Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Its May ,its Sunny ,and Warm !

I know, I know it’s been ages since I did an entry! So here I am on a lovely Sunny Tuesday morning, and I can’t believe it’s a week since Aunty Kitty’s funeral, which was sad, but it was a lovely service, and of course meet up with family, why does it seem it’s only on these occasions, families get together? All busy with life of course.


On Friday I went to the resident’s forum committee meeting; now as you know I had resigned as secretary of the group, and was so surprised and delighted to be given the most beautiful bouquet from the chairman on behalf of the committee, I was so surprised it didn’t occur to me! I had been distracted I suppose because on the few days prior to the meeting I had been shopping around for a gift for our Tenant involvement manager Karen, who is leaving us to go over to take charge of Supported housing for a while,our loss is their gain and though a new Tenant participation manager is to be appointed Karen will be a hard act to follow ,I organised a bouquet  for her(from dear old Lavender Blue! ) and a very pretty necklace ,lots of green stones on a silver chain ,(Karen likes her bling! )Because the meeting finished earlier than anticipated, I was killing time waiting for my Taxi; I was pleasantly surprised by a lady who was to attend a function after ours, Janet? Is it? She says,….and there was dear Sue, a lady I have known on and off for over thirty years ,we swapped email addresses ,and what a joy she’s with AOL  I asked someone to take a picture of us, I am so pleased I did, I can share this lovely reunion with you all ,and Sue can forward this entry to her Daughter Helen in New  Zealand ,’’Hi Helen ‘’


Maurice’sdays off fell, Saturday, Sunday and Bank holiday Monday, so we have had a lovely weekend, On Saturday Mark my son and his wife Chrissie, came over to visit bringing with them, my daughter Kate ,after they'd gone, we tidied up the garden a bit though you could hardly see where we’d been ! I finished off some ironing ,I know boring!

On Sundays, I like to go to the market in a nearby town, there is an excellent second hand book stall (I can only go when Maurice is off work,) I bought a couple of books, then lots of lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, Yesterday we went to Houghton mill, near St Ives in Cambs, but I will save that for another entry, and tomorrow I am off to my club again, and we have another mystery coach trip coming up, so lots to share with you ,Have a lovely day everyone ,enjoy the sunshine ,as usual lots of love and


mleppard06 said...

morning jan, i am glad that your aunt's funneral went well, sounds like you have been busy! take care and have a good week mrs t xx

brck753 said...

So nice for you to have contact again with an old friend. I know they will miss your contribution as secretary I've seen the paperwork you did for them lol.

jlocorriere05 said...

How lovely to meet up with Sue again! I bet you'll have so much to talk about. The flowers for you and Karen are gorgeous, it's always nice to get flowers isn't it? I hope someone good replaces her. It sounds like you had a great weekend, wasn't the weather gorgeous too?! I'm glad Aunt Kittys' funeral went well, it's sad that family only seem to meet up at funerals. Have a great week! Jeannette xx  

cornwalldreckly said...

Hi Jan, it sounds as if you are still keeping busy.  I'm pleased the funeral went as well as could be expected, I was thinking of you.  I'm sure Aunty Kitty would have been proud of the entry on the blog about her.


nightmaremom said...

how great to meet up with Sue again... that will be fun getting all caught and keeping in touch.  Your pictures are lovely.

marainey1 said...

Beautiful flowers for sure and just as beautiful is all the smiling faces.  How nice you have met up with your old friend.  Isn't it great to get out and about without freezing?  'On Ya' - ma

wldconnie said...

Your flowers are lovely! How nice to meet up with an old friend..it is great when that happens isn't it? The sunshine is gorgeous today and makes me feel good. Lots of love Conniexx

chat2missie said...

The flowers you received are beautiful!  Enjoy your week.

blpltt said...

Hello Jan - lovely to be given flowers, it does make one feel rather special.  My computer is being uncooperative, refusing to enlarge pics, but I shall be back!
Glad you had a good long weekend; must say the weather bucked the Bank Holiday norm!
Bunny xx

frdbrow7 said...

Yes, it is so nice here, isn't it Jan? So nice to be pottering around the garden.  I have just spent far too long doing my online shopping, so off out to enjoy the sunshine now.
Your flowers are lovely Jan and such nice pics too.


cayasm said...

Hi Jan, nice to hear from you, lovey flowers and well desereved.
It has been a nice weekend and glad you were able to take advantage of it, I haven't been to a market in years the one in Colchester is not very good. Glad to read your Aunt Kity's service went well.

Take care


rachealcarol said...

Jan they're gorgeous and you've arranged them so lovely.  Enjoy your mystery tour.......I love a second hand book shop, stall, whatever :) if it sells books I'm made lolol. L.v.Rache

beckiepainton said...

lovely flowers, bet you deserved them beckie x

lsfp1960 said...

The flowers are beautiful.  Happy to hear it's warming up over there.  It was around 60 degrees Sun & Mon but this morning it's reather dreary looking out there and just below 50* so it's still a secret as to what Mother Nature will bring us today.   Jan it sounds like you have the "book curse" like me.  I can't stay out of book stores and I have stacks of books to be read. Wednesday is my book club meeting and I have to stay away from the exchange table.   Happy Tuesday,  Linda in Washington state

siennastarr said...

Always a joy to hear from you Jan..  and to know that you are doing well!  Loved the pictures and the flowers are beautiful!!  

Good to hear your weather is warming up over there!  I think it's so funny that a scorching day in England would be in the 80's, and that, here, in Calif... that would be a mild day! lol  Odd isn't it??  

Hugs and love

lanurseprn said...

Hi Jan,
Your flowers really are beautiful! And you look so pretty!! I love the skirt you had on! Your whole outfit looked very pretty!
I enjoyed your photos, and it looks as if everyone had a wonderful time. Take care of yourself.
Love, Pam

jjdolfin9 said...

Gorgeous flowers Jan.  Very nice for you.  Glad you had a nice long and pleasant weekend.
Hugs, Joyce

lindaggeorge said...

Beautiful flowers and how nice that you met up with an old friend.

Linda xx.


sybilsybil45 said...

Glad you are back with us I miss you when you are not journaling !!  That sounds like a lovely bouquet of flowers you got...no more than you deserved.  I am so glad that th summer weather seems to have arrived. I have been sitting out today.  Love Sybil xx

oddb0dkins said...

Welcome back Jan. It's true we do only find time to meet family at weddings, births and funerals, such  a shame really, but we all get wrapped up in our own lives and never find the time.
Congrats to you on receiving a well deserved bouquet.

B. x

pamal3 said...

It Is so good to have you back. I have really missed you. The flowers are beautiful and you will a hard act for someone to follow now you have stepped down. Fabulous to hear about your reunion with Sue. I love a happy ending. Love Pam xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Sounded quiet busy.
What lovely flowers!
Nice you met up with an old friend. :)
Have a good week.

plieck30 said...

You go to the neatest places. Always enjoy reading about them. Have a lovely day tomorrow. Paula

mariealicejoan said...

So there you are!!!  I have missed you and was beginning to worry!  Sounds as if you have been very busy and that you had a lovely weekend!  Hasn't the weather been gorgeous!  Let's hope that this isn't all the summer we get!  I loved the pictures.  You look so happy in each one of them!  Have a great week!

madcobug said...

Congrats on getting that beautiful bouquet of flowers. The other lady's were pretty also. That is about the only time I get to see my relatives is when someone dies. Shame isn't it. Helen

nedmoh said...

Hi Jan ,May where are the months going to? ,next month we shall be half way through the year again !!!!!  Glad you had a good weekend with Maurice being off those days . Those were lovely flowers you were given ,and Karens present  ,the necklace you chose for her sounded nice .
How lovely you found Sue ,I don't think I would have recognized her ,if you hadn't told me . Hope you enjoy your mystery trip today  with club members ,shall look forward to hearing about it ........love Jeanxxx

ally123130585918 said...

Loved your pictures Jan ~ those boquets are beautiful ~ how lovely you met up with Sue and can now keep in contact by e~mail ~ glad Maurice got the Holidays off work ~ and you were able to have a pleasant weekend together ~ and I know you always enjoy visits from your family ~ Isn't this weather we are having at the moment just great everyone looks so happy when the Sun is shining ~ Ally x

jhorky said...

Lovely graphic Jan.  I  like your style of writing in your Journal.  It is a relaxed way of recording  parts of your life.  And sharing them with we readers.  It just gives us all a chance to get to know each other better.  You surely have got to know me as I write what I am thinking and feeling.  Lucille

jmoqueen said...

I hope you enjoyed your mystery coach trip xx  That's great that Maurice had the time off over the weekend.  How lovely about the bunch of flowers ~ love the pics



cacklinrosie101 said...

The flowers are beautiful, Jan, and, of course, Karen's are lovely also.  It sounds like you had a nice, long weekend.  It's finally feeling like spring here.  It's so much nicer when it's green and warm out.  You ought to get your friend, Sue, to start a journal...lol.  Love xx Chris

sunnybethe said...

You've been a busy girl : )  hugs,  Bethe

georgina473 said...

Hi Jan,
you can see from this entry that I have read the papers you passed me yesterday at the Seniors Citizens meeting.  I think you have created a wonderful "blog site" and congratulations on the layout.  Well done you .
Cheers  Ina xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jan
Summer is just around the corner - yay !     What a lovely surprise the bouquet was, but then you are very special and loved by many.
Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend with M.
Take care, luv Jaynee X

faveanti said...

Hi Jan - here I am on a lovey FRIDAY!  What gorgeous flowers.  Nice to be appreciated isn't it

egre328 said...

Oh, your flowers are lovely.  Eileenx