Wednesday, 16 October 2013

One of these again ...

Here's me in a reflective mood ,I have been collecting again  ,What a hoarder I am,but I bet you all remember lots of these
Was you a prefect ?,I was . 
Did you ever get to do lines ? I did
School milk
Played games and sports
Have these on the  heels of your shoes ,when you slid they sparked !
Have a paper round ? I did
If you were chosen you would be allowed to cut paper with a guillotine ,can't remember any accidents ,{No Health and safety in our day ]
This might have been cod liver oil
Some toys we played with


 And we watched TV ,

 We put hair grips in our hair to make pin curls
shopped here
or here
saved these for many things
Tupper ware partys in our homes
                                          Wore love beads

  Wash day was a major operation
Had some of these about the home
                                                        Did you ?
Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane
Love Jan xx