Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I didnt last long

Tuesday, 7 October 2008
Im Blocked
I opened up my computer this morning to find an email from Kath ,(My Simple Rhymes) to say she had been blocked ,Hmm ?? Now what have you been up to Kath ? Surely you having started chucking those tangerines around all ready ....Read more emails ,get rid of spam ,no thankyou,I dont want holidays, credit,singles group or Viagra ...read on Oh Joy I have been blocked too ,Was it because of all the moaning I did yesterday hee hee ,do you think? I rang Kath and we decided someone had pressed that flag BY MISTAKE ,Hopefully ???
Maurice and I walked ,all the way up to the Doctors this morning because he still isnt alowd to drive ,we walked at five miles a fortnight ,but got there ok ,and back home again Phew ...the Doctor gave him a sick note for two more weeks ,after soup and rolls, we sat down to watch the award show that we had recorded last night ,For the best crime thriller ,film . TV series ,book. etc It was excellent the category I voted for was won by the wonderful Colin Dexter the writer of the Inspector Morse ,played by the late great John Thaw,I had voted for my favourite Author Val MacDermid,and will aplaud what the gorgeous Robson Green who plays Tony Hill in Wire in the Blood ''If you havent voted for Val?I know her well,she has friends who could harm you ''hee hee well said Robson ...I really dont know why Im posting as Im blocked but hey ,,love you all Jan xx


stijoan said...

where are u blocked from Jan???
love Joanne

jeanno43 said...

Dear Jan,  I have been having all sorts of problems today with Blogger, had to take my music playing up because it kept jamming.  When you think how many journals have gone there in such a short time, problems are not surprising, it is a wonder that there servers have coped.  God knows what will happen when we migrate our old journals or try to.  So hang in there, we do not want to lose you.

cayasm said...

Blimey your page is all over the place, but glad all is well, and where are you blocked from?


chat2missie said...

A lot people from AOL were blocked at blogger.  Apparently if you do to many entries in one day, they think you're a spammer!  I don't think it's permanent though.

sunnybethe said...

I've heardof so many others blocked by Blog Spot.  I haven't opened a Journal yet.  Waiting a bit for AOL issues, cell phone problems, printer problems, sick pets, and a few others before I open another can of worms.  Hmmm, spam? From signing onto glog Spot?  Oh I hope not...ugh!  hugs,  Bethe

dwhee70041 said...

We can't have you blocked!!!!  I hope it gets worked out.

frdbrow7 said...

I'm blocked too Jan, and I have only done one very small entry!
I think it must just be the volume of people migrating from AOL.  
Sorry to hear about Maurice, hope he is soon well again.

all the best