Monday, 1 September 2008

Three years

Very special hello today to you all, yes a red letter day for me, you see today Serendipity is THREE YEARS OLD today, I cant believe it is now three years since I plucked up courage and pressed save on my first entry and joined you all, so many dear friends I have met, so much of our lives we have shared, both good and bad.

Another  reason for today being special, I had a phone call from Stuart my Grandson this morning to tell me he had passed his driving test ,Well done Stuart now Vicki wont have to do all the driving ! He didn’t tell anyone he was having lessons so this has come as a complete but lovely surprise.

Well September the first has started well  lots of sunshine ,a cool breeze ,(the washing is blowing on the line )typical now the children return to school ,the weather has improved but for how long is anyone’s guess ,Iam not complaining though, because  my heart is aching for those poor people in the path of Gustav.And we in the UK are watching the news bulletins ,with horror.

I promised you I would show you the pictures of the lovely wedding I went to in July , Gary my nephew ,Godson ,and Jean and Pete’s son married his lovely Holly at a civil ceremony at The Marriot hotel  ,And as they both have a boy and a girl each ,it was a really lovely family wedding ,Un fortunately Maurice had to work ,(it was right in the middle of the holiday season ,so he couldn’t get cover .) I stayed at Jeans as did Pete’s sister Judy so as you can guesswe had a lovely girly time getting ready, and afterwards, talking into the night (poor Pete) I took a lovely video film .but Iam afraid I cant share it as it isn’t digital, but still lovely for them to keep ,They had a lovely honeymoon in Turkey .

And so before I close this entry ,with my love to you all as usual ,I want to say thank you to all of you who have  commented  supported me and allowed me into their lives too

Did you see my tag Debbie made for me ,that will go into my side bar along with the one she made for me last year Thanks Deb x,And just before I go Iwant to say congratulations to Sara ,who has been journaling now for four years