Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunny but windy Sunday

Maurice has just gone off to work his last night ,so here I am ,in case I dont get back for a day or two ,Maurice will be on holiday for twelve days ,and who knows where we will go ...

Thanks Chris for my lovely graphic today ,its from last year but still lovely ,

Well as you can see ,I took the pictures of the shop window ,it difficult to take the pictures with the sun shining ,but I hope you get the idea ,I bought the usual grocerys and the tele mag ,before I went and browsed the second hand books in the charity shop ,I found''The Luxury of Time '' by Jane  and Mike Tomlinson,Jane died recently ,losing her battle to cancer ,but my, what a brave lady ,she ran three London Marathons,one 2,500-mile bike ride and a Full Ironman Triathlon,she has raised over one million pounds for charity and become a national heroin,Her husband and three dear children must miss her terribley....I also bought two books by a new author to me Minette Walters,'The Echo ',and 'The Scolds  Bridle',has anyone read any of her books ?

I share this computer with Maurice but it seems we have some competion .  ....

Hmm ,where do I start?

Ah  yes I see ! 

Now dont you think Im clever ?

Well I will go now and make myself something to eat ,yes my appetite has come back ...Lasagne I  think !

So for what is left of this Sunday ,have a blessed evening every one with love and  

                               Jan  xx

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Sunny Saturday in September

Good morning every one ,Do you like the above picture, Debbie took of me in my garden ? OH I know ! some times I lie ! Debbie did actually make the graphic ,before she went off to Portugal with her husband Dave her son Jason and her Mother in law .....I hope they are having a good time, I miss her,

Maurice is in bed after working the night ,he will work tonight and tomorrow then be on holiday for a few days ,so I hope we will be going out to some places of interest ,I am feeling so much better ,with the bad times getting less and less ...'.thank heaven for little pills '

As you know ,we went to Huntingdon last Saturday ,well on Sunday Maurice went fishing ,then on Monday ,we went to Peterborough ,we went to see Aunty Kitty ,who though so frail is still hanging in there ,very sleepy ,but once she woke up was pleased to see us and we had a glimpse of that lovely humour of hers ,

My daughter Kate had rung me on Sunday to say Martin had painted the pergola ,and they had put the gravel down so of course Maurice was anxious to see how it looked now it was complete, so we went to see her ,,I took the pictures so you can judge for yourselves ,Her hairdresser told her it would be lovely at Christmas ,with lights ,she agreed,saying I could turn it into a stable ,and it would be a good idea to buy the donkey she had seen ,when she bought the calf !! Never misses a trick our Kate !

Well I guess thats it for today I going to venture up to the town with my Trolley,and camera ,The Lavender Blue shop man was dressing the window when I was by there in the week and as I was about to take a picture he asked me not to ,as he hadnt finished it yet ....

Have a lovely weekend everyone ..with Another graphic made for me by Debbie ,see Kizzie on the footstool  

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Air Balloons at Pidley !

Good morning ,lovely sunny day here in the Fens this morning,abit cool but hey it is mid September,have you noticed how the nights are drawing in it is dark just before eight o clock

Last Saturday ,Maurice's days day of ,so we decided to go into Huntingdon and over our breakfast coffee we were watching the local news on the TV a number of Air balloons were to gather at a village in Cambridge ,       Pidley!


Yes Pidley ......

We thought since it was on our route we might see some of them ,alas no we didnt ,We had a nice morning browsing the shops ,I was looking for books in the charity shops Maurice in the sports shop looking at fishing tackle ,We spent alot of money stocking up on toiletries ,since I have been ill ,everything has been running out ,and my roots were growing through ,so I bought a box of hair colour as well  ,We also came across the copy of the Monet ,Maurice asked would I like it ,well of course yes please says I ! so that curtailed things abit ,because Maurice was carrying this big picture,so we set off for home ,We had some lunch then during the afternoon I felt sleepy so went to bed ,I was woken by Debbie ,telling Maurice get Jan ,look ,and yes I quickly got up grabbed the camera and snapped away ,the sky was full of Balloons as far as the eye could see ,so we didnt miss the balloons after all they came right over head  ,and what an awesome sight in the late afternoon sunlight ,we could hear the gas purring into them , Have a lovely day every one with love from




Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Last years entry

Feeling Sad
Hearing The Day thou gavest Lord has ended Edit Entry  Delete Entry
John Santore

    This was the entry I did a year ago today , In that year we have lived and laughed and loved we've cried ,smiled and the whole range of emotions , We have seen the seasons change ,,and for Johns family another year has gone by ,I know from experiance that it  still hurts ,but with each year you get some sort of strengh to carry on ,but how Frances and the girls are coping ,given the horror of what took John away from them I cant begin imagine ,after doing this entry last year I think of John often ,and my love goes out to his family ................................................................................................................... When journalists were invited to do a dedication,to a victim of 9/11,I thought about it and decided I would like to pay a tribute ,to one of these brave people ,It has however become a very moving thing to do ,and as I have researched this my heart has become heavier and heavier ,John has become so real to Maurice and I, of course we couldnt know him ,but it so important,to bear in mind ,many people did know and love him and be mindful of their grief ,then and now.

  John was one of,that number of people !

[John Santore]He was a married man,with two daughters ,how they must miss him .He was fourty nine.

There has been alot of TV  coverage ,on the disaster that started the millenium off. and we have been watching it all ,The New york fire Brigade had been featured on a film some Rooky firemen were making at the time ,and as it coincided with the disaster they decided to carry on ,and as you see from the above pictures John's picture was also featured .Here is the tribute left by his wife

John Santore
John  Santore

World Trade Center

Spoiling the Girls

When the Santores traveled, a few things always accompanied them: candles and two Champagne glasses wrapped in a towel. The candles were store-bought; the glasses were a relic. They were the same glasses John A. Santore and Frances Scarselli used to drink to their happiness the night he asked her to marry him. Mr. Santore asked the waiter if he could keep them.

Both the candles and the glasses were necessary tools for Mr. Santore, a firefighter with Ladder Company 5 on Staten Island, the father of two girls, 20 and 13, and a romantic.

"He would set the table withthe candles and the flowers and the wine and then cook for us," Mrs. Santore said. "We are three girls in the home, so he would always spoil us."

On weekend mornings, Mr. Santore would run to a deli to buy coffee and croissants for the family so they would not have to cook. During the week, he would often surprise his wife with a bunch of wildflowers.

When someone mentioned the need for a maritime museum on Staten Island to honor John Noble, a famed local artist, Mr. Santore, 49, formed what he called the Noble Crew to build it, his wife said.

"He was wonderful with his hands," she said. `There was nothing he couldn't do."

Profile  published in THE NEW YORK TIMES
 And here is a lovely picture I found of John off duty

John it was my honor to be assigned  to you ,as my victim you became my hero,and I shall think of you often ,and I send very special love to your wife Frances and  your daughters

......Jan xx


Thursday, 6 September 2007

Getting out !

 It’s the ‘over sixties’, meeting this afternoon, I am informed we are to be entertained by A pearly king and Queen, sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? , I have missed the last two meetings, but today I am going to try and attend the meeting, there I am committed now! I will continue this entry when I get back ………..

That’s what wrote   yesterday morning, and yes I went, the first time I went to a gathering on my own, I have been to my daughter Kate’s a few times with Maurice ,Maurice has been building Kate and Martin a pergola (sp? )The last time we went to Kate’s was last Thursday; My Grandson Paul was there, to help Maurice, he had Keira with him, she is the daughter of his girlfriend but she is as much Paul’s and ours, as if she really was his .making me a Great Grandmother, and she is a treasure .Then in the afternoon My Sister Jean and her daughter my niece, Jo and her little daughters Rachel and Emma turned up, so we had a lovely family day, I have  to admit to feeling worn out when we got home ,but a very nice day out none the less,

Right back to yesterday ,We were all assembled waiting for the entertainer when the Chair lady announced that the man George ,had put the booking into his desk  diary but not on his wall diary, so had forgotten !! ….however he drove like mad and turned up alone and not in his Pearly suit and without his wife , but he did entertain us with lots of songs some old cockney story’s and jokes ,and a promise to come back again ,I do hope he does then I can take some pictures ,Well there you are an entry ....without to much trouble ! bet you think shes better now ,well I am , and err Im not if you know what I mean ,but I amgetting there and again I want to thank you all ...for your love and support   With my Love


Saturday, 1 September 2007

Two years journaling !

Yes,two years ago I took the plunge, and started to write in this journal, and what an experience it proved to be, I have made so many wonderful friends, which has been proved to me recently when I became ill with depression, so many comments, from you all sending me your love, and assuring me of your prayers, I firmly believe in the power of prayer, and as my sister said to me if love could make you better, then you have it ,Happily, I feel so much better now ,thanks to love and prayer  and the magic little pill I pop each morning 


What did you think to my opening tag today? My dear and talented friend Debbie made it for me; it was through the net I met her! Even though she lives just round the corner, I was shopping one day and she said she had seen me on the welcome page when I was featured as a Silver Surfer, a year last May, and we have been friends ever since, now she doesn’t often enter in her journal, she is far to busy making her very clever graphics, and sharing them with us all.


Over the last two years I have introduced you to my lovely family, and you have shared many of our gatherings, I have taken you along with Maurice and I when we have gone out and about .I have shown youknitting, sewing and patch work I have done, I told my Mothers life story, told you about all the Vicars I had the joy of knowing, Like so many of you I did a tribute to a victim of September 11th

I was honoured to get to know and mourn John Santore ,this for me, like many of you was a moving thing to do ,and I will always keep a place in my heart for this brave young fire-fighter. You shared our joy when we got our puppy Kizzie; I have told you about my ironing, and when I have cleaned my windows! (Guess what; we haven’t had our Summer duvet on yet!)

I have told you what books I have read .all about Maurice’s shifts and what I have for my supper .and you have faithfully commented and given me so much pleasure with your reply’s and your own journals ,So thank you all for sharing the last two years  with me ,sharing your journals/blogs and lives with me  ,


    I will close this entry ,as always Jan xx