd rung is sister in law to my bestest friend of all time ,we have become a bit lax over the past few years ,you know how it is ! your busy ..you mean to..and before you know it a year or so has gone by ,anyway I rang her ,all I said was hello ,Hello she says back ,not who's this .....and we were off ....Thats how it is with good friends whether its three days or three years ,you can take up just where you left off ,I first met Margaret ,when I was eighteen and she was twenty ,we were pregnant with our first babys together ,when I had my third child ,we moved opposite her and we ,lived there until we moved to Peterborough ,for eighteen years and during that time we did every thing together ,babies to the clinic ,school runs except in those days we walked our kids to school ,just short of two miles each way ,our kids learned alot on those walks to and from school ,we actually talked to our kids !in the cold or rainy days I remember we would all sing to keep our spirits up ,it wouldnt have been safe for the children not to be accompanied as part of the way was along the busy A1,(or The Great North Road ,as we learned to stop calling it !))Margaret ,had a son two weeks younger than Mark ,she also had twin boys a bit younger than my Sharon ,as well as school they were in the church choir together ,cubs, scouts /brownies for Sharon  youth club,and we their Mums belonged to the WI , the PTA ,keepfit ,drama group , we also helped run the youth club ,we were involved with our children in those days ,in fact as in many small village communities we were involved in most things ,there were some hard times,which we often look back on and laugh about them now ,but my word we had some good times too .

So why have we been so busy lately ,to be in touch .......well she has been ingrossed in her computer !!!and as you know I'm a self confessed addict !!Wow she's only with AOL,but had'nt discovered journals ,well I soon put that right ,I sent her my URL and dashed of an email ,with more details ,only to have it returned to be redirected ,in my haste to involve her ,I posted it off to Helen !!!who's addy is next to Margarets,thanks Helen... Durrr !!so Margaret ,I will be looking for comments ,and I see no reason why in the future she doesnt join us in J-Land I know she would have lots to tell .

Before I go !I have just read Jens entry ,Jmoqueen ...she says they have just unveiled a statue to a chappie near her ,I saw a news item on this, the chappie is Sir Walter Raliegh,I can remember being taught at school ,that the gallant Walter put his cape over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth 1,to walk on ,He also introduced us to the potato,as well as the spud ,he was the first man to bring duty free fags to this country .Have a good Friday everyone ...with love  


Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Hopeful ever

Like every one else who has been experiencing the winter ills ,Im finding it difficult to motivate myself ,in a constuctive manner ,of late I've been feeling very lethargic/lazy ?Really fed up with myself ,which is a symptom of this silly bug I seem to have been nurturing for the last week ,Well !   Enough !......Its cold out !So?..... its February !The positive thing is the sun is shining ,there are snowdrops in the garden ,so we must be going into spring ,when the washer has finished I shall hang out the white shirts ,as there is also some wind ,so once they are dry ,I can have a whinge about the ironing ,life gets tedious donit ?Hey do you remember that song ........".Theres a mouse a nawing at the pantry door,he's been there now for a month or more ,when he gets in there he's gonna be sore ........there aint a darn thing in there "!!Oh they dont write songs like they used to !

So what have I been doing whilst I've been frail and feeble ?Keeping on top of the chores     just ! I have been reading    of course !And Ive picked up the stitches on the rib of the on the border of the cardi' I've been making since August ,its one of those with a roundy front ,and the border is done in two parts on a circular needle (I do set myself some tasks ),only a few more rows and it'll be done . 

The picture I started with is of course one of Donna's making me think of fishing trips in the summer ,and days by the sea ,lovely thought .

To night on BBC2,its" Who do you think you are" ,one of my favourites at the minute ,and tonight features ~ Jane Horrocks,Jane is to dicover she is related to the wealthy mill owner John Horrocks ,the 'Cotton King' of Lancashire.I can remember the Horrocks label on bedding and towels . 

Well everyone have a good day .                












Monday, 6 February 2006

What a lovely peaceful,scene , thankyou Donna !

Good morning I cant believe I havent done an entry in two days ,but I have been reading and commenting ,the truth is I have been feeling really awful the last couple of days ,head ache feverish and generally low , I would liked to have been rubbed out and drawn again, however Im slowly returning to normal .........No !I was'nt normal to start with !     more me !I hope everyone else feels alright. Maurice says there are alot of people off work with similar .It occured to me as I was taking my four hourly fix of paracetamol ,what did we do before we had drugs to reduce a fever?I can remember back in the nineteen fifties ,I along with most everybody else had that awful Asian flu ,and my Mother saying I had been delirious most of the time ! 

My washing machine also recovered from what ever it was ailing from ,so I , now have lots of ironing UGH .Shirts have to be done I might hide the rest ,for a while !So I have nothing really exciting to report ,at the moment ,so before I bore you further I'll finish and will go and convalesce ,for a while !!!!


Friday, 3 February 2006

Computers and stuff

Good morning ,Ive come to the conclusion the size of the text ,depends on the colour you use !I'm about to wallow in some self pity here so if you dont want to be depressed ,click the red cross now !I woke up today with a dull ache in my head ,my neck glands achey too ,and a sniffle ....How boring is that ?so we will quickly pass on .

The other day when I said I'd forgotten to put on the washing machine therefore had no ironing ,well the washer ,has now decided in its wisdom to wash the clothes ,but not spin ,so having wrung them out by hand and hung them on the line ,they are frozen solid !More inconvenience and expence .


Now we are being warned ,to be careful what emails we open ,as there is a virus ,that is sheduled to strike on the third of each  month ,thats not my picture I pinched it from the warning message,So be careful what you open !!

Jeannette (travels) has posted today and the wireless device is on her site now !visit her ,shes done a great entry. Jeannette (jottings)has'nt posted for a couple of days ,I hope its because shes taking a well earned rest and not because she's ill,Miss you Jeannette !

Have just read this through ,my word its full of doom and gloom ,sorry folks I didnt mean to depress you ,I suppose thats how it is sometimes !

Well all you workers out there will be pleased ,its POETS day again ...push of home early tomorrows Saturday ....And all of us, lets have a nice weekend !with love                 

Thursday, 2 February 2006

Thursday again

I really love this water feature its one of Donnas,I'd love it in the garden ,but next best thing is to have it on my journal ,thankyou Donna .

Well here we are Thursday again ,Maurice is in bed the third of his three nights ,then off the next three days ,it all comes round oh so quickly .Does this script look like 14 bold to you ?no! nor me unless the lense has fallen out of my specs again !

Who's been watching ,"who do you think you are ?",for Jeannette (travels)and my American friends ,its a programme about celebreties tracing thier ancestors ,I missed the first one with Jeremy Paxman ,the video recorder,had lost its memory !and taped the programme I was watching !But I have enjoyed Shiela Hancock ,Steven Fry and last night it was Julian Clary ,not only are they discovering people that went before ,so to speak ,they are getting to learn a bit about their lives at that time ,it can some times get quite emotional ,which I can understand ,It makes me curious about my  Family tree ,if only as something to leave to my own sapplings ,Jean and Pete ,Maurice and I went to visit a cousin in Northampton a couple of years ago ,he proved to be a mine of information ,and gave us photocopies of our great grand parents ,so that would certainly give us a starting point .

                     Are I see now ,not only has Kate got her eye on me !she has sent Maddy along too !

  Have a good day ....With love from                  



Wednesday, 1 February 2006

February 1st Rabbits !

G ood morning, 'FEBUARY FILL DYKE 'Yes now we're into February ,so the year is under way ,did you say Rabbits ?Its just a grey day here ,not very inspiring at all ,one of my residents used to say ,'I like the days when the sun shines both sides of the hedges 'I know what she means and agree .I just hope the dykes arent going to be filled with snow !

Maurice did the first of his three nights and is in bed ,so its one of my days for quiet persuits ,the phone is turned off !and the answer phone on !I forgot to put the washing machine  on last night ,so I havent got any ironing ,now that is sad !

Following yesterdays entry ,our Kate read the entry ,and Stuart and Helen told her she could add comments ,so she followed their instructions went to AIM ,called herself Kategshepherd ,she tried numerous names but this one was accepted ,(her beloved Maddy is a german shepherd )so then found herself able to add her comment ,hardly prepared to be able to do this ,she excitedly added her comment !Oh dear what have I started ,first my sister Jean popping up all over the place now Kates going to be joining the fun !and I cant help thinking like the rest of us she will find it all very addictive!

Are you sure the file manager is nothing to do with that bank manager in the cupboard ?you see when ever I type in the file manager box... I get a green dropdown ,with stock  markets and shares etc !!Umm strange !

Have a good day everyone Jan xx