Sunday, 29 July 2012

For Dyliss

Before I retired  eight years ago ,I was a scheme manager  for the elderly  .Our residents all lived in their own homes  ,as the idea was to promote independant living,but they were able to alert me at any time during the day by means of a pull cord and when I was off duty ,through to a central control. As well as administration ,  I enjoyed visiting the residents,making sure they were OK , chatting to them and hearing their views on life past and present ,They would share with me family stories and often we would be looking at photograghs old and recent .

 One special lady was always a pleasure to visit ,always smart and attractive with her silver hair and lovely lilting welsh accent ,as I walked down her hall ,on the wall ,were pictures of her Grandchildren,and in particular ,a very athletic young boy  in various poses ,she was very proud of this little boy ,and would say ..'I wont be seeing Elaine(her daughter) today ,as she has gone to Huntingdon ,to take my Grandson training at the gym'  .
  Yes Louis Smith was Dyliss's Grandson ,and I can remember being impressed by Elaine's dedication,driving Louis backwards and forwards on the A1 ,from Peterborough to Huntingdon,for training sessions.

 Here is Louis ,all that dedication and training paid off,Sadly Dyliss died a few years ago ,but where ever she is now ,I know she is as proud now as she was when I knew her ,and whenever I see Louis on the TV ,I remember his Gran ...

So for Dyliss  and Elaine , Louis ,I am wishing you all the best..

As ever folks Love Jan xx