Monday, 5 August 2013

Party In The Park...2013

Every year on Fathers day ,our family and friends get together in Ferry meadows ,a beautiful vast country park in Peterborough.The idea was born, when we realised we only get together at Funerals!!I think the party gets bigger ,a great chance to meet up and catch up , as you know my Dearest sister in law Dot died in May ,we hesitated about calling the party off. But Stan, Dot's husband said no please don't cancel Dot so loved the Party in the Park ,so with Dot very much part of the day we carried on...........
Before going on to Ferry Meadows, we all met at Dot's family home and birth place,in the picture above are just some of us ! ( I am at the back ,just behind Joyce who is wearing a lovely turquoise tee shirt)The house was the family home ,next door is where Mick and I lived for a while ,then next door to that is the church ,whilst posing for our picture the Lady who lives there now invited us back ,to see the changes she had made to the garden,it was always kept Beautifully by my Mother in Law ,but I have to say it is now awesome . As is the house ,its make over has been sympatheticaly  done but there were still many features lovingly kept.But before we went to see Marina and her lovely house and garden ,We went around to the church yard ,to inter Dot's ashes on her parents grave,my late husband also rests in that grave as does Dot's baby sister Margaret,there are a few other dear family graves around that church yard ,so that at the end of their lives they are still together . 
Some pictures  inside the Church(very much the family church  ,Christenings,confirmations ,weddings and funerals )
Years ago before the days of Electricity,the boys in the family would in turn be resposible for "pumping the organ!using a sort of wooden bar "to while away the boredom ,maybe a long sermon tut tut ,can be found carvings the boys had done ,on the wood work on the back of the organ ,I remember there was a spitfire ,and test match scores  amongst other things

We always called this called this tomb "The old Man " it is in fact Lord Russell,I can remember when Main Street 's name was changed to Russell Hill .I must google him to discover his claim to fame !
Many of our babies were accepted into the church and received their names at this font .
St Andrews Church 
I am  ashamed to say I have forgotten this dear old Gentlemans name,he is in Fact a Canon ,he gave Dot a lovely little service in her family church where she was christened .A really lovely old Gentleman  Man,in the true sense of the word ,  
Here is Stan at his beloved Dot's resting place . ,
After all that was over, we went round to have a cool drink and Pimms with the lovely Marina,and Steve,who had welcomed us all to their home and garden ,after finding us all outside their home earlier .Hows that for hospitality?May the good Lord protect them always for their kindness ,and continue to Bless This House .
Marina is the keen gardener ,as was Mother before her .
And the beautiful wall and  arch  was built by the very clever Marina
This used to be a water  pump ,but I can never remember it working ,we did however have a water tap near the gate ,I fetched many a bucket of water from it  especially on wash day ,with three small children ,and in the winter it would freeze up,then the water from the hot water bottles would be boiled to defrost it  ,"Happy Days"
Gill and my Kate ,
Gill and Stella
These pics of the girls were taken earlier this year ,
Here is Stan  before we left for Ferry Meadows .

Next time I will show you pictures of our afternoon at Ferry Meadows,at our Party in the Park
As  ever all my love Jan xx 


Anonymous said...

hi Jan
Nice blog entry and photos ,funny its Marina and Steve who now live in Nanas House ,small world
Love Jeanxx

Sybil said...

So glad that you let me know that you had written another blog, Thank you for letting us have a peep into what must have been a kind of bittersweet day...How lovely of the lady in the house to invite everyone to her garden which is wonderful..Hope you are ok. xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember other happy years of your Party in the Park. How wonderful all your family and friends get together like that every year. I'm glad that this year is no different. You may be missing a loved one, but I'm sure too that she'd want you all to be together. I'll be looking forward to the post about the party.

pam said...

Glad the party went well lovely to see the sunshine and that garden was fabulous