Thursday, 1 December 2005

December 1st Rabbits!

Good morning everyone ,another nondesript day ,its trying to rain or is it snow ?Just had a nice chat to my sister Jean,on the phone and the chat inevitabley,turns to the journal and other miscellaneous topics...  .Did I get my glasses fixed ?no, not yet Im wearing my contact lenses.Have I made the new skirt? no but Ive cut it out ! and me to her ....(shes had a complete new kitchen fitted )is every thing back in place ?,yes its lovely ,but cant find the pigs that sit on the window sill ,but have found my Walkman ! you know the sort of stuff,we girls talk about ,Maurice says he cant keep up ,we flit from one topic to another !!yer but we know what we mean ,and when we are together we are both talking at the same time and each know what the others said ,I can do this with daughters and friends ,so its got to be a woman thing !!

I was watching Des and Mel (a talk show)yesterday and Cliff Richard ,was on ,hes actually three months older than me !he was talking about the first time he sang on stage in public ,it was at school .Wind in the Willows ,he played Ratty ,well so did I !Ican remember the song I sang too ~All along the back water through the rushes tall ,ducks go a dabbling ,up tails all ,ducks tails, drakes tails ,yellow feet a quiver .............(Ioften find my self singing it when Im with Maurice when hes fishing )all those years ago ,little Sir Cliff and me ,both unaware of each other ,look at the different paths our lives took !!As Jean pointed out ,yes Jan, look at your family ,........yes Jean, look at his bank balance !!!LOL of course I wouldnt swop ;this is all idle banter !

with lots of love from the infamous ...unfamous    Jan xx


aniracj said...

Hiya Jan. You forgot the 'white' in the rabbits bit, LOL!  Well the D month is finally on us, 'D' for December I know, but it could be 'D' for Debt, Disastrous Diets, Drinking, Debauchery(at the office party, LOL) and of course Dinner (christmas ones by the dozen-mainly office meals out!).

ally123130585918 said...

It's a rainy dull grey day here - its wonderful how sisters can communicate.
enjoyed your conversation with Jean......Wind in the Willows brings back memories....Nice to think you and Cliff did the same song - You are becoming more famous Jan with your Journal - I wonder if Cliff does

madcobug said...

Wish I had a sister. Sigh! Helen

sarajanesmiles said...

I saw Cliff Richards on Des and Mel :o)
I talk like that with hubby, we start on one subject and end with something completely different, having put the world to rights in between!!  Always wished I had a Sister though, you are lucky!
Sara   x

icklemisssexpot said...

Men who can multi task are a rare breed...Now us women can which is why we can have conversations that go off at tangents and still know what we are on about <ggg>   Caff xxx

jeanno43 said...

You make me wish I had a sister.  Always wanted one but I was born late in my mother's life.  Always been sad about that.  So you and Cliff have a similar claim to fame. Funny how we can remember old songs and rhymes from all those years ago.  Have a nice rest of the day Ratty my dear.

jaymact1 said...

You are more famous to us than Sir Cliff. Always wished I had a sister or come to that a brother and with us moving have no contact with relation at all, this is one reason I love J-land. Love Joan.

jlocorriere05 said...

Yeah, sisters can talk like that. Me and my sisters used to but unfortunately they both died at a young age. Typical December weather now isn't it.....drizzle, grey etc. Roll on summer!! Jeannette.

nedmoh said...

Don't want to sound too mushy but I'm glad you are my sister and my friend.
Love Jeanxx

labdancer51 said...

Kerry and I witter away on the phone in exactly the same way Jan, it HAS to be a woman thing, men just talk about one subject then put the phone down, they don`t know the art of!  I won a prize at school when I was eight,  it was for my handwriting and guess what I wrote?  Ducks Ditty of course, just like your song!  :o)

Sandra xxxx

jules19642001 said...

I like Des and Mel, they are so funny at times and have me in stitches. Its lovely having a real good chat on the phone as well...............Jules xxxxx

jacksj989 said...

Hi there,

I enjoyed reading about you being on the stage.  I always wanted to but I have to say to you that I was too shy.  

The only time I ever went on stage, was to play the harmonica when the St John's Ambulance were putting on a tallent competition.  

I practiced day in and day out only to find that I had been upsatged by two girls who played the mouth organ and danced when they were not playing.  

I did not mind that, for I enjoyed their performance, but they were playing the tunes that I had been learning and, minutes before I went on stage for the first time, I did not have a clue of what I was going to play.  

Once on the stage, in the 'lime light,' my mind went blank.  I know I played something but I have no idea what it was.  

There was a pause in my act and I did not know what to do next and I was grateful when the stage hand pulled the curtains on me.

That did not put me off though for, when I can pluck up the courage, I sometimes play the harmonica at a 'folk music' night.  The only thing that I insist on is that no one smokes while I am doing the playing.  

Thank you for bringing back the memories, for even though I made a mess of things on stage, I still enjoy recalling those wonderful days of my childhood.

I really ought to write a journal on the subject, although I hated it myself, for my father was a master fisherman and taughtmany people to fish.  

I could not sit still long enough to get interested in fishing but I still remember catching my first Roach.  

Wonderful days, thank you for the memory jog.

By for now,



faircolleen said...

Thats just like the phone calls between me and my sister lol. . .what did you have for tea. .how much did you spend in Asda. . . .I saw so and so out shopping. . wasnt it cold. . .all small talk but only me and her know what we mean lol.