Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A life on the Ocean wave .....

HMS Illustrious

HMS Illustrious one of two aircraft carriers owned by the Royal Navy

Hello everyone on ,yes its me again ,Thank you for all your good wishes ,my back is so much better ,although I am still taking things easy! The curtains are still clean so as Paula says I’m just relaxing and admiring them, and I’m only lifting one book at a time now! 

I seem to be drowning in a sea of alerts, as fast as I deal with them, more arrive! So for now I will leave them and do an entry of my own,

I was fetching in some washing yesterday afternoon, the prop, slipped off the line and hit me on the head, so now not only do I have a bump on the head ,I seem to have developed amnesia, because I have totally forgotten the ironing I should be doing ,(how’s that for an excuse ? )

I had a lovely surprise last Sunday morning, Maurice was working, and it was raining, I was just about to make a strawberry trifle to cheer us up! The phone rang; it was Iain, my oldest Grandson, I have told you about him before he is the one who shares his Birthday with the Queen ,and was born on the day the £ coin came out ,so that is twenty five years now , ringing me from Gibraltar, GIBRALTER?  You might ask! Well Iain is on board HMS Illustrious, but will arrive back in Portsmouth on Friday, My Daughter Sharon, and his Mum, is going down to meet him .He told her she can carry his bags ,haahaa!no doubt bearing gifts  ie lots of dirty washing !

Up until the beginning of this year Iain was working in the the shop, somewhere near London,(I forget quite where ,I told you about the amnesia !)However after taking some courses, and passing, He joined HMS Illustrious as a canteen assistant, helping to stock, sell etc the on board off license and sort of tuck shop. For the comfort of the Ships personnel. We have been keeping in touch via good old e mail, and by phone whenever he can get a signal,

I don’t know whether any of you in the UK, have been watching the series currently being shown on channel five on a Monday night at nine o clock ,entitled ‘Warship’ the third part will be on Monday next ,and guess which proud Granny is recording the series? The series shows Life on board ship, providing an insight into the often dangerous and stressful professional lives of the crew on one of only two aircraft carriers, in the Royal navy fleet, We saw  the ship taking on supplies, for the four month deployment, they are however plagued by problems for instance they had to be returned to shore when the freezers broke down ,poor Iain ,after getting all psyched  up for sea , well after the repairs and getting over his initial  sea sickness they were under way for, Spain ,then on to Malta where a ceremony was held on board ship to acknowledge damage  suffered in the war to surrounding towns on the Island as a result of the first Illustrious, being the  target ,they then went through the Suez canal ,to Shri Lanka, Iran ,Turkey, Istanbul and Gibraltar where  they had some shore time Iain said they were going for a drink, I told him to take it steady ,Gran I’m a matelot now  was his reply !! , and so they left Gibraltar last Sunday for home.

In July he is off to Norfolk in America, on the Ark Royal for two months, he is going as a trainee ships manager, which doesn’t mean he will be in charge of the whole ship hee hee, but will be assistant manager for one of their shops. Rather along entry thank you for your patience, but you know what us Grannies are like when talking about our Grandchildren, Now about that ironing? ......


As ever lots of love xxxx




pamal3 said...

Jan you are quite right to forget that wretched ironing! lol. I am glad you are okay and not badly hurt. How wonderful for your Grandson to be a part of such a great ship. I will be looking out for the programme next week. Take it easy. Love Pam xx

jjdolfin9 said...

Your daughter has a lovely family Jan.  I really enjoyed reading your entry.  You write very well and I found it interesting.  AND us grannies are allowed to go on and on when the grand kids are involved.  LOL.  Glad your back is better.  BTW, I haven't ironed sinced 1992...LOL.
Hugs, Joyce

madcobug said...

Your daughter has a lovely familly Jan. Good for you getting a phone call from Iain, I can tell you are very proud of him. You have something to be proud about. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Helen

marainey1 said...

That would be an exciting job for a young man with no ties.  Seeing the world and getting paid for it.  Glad you are feeling better  and I wouldn't blame you if that amnesia came and went for awhile.  Forgetting the ironing isn't altogether a bad thing.  'On Ya' - ma

jeanno43 said...

Glad the bump on the head was not more serious Jan.  There seem to have been quite a few falls and knocks in J-Land this year.  My elbow is still so sore if I happen to lean on it accidentally which I often do.  How wonderful about your Grandson, he will have lots of memories to look back on and tell his children and grandchildren about.  Honestly, you would think it was November here.  Hope we have not had our summer already.  Makes me wish we had not worked so hard in the garden now because if this weather continues all that hard work and money will be wasted.  Mind you I do not want it blistering hot on the 9th June for obvious reasons. xxxxx

egre328 said...

Oh, forget the ironing, much prefer that you tell us all about your Grandson and his voyages!   Love hearing about our lads at sea.  Eileen x

faveanti said...

What ironing's that then?  Myself, I have long term amnesia I think.  There's a pile of clothes in a plastic basket but blowed if I know why they're there! This was a smashing entry Jan.  Grandmas are allowed to be proud of their gransons.  It's the rules.  Lucky him, calling at Malta.  I adore Malta - the history, the people, the sunshine, just being there.
love, Angie, xx

oddb0dkins said...

good job the prop only hit your head Jan, not too much damage to be done there. ;O)
Glad the back's a little better.

Never a dull moment in the Royal Navy, must be quite an exciting life.

B. x

frdbrow7 said...

aw Jan, aren't you in the wars!  Funnily enough, I too have been hit by the prop sliding along the washing line!  Nice to hear about your grandsons's life at sea - have a phobia of water myself =:-O

take care
all the best
where has flaming May got to??? :-(

cayasm said...

I'm surprised you managed to get any washing with the rain we've been having. Iain job sounds interesting, and it's good that he enjoy's it as well including all the travel..lucky him.

hope you get to feeling better soon

Take care


jaymact1 said...

Hi Jan, glad to hear you are a bit better please be careful.  I too stand on things I should'nt and get in trouble from Stu.  What a great trip your grandson has had sure he will be looking forward to his trip to the States it sounds great.  LOve Joan.

nedmoh said...

Hi Jan ,really enjoyed reading this entry and enjoyed watching "Warship"  on Monday evening ,I thought I saw Iain  in one of the shots ,its good you are taping them ,we don't seem to be able to tape off channel five .He is certainly going to be able to see a bit of the world which hes done already .Give him my love when you hear from him again and wish him all the very best .Of Course you are a proud Granny ,you have every right to be so .Glad to hear your back is feeling abit better but what about your poor head ????.....With Love Jeanxxx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jan, I know you don`t like ironing but don`t you think hitting yourself on the head to avoid it is going a bit far?!  I hope the memory comes back soon. ;o) I`m glad your back is better, try not to carry any more than the one book! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

plieck30 said...

The entry about your grandson is quite exciting. No wonder you have amnesia. The ironing will wait. Paula

lsfp1960 said...

WOW, what an interesting life for Iain.  He's really seeing the world. I hope he has a good camera to take pictures of all his ports of call. And now he gets to come to America.  Glad to hear that your back is better but now a bump on the head ?!?  Not good...take care Jan,  Linda in Washington state

flawson87 said...

Hi Jan,
My name is Frances, and I am also a proud granny.  My grandaughter is in the U.S. Navy, on board an aircraft carrier, and has recently been in Hawaii.  She will soon be home, and stationed in San Diego, California.  I agree when a grandchild is involved, all else is forgotten!!  LOL
I don't have a journal, but you can send an e-mail, if you like.

Best Wishes,

pm71blackfen said...

Lovely entry Jan, as Marie commented in my last post Grans are allowed to brag, it's part of the job description!  Such an interesting time for Iain and aren't you glad you've got the internet?!!  Send your ironing to me, I love doing it...but not the putting away!  Love, Pat

nightmaremom said...

glad to hear you are doing a bit better....... oh your grandson will love Norfolk...  I wish I was closer......  

chat2missie said...

I always come up with excuses not to iron.  LOL
Enjoy the rest of the week.

mariealicejoan said...

So happy to hear you are feeling better Jan.  I had not heard of that program but will look it up as I am sure Todd would really enjoy it!  Have a great weekend!

lanurseprn said...

I loved the story about the ship. I'm sure that the new TV show will really be something GOOD to watch. It may show here...I'll keep my eye out for it.

LOL on your "newly acquired" amnesia! LOL! You are so funny! I think that's a great excuse. I'll be sure to use that sometime! LOL!
You have such a good sense of humor.
Love ya, Pam xoxox

rachealcarol said...

You're glowing with pride Jan and that's as it should be :) awww hope everyone has a lovely reunion.  Hope the attack on the ironing goes well too :) Rache

msecz said...

My husband was stationed in Norfolk Virginia when we were first married so i lived there for a year. I bet it has changed a lot since then. Always wanted to go back for a visit but we haven't gotten there .... yet

wldconnie said...

I have been trying to get around to the ironing for days and still haven't done it as yet! I have been on the Ark Royal at Navy Days in Plymouth last years It is huge and makes the cruise ship I went to the Canaries on last January look like a toy ship! I have been watching the series about Warships because I have a few friends who are on the Ark Royal......have not spotted them yet! Love Conniexx

kaydeejay5449 said...

Oh, Jan!  You are so cute.  I hope your amnesia clears up really soon.  LOL  Very cleaver idea.  I'll have to write that one down.
I don't know about you, but I hate to iron.  

What great news from your grandson.  It sounds like he is doing really well.  You  must be so proud of him (and all your other grandchildren, too).

Hope your bump heals soon.  Ouchie!
Hugs, Kathy

krmprm said...

Hi Jan,
I found you on a comment (Marainey's journal)
and thought I'd come by to visit.  Wow, you
sure have a lot of readers,  never saw so many
comments.  Must be nice.  I loved reading about
your grandson, as I am so proud of my two.  We
are allowed to brag on them when they deserve it.
Your pictures make me so want to visit there,  I
have never been out of the States but if I do,
your country will be my choice.  Have a great day.

beckiepainton said...

I watched that on Monday and we were in Portsmouth at the weekend, you must be very proud! Im waving from Southampton!Beckie x

lucille4364 said...

I love your newsy entries.  So glad you are back to normal and hope you conti nue to feel good.  As for the ironing???? I worked in a dry cleaners for 7 years so I steer as clear as possible of ironing.  Lucy

blpltt said...

Yes, Jan, the Grannybug is a thriving organism, but quite harmless!  Entertaining in your case, a real insight into how a big ship `works'.
Hope your head's better.  I opened the top door of the fridge-freezer, then absent-mindedly bent to put food into the bottom half. `S***' I said, feeling the lump.
Bunny xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jan, your entry made me cry !!   i get so emotional about these lads in the Services, and quite rightly so you should be very proud.  Isn't it awful at the moment with all these stabbings  - and wasn't that Mum brave to shop her two sons?    Its a nice weekend here, hope it is with you too.
Luv Jaynee X

lindaggeorge said...

I've just come back from Plymouth, where I was visiting my 'Little Sailor'. He's going to be going to sea soon but of course, he goes under it, rather than float on top of it!


Linda x.

ally123130585918 said...

Jam I am glad you back is feeling better ~ Oh your poor head hope that is feeling better now ~ (Ironing ~ what is that !!!!!)  ~ I have "Warship" programmed in on my TV so shall enjoy watching it more now I know your Grandson is on there ~ and I can understand how proud you are of him and rightly so ~ Ally x

ally123130585918 said...

Lol Jan ~ sorry about the m instead of an n ~ but you are as sweet as Jam :o) ~ Ally x

aimer said...

You are so entitled to be proud of your grandson; I wish we received the program "Warships" here in the states.

Love your reason for not ironing; I think that I may borrow it sometimes. Glad to read that your back is better and I'm certain that any doctor would tell you that lifting an iron is way too much for you to do for at least the next 12 months!--Sheria

adlessor said...

The last thing someone in your condition should lift is an iron, that's even if you remember what an iron looks like.  Congrats on your wonderful grandson.

astoriasand said...

What are you like LOL!! Clothes Props and amnesia he-he.Also to think your Grandson was just around the corner from Joannas Villa as she was over there in Spain,at that time Jan .She came home yesterday she  would have gone to meet up with him and her hubby.Not to worry maybe next time when he stops in Gibralta if she is over there.What a shame.I hope your back is much better and your head too now LOL!! You are one brilliant Grandma how could you not have brilliant Grandchildren.Clap Clap Well done to your Grandson Jan.How proud you must be.
Love the ironing graphic He-He.Glad smiley is doing it for you haaaaaaa!!! Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

jmoqueen said...

lol with that amnesia I would've imagined you to completely deny all knowledge of the ironing ;) Great newsy entry though xx  I bet it's lovely to hear from your grandson


jhorky said...

I promise never to forgt you again Jan, I do enjoy you visiting my Journall.  I think Mort IM'd me about that time and I ran out of thoughts.  lol   Lucy

wipforever said...

Love your excuse for the ironing!  Hahahahahaha!  But more importantly, I'm sorry about the bump on the noggin.  It has been some time since this entry, so I hope that you are feeling better now.

I bet you are one proud Grandma!  I enjoy reading about Iain's training and love the pic of the ship!  So he will be headed to Norfolk, Virginia, eh?  I'm sure there will be some sailors happy to corrupt him while here....heeheehee!

Love and hugs and looking forwarding to reading more!

PS - I know what you mean about alerts going crazy.  You're getting a ton of them from me tonight (sorry about that) but this is my "catch up" night.