Monday, 5 September 2005

Stormy night

Another stormy night, with thunder and lightning,so I didnt sleep very well,and since Maurice isnt working today, hes gone fishing,As he was loading up the car the door squeaked each time he went in and out,and the dog moaned ,and so I couldnt get back to sleep,and Ive got a frozen shoulder.AHH    Nothing like starting the day with a good old whinge,is there?Sorry folks.

Im going to Huntingdon today with Chrissie,shes listened to me saying how I enjoy that little Town so she  booked a day off ages ago,(she is an ambulance driver)so here we go,and then tomorrow,I am working ,it will be so nice to see all my old friends at the court Im going to(Ive been there alot this year as the manager was off sick for about six weeks)They always give me a lovely welcome.

A very thoughtful young lady, sent me an email yesterday suggesting I had given far too many details,on my first entry, she was quite right of course,and shes also right, there are some nutters out there, yet another frantic S O S ,to the ever patient Jeannette, who explained,how to edit the offending paragraph,so.... something else ,Ive learned,During the editing I was tempted to slip in a little n somewhere!!, but that would have been cheating wouldnt it? lol

I should go and get ready ,Chrissy will here soon, my get up and go got up and went this morning,and what to wear?not flip flops, some thing weather proof, but its still clammy isnt it ?Oh and the brolly!!Have a good day folks,     Jan xx


ally123130585918 said...

Jan hope your day goes well. and the rain stays away.   Yes we must be aware there are nutters out there. and guard ourselves. . just saw the weather forecast and suggest you take a pair of wellies lol.....Ally

sarajanesmiles said...

I like to start the day with a whinge sometimes :o)
Hope you have a lovely day out with your friend, it is still clammy, but I hope the weather isn't too awful to you.  
Hee hee!
Sara   x

jeanno43 said...

Well, I had a dreadful night as well. I could not sleep with the heat, kept tossing and turning and getting up and walking around.  Then, just as I was dropping off, the thunder started so loud it shook the place.  Somehow in the middle of it all, I feel asleep and did not wake up until...............I am not going to say but it was a disgusting time to get up.  Hope your shoulder feels better and that you enjoy your day out.

aniracj said...

Huntingdon has a wicked garden centre, love it there!!!!

memes121 said...

Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!

bustrac said...

Hope you have a wonderful day!

jmoqueen said...

I had trouble sleeping last night - work up in a pool of sweat around 3.30am pleasant LOL.........Hope you had a nice day in Huntingdon :-)

jules19642001 said...

hope you have a lovely day.................Jules xxxxxx