Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday 2013

A Very Blessed Easter to you all .
As on other years ,I joined up with many others from our town to go on the silent walk of witness,Which is a tradition here  in Ramsey ,and after the walk from a point the opposite end of town to the Church,a service is usually held on the green beside the church But due to the bitterly cold this morning, the service was held in church,which was packed I am so pleased us tough Fen landers weren't put  by the bitterly cold winds that blow straight from Siberia!
See me here on my buggy,The remains of the Abby gate behind me, with my flowers to put onto the cross,in the bag at my back I have my quilt which I had planned to wrap up in if the service was on the green.    Ready aye ready ,that's me !
As other years the order of service tells the Easter story,there is a Cross at the top of the main aisle ,and people put the jug of myrrh and wine (that Jesus refused )the crown of thorns ,the purple robes ,that Jesus was taunted with ,The hammer and whip and spear,were then placed near the cross along with the wine mixed with vinegar .We sang Easter hymns and said prayers and there was readings,a very beautiful yet moving service that reminded us of the real meaning of Easter . 
After the service ready to place my flowers, with the church behind me.
And so on this Good Friday ,I will leave you with the words of our Lord 'Love one another'

From Jan xx


Stuart Rogerson said...

Lovely little buggy does it fit in the car? How does it cope with pavements?

A Blessed Weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A very blessed Good Friday to you. I loved seeing the pictures and hope warmer days are ahead for us all. Have a Happy Easter weekend!

Sybil said...

Thank you for bringing Easter ever closer to us, with your descriptin of your "walk" The scooter loks great, but I know how chilly it can get trundling along...
Take care and enjoy the Easter Weekend.
much love sybil xxx


My scooter doesn't do a great job on grass. You are lucky with yours. What a lovely ceremony. HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Jan
and a happy and blessed Easter to you.
I also have been wondering about you're buggy can you tell us more ??
P x

Kezzie said...

A happy Easter to you Jan! I love the march of witness, it's lovely to sing (ours isn't silent) hymns as we walk the streets (very urban in our case!) and then join together for the service. Your cross decorated in flowers is beautiful. Ours was covered with linen bandages but I expect it will be resplendent in flowers tomorrow for Easter Sunday!x

Anonymous said...
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Barb said...

What a lovely service. I can see why it touches hearts. I don't have a scooter yet, doing okay with my cane and walker, when i need it, but down the way will be getting one. They're such a help. My husband loved his; didn't keep the one he had for it was too big for me. Take care. Have an awesome day.