Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Food for thought ~and drink!

Dont you just love the words"Summer afternoons",it conjures up thoughts of cool drinks on the patio,the smell of the the flowers and the newly cut lawns,a good book to read,scones and strawberry jam with cream.September can often be a good month,and without the fierce heat we have had lately,though the nights are pulling in. pulling in( theres a phrase)its only when its written down you question what you say!

I went to work today,Maurice having a day off took me,which was great,I have to take three buses to get to the court I am at this week. So it was good to go straight there. He stayed in the foyer reading, but was interupted a few times, the residents were all keen to chat to him, a number of them used to live in the area where he grew up so they like to reminise and ask him about people ,who lived in the area in their day. They tend to forget their contemporarys have moved on too .They do make us/me most welcome it can be a rewarding job but if they have a grievance, look out ,they dont mince their words.Bless Em !!                                                           PAUSE TO WATCH  THE WEAKEST LINK.

Im back ,one of the questions,was about Tea bags.........introduced in 1953....They werent allowed in our house, my father would not entertain the idea , our loose tea had to be kept in a caddy,the tea pot had to be warmed,and in addition to the requiered amount ,was added one for the pot,and if two people were to handle the pot ie to pour a second cup,one of them could expect to have ginger twins.During my years working with the elderly I learned of many such superstitions,I think would make a good journal entry some time but not now I should go and prepare some dinner

   So have a nice evening everyone    Jan  xx



aniracj said...

I know all about the 'hated tea bags', my parents ran a 'working mans'(builders etc) cafe and right up to their retirement in '86 they used tea leaves and a strainer with a fresh pot being made every 8 cups, which sometimes was every 5 minutes, if not less, when they were busy!!! Tea bags were too wishy washy for them!!

ally123130585918 said...

Scones - strawberry Jam --Yummy.....I've noticed how the nights are Drawing in...or Pulling in as you say...Either way looking at both of them they look odd.
I watched the weakest link and actually knew the answer to the tea bag question.I worked for an engineering company that built the automatic wrapping machinery to wrap these and one of the designers designed the first machine to wrap round tea bags - Hope you have a nice evening....Ally

wobblymoo said...

I remember my grandmas tea caddy which always had fresh tea in, although she used to give us tea bags, the loose tea was saved for special guests

jeanno43 said...

I guess a lot of us Journallers had parents the same.  My parents never did like tea bags, always used fresh tea.  I think it is better but Mike likes tea bags for the convenience and they are handy if you just want to make one cup.  Would love to hear some of the superstitions you were brought up with - wonder if they are stilling going or have some of them died out.

jmoqueen said...

Glad you had a good day :-)  Bless Maurice giving you a lift and waiting for you!!  I can't wait to read you entry on the superstitions!!

kokoapuffy1 said...

Hi Jan,
We just used tea bags to make sun tea. I grew up drinking coffee, here in the States. I like your phrase, pulling in. What are ginger twins? Superstitions would make a really good journal entry. Hope you have a lovely evening.   ~Deborah

sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh you make summer afternoons sound heavenly :o)
I don't ever remember anything but tea bags, I guess my parents were pretty modern, tea wise at least!!
The superstition that sticks in my mind the most is that if you pick a dandelion you will wet the bed!  Oh, and if you hold a buttercup underneath your chin, and your chin turns yellow with the reflection, that means you like butter :o)  
Sara   x

nedmoh said...

Hi Jan,Nice to catch up with all your news after being away for a few days. I think I may have Mum & Dads pewter tea caddy still somewhere. " Our Dad " loved his tea didnt he and it had to be strong! Good OL Maurice for taking you to work, hope he enjoyed the fishing. Love your Summer descripition.
Much love Jeanxx

jules19642001 said...

I love summer, I hate the nights drawing in.............Jules xxxx