Monday, 18 January 2010

Trying to remember

One of Donna's graphics, lovely isnt it ? ...did any one in the UK see 'Country file' on TV on Sunday evening ?or even 'Inside out' on Monday ,though 'Inside out' is a regional programme,it featured Ice skating in the Fens ,something that has been happening for a few hundred years on the frozen flood plains on the Fens ,this year the conditions were good to go ,so people of all ages get out their skates and skate ,well this was all filmed about two miles from where we live .

When I last posted in June we were looking forward to our 'Party in the Park ',The Day Dawned fine and Sunny ,and we all met up, over a hundred of us ! from different parts of the country ,a lovely day was had by all and even the local press turned up ,I dont know how well you can see the press cutting ,but here it is ......

I called this entry " trying to remember" ,that is ,how to 'blog '? and what we have done since I posted in June ,on the twenty seventh of June it was the joint Birthday of Charlotte and Stuart ,some of you will remember two of my daughter Sharons children share a Birthday ,so we had a lovely family party for them .

Here she is look, Charlotte fifteen years old

And our lovely Stuart

Here is a picture of some of us right behind me is Stuart then Kates Matt ,the other side of Maurice is Iain and Paul ,Stu's, brothers ,in the front with me is Sara Matts girlfriend who will be eighteen in February .
My silly back wont allow me to walk long distances any more so in August we bought me this and I love it ,it is amazing how much shopping I can load onto it too heehee ,a bag full behind my legs ,some in the basket and more under the seat I can be seen cruising the paths of our little Market town....
Then in August we went to a little town near Leicester to stay with my neice Stella ,her Mum Dot is my late husband Micks sister ,we went to see the Barwell Festival that is held there each year ,when the whole town turns out to see the manificent floats and join in the carnival ,the proceeds of which go to various local charities below is a picture of Dot and I enjoying the festivities

I had forgotten you start from the bottom with pictures etc ,so I forgot to add a signiture ,but by and large I think I managed quite well ...more another time ....
love from Jan xx

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Please Miss, Janet has been absent because ......?

Errm ...Now ..if in years to come a member of my family is reading this, they are probably wondering why I havent posted in seven months ,seven months!! Hangs head in shame ....... Doesnt time fly when you are having fun AND as you get older ! dont seem to have the same energy level ,or the right inclination ,no clear answer really ,yes I have been busy ,with my hobbies ,knitting ,I made three quillows for Christmas presents ,my candlewick embroidery, not to mention house work ,no we wont mention housework ,I have also been busy with my Axiom residents forum meetings ARF ,of which I am vice chair ,I am now on the board of Axiom Housing Assocation .I still enjoy going to meetings at my club the over sixties , and of course family and friends, also about the time I stopped posting ,my camera died ,I bought a new one, but cant seem to get to post the pics they are too big or something ,sooo whats a blog with out pictures ? I want to thank all of you for checking up on me to see if I am ok ,So now I have broken the ice I will post this ,and try not to leave it so long next time as usual love from Jan xx