Saturday, 15 December 2007

What was I knitting ?

Look what Winivere made for me isnt it great ?


Hi every one, Maurice is in bed its 10 .30 and as  I had a little sleep this afternoon  I thought would do a quick entry ,before going to bed. I suppose like me you are all busy ,I have a few more cards to write ,A couple more presents then I’m done ,I finished my knitting ,and am wondering what to make next ,I have a meeting on Monday morning followed by a Christmas lunch ,with the members of the tenants forum ,Maurice and I went to Huntingdon on Friday bought quite a lot of Christmas presents there ,It’s a much smaller town than Peterborough ,so the shopping isn’t as frantic ,and there are some lovely shops .Well I asked you a couple of entries ago what you thought I was knitting, I had some interesting answers, I must admit to throwing you off the scent a bit by talking about socks, many of you thought I was knitting socks, some thought a scarf Kath from ‘my simple rhymes’ thought I look nice in it whatever it was …..Of course my sister Jean, daughter Kate and my friend Debbie knew, so I thank them for keeping my secret, so what was I knitting?......











There you are, now you know ,and she loves it hee heee ,so now Im off to bed ,night night Godbless every one ..Love from


Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Rainy day shopping ...


 Hi  there here I am again, I have caught up with all your lovely entries, so now… shall I do an entry? Or shall I do the ironing?... .Hmm guess what I decided?

As ever at this time of year such a lot to do and not enough time I still have loads of cards to write, though the ones that have to go abroad have gone ,just the rest to do ,and the final post for second class mail is next Monday , I can now put up my decorations ,little tradition of mine ,It is my second son Derek’s forty sixth birthday today ,I would never put up the trimmings until he had had his birthday ,So that his special day didn’t get confused with Christmas ,

With all my love a very Happy Birthday son.

May be you would prefer this to the cake ....


As I mentioned I found another one of the Twelve days of Christmas windows, this was in a children’s wear, shop window .Eleven Pipers Piping. It was pouring with rain on the day I took the picture; you either get reflections or raindrops!





Last Wednesday ,I went to the over sixties Christmas party, we had lots of lovely food and fun .We were again served by the gentleman of the local Rotary club, amongst them was Richard who I worked with when I first left school, and entertained by the choral society, They entertained us with many lovely Christmassy songs and we all joined to sing carols, Incidentally I learned that the club has been running for fifty eight years,Have a lovely day everyone ,with love from



Saturday, 8 December 2007

Put a sock in it !

Thanks to Chris for the graphic ,I know it says Autumn on it ,but disregard that ,and enjoy the following ,it has been on my notice board for ages and I thought I would like to share it with you ,

My washing machine is a mysterious thing .I have a theory that it is not the innocent household electrical item it masquerades as being.

Now you may think me rather strange for saying this,but I believe that my washing machine is a connecting  tunnel to an alternative world ,a world where socks rule the earth,

In this other world,the unloved,unappreciated neglected socks of our world can roam free,no longer down trodden ,no longer trampled on by their thoughtless oppressors,My washing machine allows these socks a convenient escape route to this alternative world .

However not all socks may go through,The master of the sock tunnel has declared that through this route no partners can pass,Every sock must start life afresh.Only one can go.One is left behind.

The sock tunnel master,also rejects ageing haggard and holey socks .

They are cast back into the whirlpool with the rest of the washing.In this brave new world only gleaming new young socks,especially those born under the sign of the patron Saint of socks St Michael are allowed to pass therough,Yes ageism exists even in the sock world,

As I said before,this may sound rather strange,but it is the only explanation I have for the vast numbers of absconding socks that have disapeared from my washing machine,sorry tunnel over the years,leaving behind a forlorn,now useless partner.

I estimate that the' sock missing,presumed lost'list is extensive enough to keep the freezing peoples of Syberia sock happy for centuries.

I wonder if you can guess what I am knitting now? ,

And so to bed ....Lots of love

                                  Thankyou Missie for my dancing Santa .


Saturday, 1 December 2007

December the first

Good morning a lovely sunny day here but very windy and cold,I have just been out, to hang out the washing ,and look who wants to go out again !

Ok then  ,but dont expect me to join you !

Here we are the first of December ,and the beginning of Advent

I bought Maurice a calendar ,to open through Advent as the kids do ,but was pleased to read the word advent wasnt on this calender, doesnt lend it self to the Simpson image does it ? ,or is it not PC  to talk about Advent now ? (I dont much care for the Simpsons but he loves them )

Any way as I promised I posted the latest pictures of the Lavender Blue window ,I was a bit dissapointed to see all the reflections again ,however I have put all the ones I took on here so you will get the idea of how lovely it looks ,and then as I was walking home....What a bonus , I discovered the Vets window had been decorated ,and the Antique shop too ,I am wondering if we have theme going on through the town ,'The twelve days of Christmas' ,I will need to go on a reccy  to see if I can discover more ,Thats all for today. Have a lovely weekend everyone with  love     


The sig today is one of Debbies .....