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Last years entry

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John Santore

    This was the entry I did a year ago today , In that year we have lived and laughed and loved we've cried ,smiled and the whole range of emotions , We have seen the seasons change ,,and for Johns family another year has gone by ,I know from experiance that it  still hurts ,but with each year you get some sort of strengh to carry on ,but how Frances and the girls are coping ,given the horror of what took John away from them I cant begin imagine ,after doing this entry last year I think of John often ,and my love goes out to his family ................................................................................................................... When journalists were invited to do a dedication,to a victim of 9/11,I thought about it and decided I would like to pay a tribute ,to one of these brave people ,It has however become a very moving thing to do ,and as I have researched this my heart has become heavier and heavier ,John has become so real to Maurice and I, of course we couldnt know him ,but it so important,to bear in mind ,many people did know and love him and be mindful of their grief ,then and now.

  John was one of,that number of people !

[John Santore]He was a married man,with two daughters ,how they must miss him .He was fourty nine.

There has been alot of TV  coverage ,on the disaster that started the millenium off. and we have been watching it all ,The New york fire Brigade had been featured on a film some Rooky firemen were making at the time ,and as it coincided with the disaster they decided to carry on ,and as you see from the above pictures John's picture was also featured .Here is the tribute left by his wife

John Santore
John  Santore

World Trade Center

Spoiling the Girls

When the Santores traveled, a few things always accompanied them: candles and two Champagne glasses wrapped in a towel. The candles were store-bought; the glasses were a relic. They were the same glasses John A. Santore and Frances Scarselli used to drink to their happiness the night he asked her to marry him. Mr. Santore asked the waiter if he could keep them.

Both the candles and the glasses were necessary tools for Mr. Santore, a firefighter with Ladder Company 5 on Staten Island, the father of two girls, 20 and 13, and a romantic.

"He would set the table withthe candles and the flowers and the wine and then cook for us," Mrs. Santore said. "We are three girls in the home, so he would always spoil us."

On weekend mornings, Mr. Santore would run to a deli to buy coffee and croissants for the family so they would not have to cook. During the week, he would often surprise his wife with a bunch of wildflowers.

When someone mentioned the need for a maritime museum on Staten Island to honor John Noble, a famed local artist, Mr. Santore, 49, formed what he called the Noble Crew to build it, his wife said.

"He was wonderful with his hands," she said. `There was nothing he couldn't do."

Profile  published in THE NEW YORK TIMES
 And here is a lovely picture I found of John off duty

John it was my honor to be assigned  to you ,as my victim you became my hero,and I shall think of you often ,and I send very special love to your wife Frances and  your daughters

......Jan xx



beckiepainton said...

A lovely tribute, Beckie x

jeanno43 said...

I think the world will always feel sad on this day Jan.  Something like that can never be forgotten.  God bless John Santore and his family

kirkbyj05 said...

So many people with so many stories and families left to grieve for them..  I hope they can now go back in their minds eye and remember those good times, like John's wife, and smile and be comforted that they shared thier lives together in love and happiness.
I will pray for them.
Thank you for this  thoughtful entry Jan

God Bless.

Jeanie xx

marainey1 said...

A very nice tribute to this brave man for sure.  So many were lost in the tragedy and so many loved ones left behind to remember.  May we never forget the blessings we have.  'On Ya' - ma

frdbrow7 said...

Yes, Jan, a lovely tribute, so many people died that day - the passengers in the hi-jacked aircrafts too - almost too much to comprehend.


sarajanesmiles said...

((((( )))))
Sara   x

steviemoore83 said...

Such a moving entry. Thank you for sharing and for letting all of us know about John. *hugs*

Lv Ste

egre328 said...

Oh, I have tears in my eyes reading your entry.  Eileenx

faveanti said...

We must never forget what happened on that day for it threatened the very fabric of mankind.
I love that hymn, BTW, The Day Thou Gavest Lord is ended.  In connection with 9/11 it is even more evocative.
love, Angie, x

sugarsweet056 said...

Wonderful tribute.
I. too posted part of my entry from last year.
God bless,

ktkamanski said...

Your thoughts and words brought tears. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hope this day finds a reason to bring a smile to you. Take care of you and yours always,

blpltt said...

You must be a great comfort to John's family, Jan.  What a lovely man.
Bunny xx

pharmolo said...

Great tribute, Jan. RIP John Santore.

madcobug said...

Good entry Jan. Helen

emmi2sweet said...

Wonderful tribute Jan. Emmi

nedmoh said...

Jan ,once again you have given a wonderful tribute to John Santore,a very brave man.May we always remember them all and their families........With love to you ......Jeanxxx

lsfp1960 said...

So many brave souls lost while trying to help others.  So sad....Linda in Washington state

cornwalldreckly said...

Words fail me.  It is bad enough when you lose a loved one to illness, but to be robbed of a parent or partner because of an act of unspeakable wickedness must be beyond endurance.  

oddb0dkins said...

A moving and well deserved tribute Jan.
B. x

faircolleen said...

A beautiful tribute. . . .so many people hearts were broken that day.God Bless them all.

rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful Tribute dear heart! I just found out about volunteering to do a tribute to one of the people who's life was lost today. Next year I hope to be able to do one myself. (Hugs) Indigo

lindapaterson177 said...

Thats so nice and I can`t believe that a year has gone past already.
luv bella xx

jckfrstross said...

wonderful tribute:)


nightmaremom said...

hugs to you my friend... a wonderful tribute... we will never forget

mariealicejoan said...

Wonderful tribute Jan.  I don't think any of us shall ever forget that day or those who lost their lives, many in service to their fellow man.  I believe there is a special place in heaven just for them.

ally123130585918 said...

Jan what a wonderful tribute you have paid to John Santore ~ and what a wonderful family man he was ~ Ally x

wldconnie said...

I read this last year and was affected by it then. It has been sad time for John's family hasn't it. USA seems to have gone from one disaster to another since that fateful day. It really did change the world. Thanks for reminding us all Jan Love Conniexx

pprrrr39 said...

Just popped over from Sweet &amp Simple Pleasures journal to read yours, hope you didnt mind.

Can i just say what a beautiful tribute........ very fitting.

God Bless all the families who lost people during this atrocity
Hugs Jayne

emabecmar said...

very nice entry. god bless the ones lost in this tradgedy and god bless the families who were left behind. (((hugs)))))

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))Very nice.Have a nice day.

lindachapmanuk said...

Jan I remember this entry as if it were yesterday. What a lovely face John had ...it was a very powerful tribute...Linda xx