Tuesday, 29 May 2007

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This is one of Donna's graphics it is in my side bar and definately one of my favourites .....

Well here in the UK  we had a bank holiday ,and what a wash out it was I feel sorry for people who had organised events ,we had nothing planned, Maurice worked, so any shopping I did was by dodging the showers locally , that was on Saturday ,on Sunday Mark Chrissie and Kate came over  all saying how Kizzie is growing her legs have suddenly grown really long thus enabling her to reach up and check out what is on the coffee table ! yesterday it was still pouring with rain so I decided to do some sewing ,and actually finished another patchwork cushion,I have put the pictures on here ....My photo bucket isnt working ,and I cant seem to add pictures even with the AOL slide show ,on Saturday ,all the pics and graphic came out in a row ,though on the entry as I did it ,it was OK the pics were underneath each other ,thus making the journal very wide ,and if that happens today ,Isuggest you go to the bottom of the entry ,and where it says 'link to entry' click on that and it should be easier  to read ,I say should .but nothing is guaranteed lately ,it is very disheartening ,and I find myself doing only tentative entrys ,simply because I cant add my pictures in a satifactory way ,Iam almost afraid to click save on this entry ,in case it comes out wide again .

So as I dont seem to be saying anything much at all ,I will go and make myself some supper (Maurice is working the first of his three nights ) and wish you all a pleasant evening ,knitting and the TV  for me, I think ,       so with lots of love

Thankyou Chris for this lovely sig

Sunday, 27 May 2007

After a lovely week ,the rain ,and other things !


Good morning every one ,well its a damp and dreary wet Sunday here ,as Donna's lovely graphic above suggests,as I sit here typing ,I can see all the little  flowers lifting up their faces to greet the steady  rain ,Kizzie doesnt want to go outside ,so is standing cross legged at the door ,I'm keeping my eye on her in case she decides to cheat !

Again its been a few days since I posted ,I have been busy ,and since alerts have been erratic ,and we still have no add pictures ,I havent felt  like doing an entry .But Ithink we have been promised we will get 'add pictures ',the old way back again ,this week, so fingers crossed,I have lots of pictures to share but meanwhile ........

On Wednesday I went on a Mystery tour with the over sixties group,and our tour guide was Ernie Hall again ,remember last year we went down to Essex ,this time we drove through ,roads and lanes in Norfolk ,Ernie is a mine of information ,he points out places of interest and bits of history. I try to make notes and take pictures ,but really I cant keep up he has so much to tell.

I have added a picture of The working Windmill at Bircham Mill where we had a delicious cream tea ,but will tell more and show more pictures when we are back to what poses as normal ! ....

On Thursday ,I had a meeting with the compliments and complaints procedure group ,and as it was held at the court that has the amazing craft room ,I took some pictures there ,again more to come .

On Friday .....and this is the biggy .....

Silver Surfers week    As a result of Karen and my trip to London last year to see the silver surfers awards ,The managers of each court ,had been asked to do something to promote the internet etc with the elderly  on Silver Surfers day May 26th ,here in the UK ,and because Jackie my friend  knew of me being invited to have my journal featured on the AOL  welcome page last year,she suggested to her manager Emma at the scheme she lives at  ,Emma invited me to go along to her court ,to talk to her residents about my interest in the net ,which of course is my journal ,Icopied off a few journal entrys ,some pictures and graphics ,and we put them onto the boards ,to illustrate what I was talking about ,can I say for a week or so before hand I had  huge butterflies in my tummy,but after... I have to  say it was a huge success ,and Ifound myself enjoying it all .,the residents loved it ,and they were such a lovely audience ,More pictures to follow on that day too

And so on this rainy Sunday morning I will wish you all a blessed Sunday wherever you are  with love from .....





Monday, 21 May 2007

Happy Belated Birthday entry Kate

Last week May 16th  my daughter Kate ,was forty and yes a table was booked well a room actually ,and we all got together and had a lovely time ,I have alot of pictures that I took ,to show you when we get our add pictures fascilty back ,The previous weekend Martin ,her husband took her away for a long weekend to the Peak District ,Bakewell I believe ,and then Matlock Bath ,they stayed in a delightful old cottage overlooking the most amazing scenery , and looking out her bedroom window ,she was fasinated by the sheep and the lambs,                                       and Ithink she may have gone over the top with her raptures over the little lambs  ,because look ,this is the birthday cake Martin had made for her ....

And though it says dont eat me on the cake, of course we did and it was delicious,As I said I will post the rest of the pictures later ,but for now have a lovely day everyone with love  and 

 From Jan xx


Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Moon and Venus Part two !

Oh dear ,I was sitting at the computer last night ,reading Emails I looked over my left shoulder and ,there was a new moon ! Oh and Im looking at it through glass ! so I went out side with my purse (do you US girls call it your pocket book ? ) ,I turned my money over ,and curtsied to the moon ,Im not supersticious or anything ,but you dont want to push your luck do you ? ;>)  ,There  is poor Maurice pretending to take no notice ! Until he suggested I take a picture,above are the two pictures I took . Then later,I was reading Guidos entry ,which he had entitled 'The moon and venus'

http://journals.aol.co.uk/pharmolo/NorthernTrip/  So  I clicked onto his entry Saw his pictures and thought Iwould email him mine ..Ithought ! cept Id gone onto somewhere else ,and low and behold I had done an entry,on my journal ,never has an entry been so easy !! Didnt know Id done it until I started to get comments ,from you kind people ,you must have thought it odd an entry with no words no explanation ,ah well ! dotty old bird !.....then this morning Donna posted her pictures of what she saw over the pond same moon same venus ,just better pictures lol and she had made this clever collage ,Thankyou Donna ,my dear friend.
I have spoken to her today and she said I may use the picture ,Then later today Helen posted with her clever pics and told me I should have used a tripod or similar ,so that I dont get the buy one get one free effect on my photograph ,
http://journals.aol.com/madcobug/MyEverydayLife,pop over and look at her pictures ,they too are very good ,Well Ithink before I get into any more trouble hee hee ,I will wish you all a very blessed rest of the day ,and go and get on with my sewing
With love from ......
With Thanks to my dear friend and graffitti artist Debbie ,who you will find in my side bar

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Sandringham craft fair pictures

As the lovely Graphic made by Donna ,suggests it is still showery here today ,I suppose the gardens are enjoying it ,after the heavy showers yesterday ,I tried to plant some 'Thrift 'dont know what the botanical name is ,We had it in the garden at home ,and my Dad never tired of telling us it was the flower on the threepenny bit ,Kizzie wanted to help ,if I dig a hole she gets in it ,she barks at my trowel,runs off with the plants, Grr what a pest lol Maurice and his 'wants a pet '! couldnt he have settled for a cuckoo clock lol just joking Hee Hee ....Well AOL deigned to let me put my pictures on today, wont let me get back to correct the spelling re-enactment ,but Iam not going to try any more, in case I lose the lot ,as you will see from the pictures there were alot of crafts to admire ,many being demonstatedlots of things to buy ,as you know Maurice bought me the Candlewicking kit ,on one stall there were some lovely ornamental carved walking sticks ,and carved whistles,I bought Maurice a whistle ,he didnt want a walking stick ,he can train Kizzie to herd sheep ? Ha Ha....dont cha just love a man with Whistle?,,on the stall where the Lord Nelson sign is they made some lovely things ie clocks and barometers set in Oak,I  recognised the young lady as some one who had been brought up in the same village as me ,amazing after over fifty years ,we saw lots of lovely things made out of one single peice of wood, chains ,for example and love spoons ,my brother John makes these very clever items so I was particularly interested ,we saw a man making the frame of a Corracle ,these boats were used on the fens by the fen men catching eels and cutting reads ....A gypsy Vargo ,whips and tops,a funfair ,lots of knitting and sewing crafts ,I was pleased with the picture of the artist doing the caricature of the man with the amazing nose ,I had to shove through the crowd to get both the sitter ,the artist,and the picture at an angle to be able to see it all ,and I think I did it....so that is where I will leave you today ,With another great graphic made for me by my friend Debbie ..debsDabs


Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Wot no Pics !

I have finally been able to use this lovely graphic,made my Donna (Donna is in my side bar )We had no rain at all ,thoughout April,is mother nature getting old? and getting her months muddled up ?because we are certainly getting lots of rain now ,as I type this ,it is coming down ,like stair rods ? (Do you remember stair rods lol).....The last weekend was a bank holiday ,meaning a Public Holiday Monday off work ,and for once Maurice was rotered off,so we decided to make the best of it ,(he has to work the next one )The plan was to chill on Saturday ,cos he'd just come off nights ,then on Sunday we would go to a craft fair at Sandringham,then on Monday we would do some gardening ,We went to Sandringham to the craft fair it was held in the park and not at the house ,remember I told you about our visit to the Queens home,the one she stays at over Christmas and New Year ,We decided to take Kizzie ,she has now had her jabs and is quite good on her lead,and she loved it ,when we arrived ,and parked up on the field directed by parking attendants,she had a good sniff around ,oh bliss all that lovely Dear poo,to sniff at ! then on into the Fair itself,boy was she made a fuss of every so many steps some one would stop and want to pet  her ,saying how lovely she is ,wanting to know her age ...breed ..name ..she loved it ! I took lots of pictures and have been kicked off twice ,once tying to add pictures and then again trying to put titles on them ,I have given up and will post another day when AOL is in a better mood ,We saw all sorts of crafts being demonstrated,but will leave that for when I can show you the pictures,we did go into a big tent with a notice out side that said cross stitch,I have done cross stitch in the past ,but dont like the counted sort !I was admiring all the lovely work that was on show ,and I came across this  its called Candlewicking,sort of a cross between embroidery and quilting

Then right at the back,kits were available to buy,,they had just one of these left, Maurice who was talking to a gentleman who had a guide dog,and his wife was saying she had made the one I was  admiring ,Maurice then saw the look of lust on my face and bless him put his hand in his pocket with the ever lovely words 'would you like it ?'and so on that happy note I will finish ,and because its raining .......This old chuck has decided to get on with her sewing.....With love From

With her dog at her feet ..lol ,this tag was made for me by my friend Debbie who is also in my side bar ,

Thursday, 3 May 2007

A cold day in May

                                       So ~journal entrys from me are like buses,you dont get one for ages then two come together !

Here is a picture of Mark and I,He is my first born he was fourty seven,on April the 30th ,he gave us a scare ,the week before his Birthday,Chrissie his wife rang at 7.15 on the Monday morning saying Mark had been taken to hospital ,he had woken up and was getting ready for work ,when he began to vomit blood ,he was admitted to the assessment ward at Peterbough district hospital,and was there for about thirty hours ,on a drip and nil my mouth ,he went home on the Tuesday afternoon with some medication ,and a promise of an appointment for a gastroscope,as it appeared they were to busy to do the procedure ,The meds are for stomach ulcer ,he still hasnt had an appointment ,but seems fine now.

And look who else has had a Birthday ,Aunty Kitty celebrated her eighty seventh birthday on April 26th ,and though she still looks very frail she was on top form ,joking and singing her favourite 'Id like to get you ,on a slow boat to china 'encouraged by us of course

And then last Sunday,my Grandson Stuart and his little bride to be Vicki,came to bring me an invitation to Vicki's hen night on June 9th ,we are to have a trip up the Nene ,the river that runs through Peterborough ,and a meal ,on board ,then after, into town to 'do the clubs' guess who has decided to pass on that ? they promised to find a dark corner to sit me in ,but erm no ! Yes the wedding is getting ever closer now ,I dug out the silver threepenny bitsand asked Vicki if she would carry on the family tradition of wearing one in each shoe for luck ( both  my daughters used them ),she loved the idea ,one is dated 1941 the year of my birth ,and the other 1939 ,Micks birth year ,I little thought all that time ago,when I got married in 1959 ,when Iwalked down the aisle with them in my shoes that my Grandsons bride would be  doing the same ,what is it 48 years later ?Just had a thought the handbag ,I have bought to go with my outfit ,won't hold many tissues ,oh dear Ill have to be strong ?........Well thats my entry today on a cold dull  day in May .I hope every one has a lovely evening ,with love


Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Im still here !!

Thankyou for this lovely graphic Chris,A big bowl of for-get me-nots ..delightful .

Well here I am again after ,I dont know how many days absence,no reason really ,its just, one day follows another ,and by the time Ive  answered the alerts to your emails ,more time has gone and realise I should be doing some housework ,or since the weather has been so lovely I have been pottering in the garden,I went to the over sixties club today ,and we were entertained by a gentleman playing his guitar and singing all the old songs ,and of course we sang along with him ,remember I told you the first record I bought was Pat Boone singing Love Letters in the Sand ,well he sang that ,and Singing the blues !  OO Tommy Steele sang that ,and many more from my teen years .

Maurice has gone off to work (the first of three nights),after he'd gone I gave Jeannette(jottings) a ring ,she went for the first of her treatments today ,she has to have twenty three in all,so thats twenty two to go ,taking her up till the first of June ,she is finding it very difficult ,the treatment it self is bad enough ,but as you know she suffers quite badly from agoraphobia,making this even more of an ordeal ,and she had a devastating experiance at the weekend so the shock of that sent her blood sugar  sky high ,I told her I was so proud of her managing to go  today ,I can emphathize with her to a certain extent ,when Mick died I coped so well for about eighteen months ,well I had to ,I had four teenage children ,then wham it all hit me and I went to pieces ,not wanting to go out ,not wanting to eat etc ,so yes I know abit of how she feels ,so I am asking you to join me ,in praying for her ,of course I know you will .......Go for it Jeannette ,in the words of the lovely song ,''One day at a time sweet Jesus ''

To the side of our Bungalow ,is a patch of garden,long and narrow ,We have decided to turn it into a wild garden ,there are already some poppys and some pretty yellow flowers and lots of other stuff ,I have a packet of wild seeds,and am quite excited about the project ,I will of course keep you posted .so on that note I will take my leave (I now have 21 alerts )this journaling  business is like painting the Forth Bridge !

With lots of love