Saturday, 20 April 2013

Off we go then ...

Ok! after my entry about the visit we made to my birth place ,a number of you have been enquiring about my buggy/scooter,so I thought I would share some pictures and facts with you
As you can see when I shop locally I can easily bring home the bacon and erm lots of other items of shopping.It is in fact a 'Wispa'and I love it,I bought it second hand about four years ago ,after seeing an advert on the Co op notice board for £125.00,and what a bargain it has turned out to be because I was having problems with my back  weakened over the years lifting residents in my care ,we didn't have hoists in my day .
 Not only do I use is to ride around our little Market town ,usually on the pavement as its not to big ,useing lowered pavements to cross the road where there are no crossings ,we can put it into the boot of a car/taxi for me {useful for meetings as you can see below}at a tenants conference.Where our operations director was heard  to mutter 'Hmm Madge ' !
Just charge it up and like my title says off we go ,
My buggy stands in the hall of our bungalow ,when not in use so takes up no room at all
Its nice for riding around in the summer
And the winter
And Family days out

Those of you who watch the TV programme Benedorm will see that Madge has one like mine   

Here is the late lovely Wendy Richards ,who also appeared in Benedorm ,as well as playing Pauline Fowler in Eastenders

Well I think that just about covers it for now....but I will leave you with one word of warning!
Beware Buggynappers

As usual all my love Jan xx