Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Its Warm and sunny ....Sometimes I lie !

 Yet another wet day, here in East Anglia, and even a flood warning for the area, the people who were flooded last year must be living in dread of it happening again. We are lucky where I live I can only imagine it is because of the way the Fens are drained, and can be more  easily controlled by all the different drainage systems.

We finally went to the Garden centre in Huntingdon the other week, Freda, you told me about it very early on when discovered we lived quite near each other, (when Maurice was off) Maurice is planning to do some more things in the garden so the first time we went it was a reccy to see what was available, and prices etc, Well we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of things they stock, what a selection, I bought an African violet and a dog kennel! And the second visit resulted in, spending lots of money, and more still to be spent, I will of course show you the end product when it is done, but that wont be for a while yet!

And what a great craft section they have, well you can imagine I will want to back again and again …..

As I said we bought a kennel for Kizzie and though she helped to build it, she has no intention of using it, mind with the weather as it is at the moment I can’t say I blame her !

Iain is home again getting used to his land legs, I haven’t seen him yet but we have been speaking on the phone, And Sharon went down by train to watch his ship come in, what a thrill !I wish I had gone with her now ….

Hey! …. I think it has stopped raining so I am going to dash to the shops, so have a good day everyone with love

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beckiepainton said...

Ty loves Kizzie he was trying to kiss the laptop when he saw her, nice home, if she dont use it can i move in?? lol beckie x

marainey1 said...

It seems we're all getting rain today.  Things are really green and growing here for sure.  Our friend Kath is putting raincoats on her flowers...That is pretty bad for sure.  Hope you see some sunshine soon !  'On Ya' - ma

adlessor said...

I love your top graphic and your new bag is great, and that is one lucky dog!

sybilsybil45 said...

No I would noy buy these logs !!! It is still raining here as well though it MIGHT stop soon !!  don't blame kizzie not using his lovely new kennel !! If I had the choice of your nice warm room and chairs why would I want to lie on a wooden floor cushion or no cushion !!   Hope you got some shopping done before the rain comes on again.  Love Sybil xx

jaymact1 said...

Hi Jan raining up here in Scotland too but not much at the moment so I will be able to spend the day on my laptop and not feel guilty that I am not in the garden. May even read some of my book.  Loved the kennel you have made for Kizzy.  Have been meaning to ask you what happened to you other dog something must have happened when I was on holiday and had my alerts off for two weeks lat year..  Love Joan.

sugarsweet056 said...

Rainy here too! grrr I know the grass & fsrms need it, but it's so gloomy looking out.
TY for sharing the pics.

egre328 said...

Love Kizzie's new kennel!!!!   Hehehehehehe I see she is more interested in being on the outside looking in, rather than the other way round.  Will she ever use it?  Maybe on a very wet day she will take shelter until someone opens the door.  Eileen x

blpltt said...

Jan, I think I'll have a forage round and pick up some rotten wood; you never know..........then there's our clapped out clematis off the porch, and loads of ivy round the tree trunks.........I'm going to get rich!
The return of the `Lusty' must have been quite a sight.
Bunny xx

madcobug said...

Kizzy looks so cute checking out her doggy quarters. It is hot and dry here. We need rain badly. Helen

nedmoh said...

Hi Jan ,I'm mad with myself for missing "Warship " last night ,hope Iain enjoys his trip ashore .Funny how Gary saw Sharon ,or was it the other way round .Perhaps Kizzie will like the kennel  if and when the weather gets better .Your new bag looks nice ,I bet you can't wait to go back to the craft section of the garden centre .I biked to school today and got wet through then we had to have the children in the class room ,doesn't look like its going to stop !!!!!!......love Jeanxx

cayasm said...

The Garden Center, looks great and has a lot to offer, hope kizzy likes her new home. It has been rather wet and miserable the last week or so cold as well, I think we've had our summer already...lol.

Take care


siennastarr said...

Hi Jan.. :)   Always good to hear from you!  I had to go to my Money Converter page to see what 50 pounds (I don't have that squiggly L thing on my keyboard) was in comparison to US dollars.  It came out to about 98 dollars.  That's way to much... but.. dropped down 30 lbs wasn't quite as bad, but still an awful lot to spend on wood.  BUT.. if I really wanted it, and had the money to spend, I would have probably purchased it!
Hope you had a great time shopping!


astoriasand said...

He-He Kizzy is so funny Jan lol!! She will probably use it when you have a barbacue and pop her some scraps of spare ribs in it .Mmmmm she will think it's great then LOL!! Love the bag and the logs I do like yes.They look lovely when planted with close  knitted saxifragas  etc.Good  to know your Grandson has landed safely.Still raining here never stopped all day and night and as Pan says my plants have there raincoats on he-hee.Hope your backis much better.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

jjdolfin9 said...

Nice photo's.  Sounds like you are a shopper Jan.  Me?  I'm an internet shopper.  I hate going through the stores.  People think I'm having an affair with the UPS man.  LOL.
Hugs, Joyce

oddb0dkins said...

Twenty quid for wood? I don't think so! Glad to see Kizzie helping wuth the DIY, not many women get involved.

B. x

chat2missie said...

Enjoy the rest of your week.

flawson87 said...

Hi Jan,
Now I remember reading your entry this morning, but postponed looking at pictures until now.  Kizzy's new house is charming.  Maybe a little 'home decorating' would entice Kizzy.  LOL  I love your bag, the color is great.
Later, my friend,

faveanti said...

Loved the pictures Jan but --- aww ---I got the dreaded red x for the last one so all I got was a tantalising caption about logs!  
love, Angie, xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jan, oh my gosh, those logs !!!!!    i've got some like that in my back garden, maybe i should put them on ebay !    Hope you got everything you wanted at the shops !    Oh, and luving the crochet bag - very nice.
Luv Jaynee X

nightmaremom said...

No I wouldn't... I'd take a trip to the lake and get some :)   Hope the rains stop... been doing alot of there here lately

howiseeit101 said...

Hi Jan, I enjoyed reading your entries and those pics and tags are just too fun to pass up.  Looking forward to more entries. -Karen

lsfp1960 said...

Hi Jan, what a beautiful teacup grahpic !  It's raining here too and even without the rain, the very heavy snowpak in the mountains is melting and the rivers are running deep & fast.  very dangerous.  No flooding but several people have lost their lives, thinking they could ride the rivers in rubber rafts.  I hope Kizzie decides to use her new kennel!  Linda in Washington state  

rdautumnsage said...

I can't believe how big Kizzie has gotten. I remember her when she was a tiny pup you brought home. The weather is calling for rain all this week here in NY too...I'm itching to get outside and do more gardening. It's the greatest therapy when things are in chaos about you. Loved the crotchet bag hon. (Hugs) Indigo

dwhee70041 said...

As with Linda, the snow is melting and causing our rivers to overflow (in Colorado).  We hope you are safe, high and dry.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

You named your dog Kizzie?

mariealicejoan said...

It's sunny and warm here too, NOT!  Nevermind, we need the rain as much as we need the sun.  Kizzie looks quite interested in her kennel, perhaps it will grow on her?
Have a wonderful week,

zoepaul6968 said...

Ohh dear! I am hoping to move to suffolk this year,I hope I wont be near a flood plain,whats the odds eh? For me,pretty high lol.Heres hoping your well hun xxx zoe

kategshepherd said...

Kizzie looks like she is sort of interested in her new home. I hope that you are both well. We have been busy in the garden too, although rain has stopped play quite a bit. Love and stuff, Kate

mortonlake said...

well at least  the rain is doing the garden good jan.   the weeds  love it  lol    growing  soooo   well      that  dog kennel looks a good one    take care    thanks for all the kind comments  love  mort  xxxx

ally123130585918 said...

Loved your pictures and Kizzie's kennel she looks really interested in it ~
£20 for those logs Jan No way could I give that sort of Money ~ are they something special ?????  ~ they look like logs I burn on the wood burner :o)
I bet it was wonderful watching Iain's ship come in sorry you missed it ~ Ally x

jhorky said...

Your page is just great.  So cheerful.  Love the pictures and what you have to say.

pamal3 said...

Love Kizzie's dog kennel and don't blame her for avoiding It! lol. I am sure she will love It In the summer. She Is getting really big! What are you feeding her? lol. I love the craft bag and hope you have loads of fun the next time you go. I am just about knocking myself out at the moment as I have just spilt a plug In liquid on my hands and I am sure I am getting as high as a kite! lol. Best go and wash them... again! lol. ;-) Love Pam xx

lanurseprn said...

I really like Kizzie's new kennel. That's very nice! I have those same wooden and wrought iron benches in my patio that you have, too!
I love that new purse you bought. Very pretty!
Thanks for reminding me to return my lab coat Jan...I almost forgot until you said something! LOL!
Love, Pam xoxox

cacklinrosie101 said...

We are drying up here with very, very hot weather.  I love Kizzie's dog house.  None or our dogs would ever go into theirs.  She looked cute sitting in it.  Love the bag you got also.  Hope the sun comes out soon.  Love xx Chris

frdbrow7 said...

Late getting here again Jan, so busy having a good old clear out.
Glad you enjoyed the garden centre, you could easily spend the whole day there and still not see everything, they have such lovely gifts too.  
It's really quite miserable today, saps my enthusiasm for doing anything :-(
Where is 'flaming June'?


wipforever said...

I sympathize with all of the rain you've had.  Looking at our small drainage pond, you'd think we didn't receive much, but about 100 miles south of here, they are dealing with some very serious flooding.  I feel for those people.

Love and hugs,

wipforever said...

PS - Very nice bag!!!!