Saturday, 3 September 2005

How to make one entry last three days!

This will be the third time,I have,done this particular entry,you see after the marvelous start I had on Thursday1st September.on  the2nd I,full of enthusiasm,posted again in a...... 2nd journal,yes really!!Serendipity,became  serendipity.Yes one little s!!Poor Jeannette she was getting e- mails all day from a frantic me,anyway as ever,she sorted me out,pointed me in the right direction,and put me back on line literally.THANKYOU AGAIN jEANNETTE XX

I called this one ecstatic   I entitled it Some more of the same.

Sometimes in life there are champagne moments,yesterday I think must fall into that category,WOW arent you all amazing?Led by Jeannette,she im ed me last evening and we wowed together,as I said though ,she must have alot of readers for it to have taken off like this,I got 143 hitsand 32 comments when I went to bed,by this morning the hit counter had gone up by another 20 and there were more comments........this is going to take some living up to!!THANK YOU everyone.

Some where on other peoples journals,Ive read their favourite quotes,I cant find where to put mine ,but I think it would have to be="If one wasnt pleasant to strangers how would one meet, ones friends.

I will in due course add pictures I can put them onto the computer and even do slide shows for my ever tolerant family,but they the pictures not the family,dont seem to want to go onto youve got pictures,But bear with me Ill get there!and then Ill show you our wrikly hey Ive earned every wrinkle!they are actually character lines!

Last Monday being abank holiday,I went with my son Mark and his wife Chrissie and my daughter Catherine,who insists on being called Kate but Im her Mum SO.....we went to St Ives (Cambs)market, and I bought a duck!!much like the ones Jeannette and Joan have,it cost £10 and I suspect seconds ,but who cares I called her Ivy.

I bought other bargains ,we then went for a pub lunch I had a prawn and mayo baggette, could nt eat all the bread ,so my Kate says "pick it up Mother and..........."pause I did as I was told, well you do dont you?..........."put in the bag with your duck".........CATHERINE!!

WELL THAT WAS YESTERDAYS ENTRY !!Iam afraid I do tend to waffle............To all my lovely new friends have a happyday, With Love from JAN


ally123130585918 said...

Did Ivy your duck eat all the bread you put in the bag before you got home lol..
Sounds like you had a fun day....Hope the week end is the same...Ally

jeanno43 said...

Well, please keep writing on this one.  I have changed the entry I did about you so that people now come here.  People who have already commented should be getting alerts so if you carry on with this, you should get no more problems you little s you lolol.  Glad you liked the wrinkly tee hee

jeanno43 said...

No need to thank me, Jan.  Any help I gave I was only too happy to do so. Do not forget to put all your readers on alert so that you do not miss anything they write and can comment if you wish to.

memes121 said...

Never a dull moment in J-Land!

denibook said...

great response hope you keep it up as you sound just as good as me on the old PC.  Look forward to hearing more of your adventures.


mtrib2 said...

Enjoy reading about the duck you bought like Jeannettes.  Will enjoy seeing photos of your wrikly dog.  Take care,   mark

kokoapuffy1 said...

LOL! Jan,
It does seem a bit overwhelming at first, but you'll catch on quickly. I like the quote you chose.   ttfn :)       ~Deborah

jeadie05 said...

OH Mark,your a hard man,for someone who can lose a whole journal,surely one little n can be overlooked,I mean Im,in enough trouble with my S.s!....LOL  I actually did that entry 3 times,and any way Im new, your supposed to be nice to me lol       Jan

sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, this sounds like something I would do!!
I'm glad you're all sorted now, it will become second nature before long ;o)
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

Ah nothing wrong with waffling I do it all the time :-)  Can't wait to see your pics!!  I loved the quote you used that is perfect isn't it?!!

jlocorriere05 said...

I wanna see your wrikly dog too!! Funny what a difference an s makes on a computer! Glad you liked the photos of New Orleans, hope my next will enlarge for you. Jeannette.

aniracj said...

Hiya Jan, my daughter disowns me and sorts me out frequently.....especially when it comes to my litttle eccentrics such as ducks!!!! And as for my dear son....well, enough said!!! Glad you found Ivy so we now have another member of the duck appreciation society!!!! Welcome to J-land!!!! Catch you later honey, I'm off to a car boot sale, you never know I might find another duck but I think the only ones at that place (it is a park) are the real sort and Sam would not be impressed by that!!!!