Friday, 18 April 2014

A Very Blessed Easter To You All...

A cold ,very cold ! Good Friday ,and as is the  custom in our little Market town  on Good Friday ,many of us meet to do,The Silent Walk Of Witness, { me on my buggy }following the cross through the town to the church ,now, if it is fine there is a service on the green in front of the  church St Thomas a Beckett ,last year ,we had the sevice in Church ,but today was bright and sunny ,but cold ,did I say it was cold !But we were all wrapped up warm ,well I hope so ,I certainly was ,so the service was out side ,as usual it was inspiring ,and very moving ,We sang hymns and prayed ,and members of the congregation gave an enactment of the last hours of Jesus life .
The brought Jesus into the place, where they jeered and mocked him
They beat him and spat at him
They put him in a purple robe ,because he had been called the King and placed a crown of thorns on his head , as further torment .
And then he was put onto the cross.............
First the children ,then the rest of us put our flowers on to the cross
We dress the cross with flowers;
a symbol of our new life in Christ
In the words of our Lord
''Love one another''
Jan xx


Bunny said...

I sense there are deep and ancient traditions in East Anglia. It is a fascinating part of the country, with these rites still observed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is always a delight to see your posts and I thank you for sharing your cold but wonderful Good Friday tradition. I wish you a very blessed Good Friday!


What a lovely Good Friday tradition. Enjoyed the pictures. You look good on your scooter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan pleased you were able to follow the cross on such a cold day , Happy Easter to you xxx
Love u
jJean xx

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