Wednesday, 16 October 2013

One of these again ...

Here's me in a reflective mood ,I have been collecting again  ,What a hoarder I am,but I bet you all remember lots of these
Was you a prefect ?,I was . 
Did you ever get to do lines ? I did
School milk
Played games and sports
Have these on the  heels of your shoes ,when you slid they sparked !
Have a paper round ? I did
If you were chosen you would be allowed to cut paper with a guillotine ,can't remember any accidents ,{No Health and safety in our day ]
This might have been cod liver oil
Some toys we played with


 And we watched TV ,

 We put hair grips in our hair to make pin curls
shopped here
or here
saved these for many things
Tupper ware partys in our homes
                                          Wore love beads

  Wash day was a major operation
Had some of these about the home
                                                        Did you ?
Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane
Love Jan xx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, I had many of the same experiences and your trip down memory lane brought back many good thoughts for me. Some I'd forgotten too.

Bunny said...

So many - my washing machine had a mangle! I abused it terribly with thick things.
Cats' cradle and hopscotch, only the price of string or chalk.
Childhood was better, I'm sure xx

Anonymous said...

Hi jan
I love this entry ,I tried to leave u a comment and it disappeared! You must have been busy with all these photos and pictures ,really loved seeing those things again
Love and hugs

Helen said...

We played with a lot of those things. Had a different washing machine.Watched some of those tv shows. I also remember my grandparents sitting close to a large radio before TV ever came along listening to those once a week radio stories. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Sybil said...

Jan wherever did you find all these memory photo's for us...It sure brought back memories for many to mention...but thank you xx


I certainly did enjoy this trip down memory lane. I particularly remember the thrill of caps and their smell.


PS) I would hit mine with a rock.

PatB said...

Hi Jan, thank you for taking me back over the years We must all be about the same age,
The spinner on the twin tub was far superior to the automatics of these days, I remember ours would dance around the room, when leaving it spinning for too long.

chris said...

Jan you are brilliant thank you for bringing back happy memories of my childhood. When my Mom gave birth to my Brother she bought my a black doll with red and white spotted dress. The lady in the next bed had not given birth and when they knew her Husband was arriving they put the doll in her cot, Mom said his face was a picture.

PatB said...

Can anyone remind me what the programme was with the lady in the tartan tam'o'shanter and scarf was.

PatB said...

Just found out,
It was Supergran, it ran from 1985-87
Thanks to Google search.

Kezzie said...

Oh Jan, this post made me so happy!!!! I love nostalgia!! Orville, Milk in bottles at school/playgroup, supergran, those wooden bowls (we have them at church!), cat's cradle, horrible uncomfortable plimsols that were always too tight, I was one of the head prefects in Year 11, this meant we had to do the admin for deputy head detentions each week- much nicer than a cold playground prefect duty-wonder where my badge is!!!?

Hope you are well x