Sunday, 25 August 2013

Family Party in Ferry Meadows

Hello again Folks ,I'm getting a bit bogged down with blogs yet to be posted ,but I'm sure I'll catch up one fine day !
 As you will remember if you have read my blog over the years ,as many of the family as can get, gather on Fathers day ,in Ferry meadows in Peterborough {we got rained off last year ,}for our picnic in the park .
And though our Dear Dot wasn't with us this year {Stan begged us not to cancel ,Dot so loved this day }Many of us turned up and had a brilliant afternoon ,after our morning in Thornhaugh ,see my previous post ...... 
My Dear little baby Great Grand daughter Bella Rose ,and here we are together.

Here is Bella with her Nannie Sharon {my daughter Sharon }

She really enjoyed her day,as the youngest member of the clan ... 

Here is Bella wth Great Uncle Dougie,Doug is the brother of Bella's late Great Granddad Mick .who sadly never met his Grand children ,and now we are Greats !

Bella and her Uncle Stuart, Nephew Greg's dogs Bronwyn and I forgotten the brown one's name ,a few of us !And My Kate's son Matt....
Same pic !
Oh Stan swing those hips {Stan is 80}what a boy !

My Dear Granddaughter Charlotte

Bella with her Uncles.. her  Dad Paul's two brothers ,my Lovely Grandsons Stuart and Iain

This man is a paramedic and a local photographer Chris Porche{apologies if I spelt your surname wrong Chris }  ,who takes many pictures for our local paper{he has had a great book published } he was delighted when we invited him to join the fun,he explained he was working on a new project ?and many of the pictures of  family stuff would be useful to him ,so on this picture we turned the tables on him  ,photogragher being photograghed !

Here is June ,one of my many gorgeous neices

Yes Stuart we can see you ,'We know what your doing '!

Now Aunty Charlotte joins the group ,

Here is nephew in law Chris with good friends Carol and Julie
I think I have warned ,you before about BUGGY NAPPERS !! ,
hee hee boys will be boys
Have  A Blessed Sunday Everyone
    As ever love Jan xx


Anonymous said...

hi Jan
Sending this on my iPad to see if it works ,Great photos
Love Jeanxx

chris said...

Another great blog it is lovely to hear about your family exploits, now Jason and family are back in the UK we may have a get together, love

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Jan, it was wonderful to see all the happiness being shared at your family get together. How wonderful you had such a nice day. Hope you too have a very blessed Sunday!

Helen said...

Looked like everyone was having a great time.

Sybil said...

Your family epitomizes what FAMILY is all about Jan..It is wonderful to see it. You all seemed to have such a lovely chatty time together, What a wonderful example it is for all everyone of all ages....Thank you for sharing xx


What a lovely family gathering. Bella is adorable.