Friday, 22 October 2010

October issue !

Once again my graphics are by Donna ,Thankyou Donna,

Now after the confusion on my last post ,the girl in the prom dress was my Beautiful Granddaughter Charlotte and not my neice as some of you supposed .So talking of Granddaughters here is Alice aged seventeen, who is the Granddaughter of Maurices's cousin Jim.Isn't she another beauty ?A real peaches and cream English Rose,but since her Grandparents are Irish ,I suppose that makes her a lovely little colleen as well .

Whoops ,what does this racing car have to do with things ? you might ask!

The car is in fact being driven by Alice ,and very well indeed ,Below are a few quotes from Alice and links to the story of her success My Renault is the identical car to Lewis Hamiltion’s UK car when he won the title at 18 yrs old. To reduce mechanics’ fees, the BARC championship does not allow gears cogs to be changed to suit track conditions, and there is a slight restriction put on the engine to extend its life. Both cars cost the same to buy.
I raced against UK’s top GT drivers (300BHP) in 2010, out qualifying ex-F1 driver Martin Donnelly: This link explains how I got my Renault title at a year younger than Lewis Hamilton: I only got a few qualifying laps on a cold track, near the end of the session, and I still managed to get a pole.
Alice has been supported and encouraged by her Granddad Jim ,and here is the link to her website

A champagne moment !

And Alice does after dinner speeches and has met many famous people ,From Prince Andrew ,to Sir Stirling Moss.

Well done Alice ! you are a clever and lovely girl as well as a plucky one and we are all very proud of you ,.....and as they say Watch this space .......

So as usual I will close ,with love from