Monday, 23 May 2011

Having a 'cushie' time

Sorry about the 'Good Morning ',it will be afternoon by the time I post this ,
and I will warn you
,this is a multi picture entry ,many of you asked to see what I had been making since I got the new sewing machine for my Birthday .The first picture is of Rachel my Great neice ,who shares a Birthday with me ,She is 11 and we are all extremely proud of her , she excels at swimming and has won many medals.She competes all over the country .

So for her Birthday I made her this cushion scanning a picture of her then transfering it to a transfer that is then ironed onto fabric, the idea for this method was explained to me by Laura I am very grateful to her and her patience in talking me through it via Email

Next I made a cushion for my Taxi driver Muncha who is so kind, and takes me to all my meetings he lent me a picture of his little daughter and
voila ...they were all delighted and little Atitia wont be parted from Her cushin! I have to make one for her cousin now !

My Friend has been fighting a very nasty illness ,so to cheer her up ,I snagged a picture of her Granddaughter from Face book ,and made this one for her .....

Then for a bit of a change from cushions ,I made some wall pads for along side the wall by Great nephew baby Harry's cot

Harry's great Grandparents are from Ireland ,so I put a shamrock on the back of one of the blocks!

I was telling my friend Jackie about Harry's blocks she said she would love a set for her new Great Grandaughter so I made some for little Rubi ..

And then Joanne my neice was 40 , (Jo is Rachael 's Mum)
so of course ,another cushion seemed right !and since Jo likes cats I put some onto her
one ,holding ribbons attached to balloons.....

Another dear friend Violet had her birthday on May 16th ,the same day as my Daughter Kate so two more cushions were made and two more happy Ladies

Sorry the pictures arent as good as they might be , but I sure you get the idea and at least you can see what I have been doing with my time ....

As ever lots of love from