Friday, 19 October 2007

Farewell sweet man


Aubrey,Such a nice man .....

I have finally caught up with all my alerts, I had masses! And the situation wasn’t helped by lost entry’s then back they came minus comments oh, you know! Well by the time I had read and commented I didn’t have the time or the inclination to post myself, so where shall I begin? 

Oh yes a week last Monday, I got a phone call from the surgery asking if I would like a flue jab? Yes please says I, What about Friday the receptionist asked, oh no I am going to a funeral, well could you come this afternoon? Maurice dropped me off, on his way to work, I had the flue jab in one arm and the pneumonia one in the other arm, then spent the night tossing and turning from one sore arm muscle to the other! I felt very unwell the next couple of days? I know, I know it’s not a live vaccine! (I used to give my residents all this assurance!)Hmm coincidence or what? Any way I’m done now, the flu jab for this year and the pneumonia for life.

Fortunately I was better by Friday (a week ago today) and was able to attend the funeral of my late husband Mick’s Brother Aubrey, What a bitter sweet day that was, the weather was kind, It was so sad to say goodbye to Aubrey, he was always so kind and reliable, everyone who knew him spoke well of him, and as well as the  family, who all love him dearly , the church was absolutely packed extra chairs were needed ,and it was a testament to how much he will be missed by so many people .And my heart breaks for his dear wife Sheila ,who has been by his side for fifty five years ,Mother and Father  in law ,had ten children ,three girls and seven boys (We were the seven brides for seven brothers )The eldest brother is dead and my Mick ,now Aubrey ,but the rest of the family who could attended ,it was so nice as it often is on these occasions when everyone gets together ,The family had been brought up next door but one to the church ,and played a big part in their lives ,Mother in Law cleaned the church ,and as each son was old enough ,he would light the boiler in the stoke house on a Saturday night making sure the church was warm for the service next day ,When Mick and I were courting ,after the Saturday night dance ,we would go round to the back of the church , in the dark ,trees creaking ,to light that wretched boiler !And Peter the brother younger than Aubrey and his best man at Aubrey  and Sheila’s wedding  ,who did the eulogy spoke ,of all these things ,how they rang the church bells  pumped the organ ,before electricity, and sang in the choir .

In the first years of our marriage Mick and I and our then two little sons lived next door to the church one side and to my dear in laws  the other ,and looking back what happy days ,so long ago. sigh.. As usual lots of love Jan xx


Thankyou Debbie for the tag xx

Thursday, 4 October 2007

A sunny Autumn day ,here in the Fens .

I love this graphic from our Friend Donna (our garden swing has hibernated now for the winter )

I went to the over sixties club again yesterday, I enjoyed it too, and didn’t get so wound up before I went this time so I must be getting better ,though I still  find mornings hard ,I have said I will attend the Tenants AGM  on Saturday ,and have to leave at nine o clock ,that will be a test !Yesterday afternoon I took a bowl of fruit ,it was our Harvest Festival ,and we had a service ,then after tea all the produce we had taken was auctioned off and was great fun ,I bought some mint in a pot ,and a jumper for Aunty Kitty !!I know a jumper at a harvest thanks giving lol .

When I got home I received a very sad phone call from my niece Bridget, to say that her Father Aubrey had passed away the previous evening, Aubrey or Ben as he was fondly known in the family, was the older brother of my late husband Mick, and when Mick died he was the brother who helped my sons and I organise Mick’s funeral ,and was always a rock to us ,I then had the sad duty to ring around to tell my children the sad news ,except Mark ,who is on holiday in Egypt with his wife Chrissie ,we decided to text them later in their holiday depending on the date set for the funeral

This entry I planned to do last evening but obviously didn’t feel up to it, so here we go …..

Many years ago ,probably about fifteen years ,My Daughters cooker broke down, I bought a second hand one from a friend who’s Dad had died ,for fifteen pounds ,she took one look and said no thanks Mum ! So it went into the garage, only to be used by me when mine broke down! , I have used it since, it has moved house three times with me! But as I told you in my last entry we have bought a new cooker, The sad thing is every thing on the old  one still worked, I felt as though I was kicking out an old and faithful friend ,however the new cooker is lovely ,  I told you I had found all my plates in the shed when Maurice was moving it, sol  I washed down the walls ,(not well enough judging by some of the pictures lol prompting us to think about redecorating sometime soon ,it doesn’t look to bad to the naked eye ,but on the pictures I can see the muck lol  ) So I am now going to try to add the pictures for you to see (warts and all ) The sun is shining here ,and I hope you are having a good day wherever you are as usual …love from


And this lovely siggy was made by my friend Debbie ,hasnt she come a long way ,with her graphics ?

Monday, 1 October 2007

Playing catch up

The Graphic is one of Donna's...Thankyou .....

After two weeks absence here I am again, Maurice went back to work on Saturday, so I have been playing catch up, First of all I finally caught up with my alerts phew,We didn’t do half the things we planned ,(either the weather or ME !,didn’t always feel good ! )We finally sold our caravan, which was at a site that has a fishing lake, when I was at work it was our retreat, but we had never been there since I retired, we sold it at a loss, but expected too really, but we wont have the site rental now .We had to empty it and find a place for every thing ,I think I have finally done that .Then Maurice ,re sited his shed from one side of the garden to the other ,to make room for the water feature (remember the water feature ? ) he is still keen to make one and has his plans drawn up lol ,as he emptied the shed to move it ,out came a couple of boxes of stuff ,from when we moved ,one containing ornamental plates I had collected over the years and they are now on my kitchen wall ,We also went out and bought a new cooker ,so we actually got quite a bit of useful stuff done .

September 22nd, was Maurice’s birthday, his brother Mike and Sister in law Jackie invited us over for Dinner, we had a lovely evening with them, Jackie had recently been on a visit to Lourdes, she had brought me back a candle that she had blessed for me, I was so moved that she should do that for me .The next day on the Sunday ,as the sun shone we drove down to Norfolk, to visit Walsingham ,known as England’s  Nazareth, such a tranquil, peaceful spiritual place ,we spent a couple of hours wandering around ,in the warm sunshine, looking at all the places of worship ,all the delightful cottages ,sitting out side a café to have our lunch and people watch .People watched us too or rather Kizzie who was ahhed over ,which she loved !

We then came back via Wells –Next-The- Sea, where we wandered, bought a fresh crab to take home for tea, and sat on a wall and ate chips. I am now going to try and add some pictures so have a good day everyone with love …..


And the siggy is Debbie's look how Kizzie has grown !