Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Three weeks absence tut tut !

Hello again everyone, remember me? I have been missing in action, due to a computer/writers block…. however I have been busy doing lots of other things ,I finished a cardigan ,that had been hanging around for a while ,


I have been working on the quillow , I have been to a couple of meetings for the residents forum ,and a lot of stuff has been happening in the garden ,until the rains came !It really is amazing how much you can do if you don’t sit at the computer for long periods of time ! Ah well, you couldn’t keep me away forever!! I left you with plans for the party in the park, and what an amazing success, over a hundred members of the R###e family came, my son Derek came up from Dorset,


his son Christopher (I didn’t see much of Chris as he was playing with all his cousins and second cousins) a niece came from County Durham with her family, another from Corby, another from Stamford, My late husband Mick’s sisters Connie and Dot from Leicester with all her family ,his brothers Peter and Dougie with their family’s my family including my sister Jean and her husband Pete ,although we had torrential rain over night ,and it was a bit windy ,but the sun shone and out of the wind it was quite warm ,because a few of the family caravanned and camped overnight some of us went for a meal on  the Saturday evening prior to the party .So yes we all had a fantastic day ,My daughter in law Chrissie went to collect Connie who at 83 ,came just for the afternoon ,she came with her picnic in her Harrods bag ,announcing she had a presentation to make ….many years ago ,in the early 1970’s a lady gave me a cup and saucer, Connie had admired the cup and said you must be careful with that ,don’t let your children break it ! So I gave it to her, to look after for me until my children had grown up! Well she gave it back to me, with a slip of paper inside that said ‘Staffordshire 1840’, she had checked up on it for me,


So there we are the first part of my catch up entrys,I will be back soon with more ever love from

Thankyou to Donna for todays Graphicsxx