Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Oh dear! did you think I had posted an empty page ? I have posted a variety of pictures today ,just to prove ....that I can hee hee .The top graphic(thankyou Caroline )is so much like where we live here in the Fens .And then a couple more pictures from the garden centre.Correction one more picture !

And then Maurice took the pictures below of the fish in Martins pond ,it is a raised pond and you can see the edge of it behind all Kate's animals .

There can you see?

A donkey a deer and a black pig !

Sam and a friend and Charlotte in my daughter Sharon's pub,

Iain was home on leave so we had gone over to visit ,see Charlotte and Sharon trying not to have her picture taken ,

These two dont mind smiling for Gan !

Here is Stuart another Grandson,and when he saw me he said ''I like your shoes Gran ,THEY ARE FRISKY ''

What do you think ? they have kitten heel and are so comfy !
I think that is it for today ,so I will close for now with love from

Friday, 24 October 2008

Still trying...... very !

I would say good morning everyone ,well it was ,when I started this entry ,I have tried so many times ....but here goes again ,Joan has been trying so patiently to explain things to me ,about the graphic and picture set up so fingers crossed and here we go ~
Donna you for the graphics today and for the one that got away, on my previous entry,before I was ready lol so I got to choose another one hee hee !since they only seem to allow five pictures and that includes the graphics and siggie,unless you know any different ? I have just put in a few of the pictures we took ,

This is one of many scenes around the store ,I will add more another time if you can bear to look at Christmas things just yet ,it was all so lovely I wanted to share them with you ....

There were groups ,of these very life like polar bears all around the store ,and Reindeer too ,Darn't show my daughter Kate she would want to buy them all .....

This one with me is priced at £499! Oh and do you like this cardi I made I actually bought the pattern for it in this store in the summer ...Well since my script keeps changing I am going to close with love from

Gosh I really think I have done it !! hooray !!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Delicious Autumn

No animation on this one Donna! but still lovely ,and with a favourite quote too ,
Well I promised would ,let you know all the things that have kept me busy the last few days .So here goes ...last week after the funeral I went on the Thursday to a meeting with the Residents newsletter group ,where we began to plan the Christmas edition of the newsletter ,it is going to be interesting ,two residents gave us accounts of their holidays ,Jackie went to Canada,to visit a long lost cousin who she had rediscovered on Friends Reunited in Cambridge ,she got all excited at her finding Sandra ,only to find it was Cambridge in Canada ,not England ,but not to be deterred off she went after much planning and excitment ,and not a little trepidation ,to have the experiance of a life time .And then Ann went with her son and daughter in law to Singapore and Australia,Ann asked me to type up her account and it makes interesting reading Then on the Friday ,ugh that was two days in a row I was up and dressed and out of the house early ,(I dont do mornings anymore lol .)The Residents Forum had a study day I have done these courses before when I was at work but it doesnt hurt to refresh ,does it ?The subject was ;negotiation,well to me that means getting your own way ,so you either flutter your eyelashes or sulk hee hee ,however we all had a good day ,and a delicious lunch ,jacket potatoes quiche salad,followed by trifle ,at the weekend we had lots of visitors all checking on Maurice's progress ,Jean and Pete came also Michael and Jackie which we all enjoyed ,,On Tuesday Maurice got brave a drove me over to the Huntingdon Garden and Leisure ,where I bought some craft bits ,we had a cappuchino and I took some pictures of the Christmas decorations ,if you can bear to see them and I find out how to put them into the body of the post after a heading and the entry ,I cant seem to add a final siggy tag either ,but never mind day ?.....Oh yes I had my flue jab yesterday morning another up early and out !!
So for now I will close....with love Jan xx

Monday, 20 October 2008

Let Go ,Let God....

Well, I seem to have slipped back in to my old ways, not posting often! However I did have a very busy week last week,I last posted on the Saturday now when I look at my blog I’m sick to death looking at the back of my own head lol as I’m sure you are !So here goes ,Well on the Sunday, Maurice’s brother and his wife Jackie came to visit ,and then on the Monday , thats a week today,because Maurice wasn’t driving still (he has done a bit now, just up to our town )Pete my sister Jean’s husband came to get me and we all went to Dear Jenny’s funeral ,Jo is my niece and Jean and Pete’s daughter ,Jenny was her Mother in law, Tony’s Mum ,I hope I have explained that ok ! Jenny died suddenly the week before it was such a shock for us all, if it is possible to have a lovely funeral, then this one was, Jenny was a lovely Lady slightly younger than me ,her Dear Husband David had died four years ago ,and she never really got over losing him ,she had missed him so much ,they had been together since she was thirteen ,meeting each other at the Methodist Sunday School ,Jenny’s faith was strong all her life ,and her service was to quote her sister ” Just Jenny”, We started with the’ Hymn How Sweet the name of Jesus Sounds’, after the opening prayers . Her eldest Granddaughter Beth read a psalm so beautifully, And her Daughter Karen, told us some lovely things about her Mum ,and read a poem of her Mothers, Jenny wrote the most wonderful poetry ,and has been published ,Whilst Tony, Karen and Jo ,were searching among Jenny’s things for Jenny’s’ list ‘which they all felt sure she had left ,but couldn’t find anywhere ,they decided at least some of Jenny’s poems should be read at the service ,so after selecting the ones most appropriate ,they went to put the folder of poems away ,and there on the table was a piece of paper ,it was Jenny’s list !so we were able to sing the hymns Jenny had loved ,and her family were able to carry out her wishes ,We then sang ,Immortal, Invisible, God only wise ,and then Tony told us his memory’s of his Mum ,and thanked her for all she had done for them ,he then also read one of his Mothers poems ,that she had written after a visit to her childhood home village ,so very moving ,The service closed with the hymn ,’Oh Lord My God, when I in awesome wonder ,……We all went back to the Beautiful old Orton hall, for a lovely meal and lots of family chat, and Corrine, Jenny’s sister and I slipped outside in the afternoon sunshine and to talk about how Jenny and I would slip away for a crafty puff too ! Corrine left me with this thought, which I thought I would share with you all, When you seem to be burdened with troubles and worry’s that you really cant do any thing about, “Let Go, Let God”…I wont tell you about the rest of the week on this entry ,but will pop back later , So as usual Love

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Lovely Sunny Autumn day

Hello again ,I wonder how many you are able to get through and read this...We took some pictures in the garden this morning ,before shopping ,I wanted to show you the jumper/sweater I have just made ,the blue one ,it looked good with a cream jumper underneath and cream trousers and was lovely and warm ,then as I was putting the pictuires from the camera onto the computer You know who has to help hee .
I had a phone call from Jeannette this morning ,she is extemely distressed to find she has lost her internet connection ,so if any of you are wondering why she hasnt commented on your blog ,that is the reason ,though ,in the meantime I suggest we all continue to comment on hers ,At -Outside-Looking in-Jeannette's Jottings ,to let her know we miss her when she isnt around ,And so dear Friends Iam now going to see about making some dinner ever love Jan xx

Friday, 10 October 2008

Back among the archives

Hi Everyone once again ,gosh I have never made so many entry's in so few days ,I am enjoying finding out all the new things available to us ,so very trial and error though isnt it ? I have just come in from taking Kizzie for a walk ,what a lovely afternoon we both enjoyed being out in the sun shine ,I hasten to add the picture above isn't where we walked ,that is Stourhead gardens in Wiltshire,my son his wife and family live near there ,and it is beautiful .Derek and Trisha were married in the little church that over looks the gardens .
I have decided before I do anymore work on the new blog,I am going to use the one with my journals archive ,plus the new one 's gadgets didn't always work and these ones do ,so it makes sense to me to use this one ,sooooo if I can ask all my follower's to join me here I would really appreciate it
Look at Kizzie ,is she making a note of my new link do you think ? or maybe writing a thank you note to you all for your patience with her Missis,Well that is it for today ,Thankyou all joining me love you Jan xx

Thursday, 9 October 2008

I just put this entry on my old journal

Have managed to migrate my journalIt is appropriate I use one of Donna's tags to add here ,she called this one New Beginnings,rather apt since AOL have redeemed them selves somewhat and allowed us to take our old journals with us.Along with many of our graphics and comments too ,I followed the instuctions given on 'Magic Smoke 'at first I was adding the wrong password ,then when I put in the correct one ....Voila !! It worked like a dream I couldnt believe it ,now I have just one problem ,do I continue on this one now ,or will I carry on with the one that Dear Yasmin has been on the phone all afternoon helping me to sort out ,what patience that girl has ,I will add the link anyway .... but will let you know what I decide,well I guess this is where I sing to you all that lovely song from 'The Sound of Music' sung by the children ''Farewell Goodbye,lol la lol la la ...and Love From Jan at Serendipity xx See ya over Yonder

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I didnt last long

Tuesday, 7 October 2008
Im Blocked
I opened up my computer this morning to find an email from Kath ,(My Simple Rhymes) to say she had been blocked ,Hmm ?? Now what have you been up to Kath ? Surely you having started chucking those tangerines around all ready ....Read more emails ,get rid of spam ,no thankyou,I dont want holidays, credit,singles group or Viagra on Oh Joy I have been blocked too ,Was it because of all the moaning I did yesterday hee hee ,do you think? I rang Kath and we decided someone had pressed that flag BY MISTAKE ,Hopefully ???
Maurice and I walked ,all the way up to the Doctors this morning because he still isnt alowd to drive ,we walked at five miles a fortnight ,but got there ok ,and back home again Phew ...the Doctor gave him a sick note for two more weeks ,after soup and rolls, we sat down to watch the award show that we had recorded last night ,For the best crime thriller ,film . TV series ,book. etc It was excellent the category I voted for was won by the wonderful Colin Dexter the writer of the Inspector Morse ,played by the late great John Thaw,I had voted for my favourite Author Val MacDermid,and will aplaud what the gorgeous Robson Green who plays Tony Hill in Wire in the Blood ''If you havent voted for Val?I know her well,she has friends who could harm you ''hee hee well said Robson ...I really dont know why Im posting as Im blocked but hey ,,love you all Jan xx