Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday 2011

A Very Blessed Easter time everyone ,I bet you can't remember me ! I am ashamed to say I havent posted since last October ,So thought it was time to put that right .I have been as busy as ever .I have been doing lots of sewing ,and for my 70th Birthday in February ,Maurice and the family all chipped in to buy me a super new sewing machine,one that does wonderful things because it is computerised I love it ,I ,must show you some of the stuff I have made some time ,not today though ,because I want to share with you all where I went this morning,I feel so good ,so uplifted and erm ..humble ......Each Good Friday all those that believe ,and of different faiths ,do a silent walk of witness through the town , following the cross ,as we all assembled on a car park ,on a gorgeous warm sunny morning,The Rector said a prayer, before asking for a volunteer to carry the cross ,a dear little boy piped up ,''I will '',However his Dad stepped in to do the honours ,accompanied by a very proud little boy and his even smaller brother ,we walked in silence right through the town (me on my buggy )quite away,until we came to the green beside the Church,St Thomas a Beckett,with the ruins of the walls of the old Ramsey Abbey behind us ,I was amazed how many people had turned out ,For a wonderful open air service ,with Easter hymns ,readings and prayers ,I did say how up lifted I felt, as you will imagine .Afterwards came the Dressing on the Cross,where we all threaded our flowers through the wire on the cross that stands permanantly on the green,Afterwards tea and coffee was served so we were able to sit in the sun and chat to our friends ......

This is the cross that was carried

Out side the Church afterwards

The Tall Gentleman with his back to us is our Rector

Wishing you all a joyous Easter ,and in the words of Our Lord 'Love one another '

As ever love from