Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Birthday

Well thats February nearly gone for another year.. Wow this year is two months old already ! It is so true as you get older the time goes by so much more  quickly . Fortunately no time to feel bored .
See the lovely tulips from my Dear Granddaughter ,and all my Birthday cards
Yes I have had another Birthday,27 now  or is it 72 ?
So we went to see the family, My friend Barbara came with us  ,First we stopped of at my Daughter Kate's cos she has new addition to the family ,Reggie is a little labrador cross,hisMum went courting a german shepherd dog ,he is so cute everyone is in love with him
Isn't he a little darling?

We then we went down the road to my Daughter's 'pub' and we hadn't been there long when the door opened and in came My Grandson Paul and his partner Tarmara ,pushing the buggy with litte Bella asleep ,well she didnt want to wake so her Mummy took her out because I couldn't wait for a cuddle...
Here is her proud Uncle Iain ,my eldest Grandson ,taking over the cuddles when my back began to ache,it was a good ache though . 
And when she woke she was all smiles
With Barbara and I .
My two little girls ,Charlotte Janet (my Granddaughter) and Bella Rose( my Great Ganddaughter) . 
One for the album ! Four generations.
Bella, Nanny Sharon, Daddy Paul and erm the Matriarch!
Its a shame we left this one till last, as by then Bella was getting hungry ,but after her feed she was all smiles again..
After we left the pub ,We popped into visit Maurice's brother Mike and his wife Jackie I just had to show this picture of the tereble two ,put them together and anything could happen ,and often does !!  
Home we came bearing gifts ,and a camera full of lovely memories of my Birthday,I am truly Blessed
As ever love Jan xx 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Memory Lane

Once again far to long between posts tut  tut,no reason just slowing down(ano domini) though I am still sewing and knitting ,and attending my meetings for the Residents forum...Now Maurice has been on holiday this week and since it is my Birthday next week, he asked me, was there something I would like to do?.....So  we set off to the village where I was born and grew up,My Brother John and his wife Julia still live there,so we combined the trip with a visit see to them,  
My sister in law Julia celebrates her Birthday the day after me so I made her a quillo ,below is the cushion .
Out of proportion !Camera angles !,below is the quilt part ,It's bigger than it looks honest

Now is there a special place you like to go in your memory?you know when you are lying in bed at night thinking nice thoughts before you go to sleep .Well to combine the visit to John and Julia ,we set off on a trip down memory lane , 

Here's me in front of the house in which I was born ,in the room behind the bedroom window nearest to me,  Hmm still no blue plaque!  

My old school

In this building ,which has been beautifully restored, was my Dad's Barber shop .It didn't look like this ...

At the Alter where I was married,to Mick all those years ago ,Mick died 30 years ago . 

And even further back in time,here I am sitting in my place in the choir stall  

In front of the organ

I would watch the bellringers coming down this spiral staircase opposite the choir stalls, after calling the faithful to the service ,before the service began ...

Here is the font ,I was Christened here on Easter day 1941 ,
The top plaque ,in memory of the fallen in the second world war my uncle J W Giddings
Rest in Peace Uncle Jack

Kings Cliffe is in the Diosece(sp)of Peterborough  

Out side the Church ,Wedding Pictures were taken here

NOW  ....we come to the memory lane bit ,...although it was a bonus to find the church open .After leaving the Church you could go home the convential way ,walk or by car ,on the road ,but at the back was a lane that went the length of the West Street part of the village ,with little allys /jittys /ginnels ,up to the main road ,this is the memory I had wanted to revisit ,and do you know it had barely changed...

After all our adventures ,we came back the road way, and took a picture of the house we moved to when I was about 10 ,and from where I was married  in 1959 
It was a lovely sunny day still abit cool ! ,after all the snow and winds etc that we have had recently ,makes me think Spring is just around the corner ,
As ever love Jan xx