Saturday, 7 September 2013

A Fantastic Weekend Away

Not only are my blogs few and far between these days, they are not in chronological order,I had to put this one on the back burner ,for my Serendipity Birthday  edition... In August ,Maurice and I went to see our family in Leicester,and to attend the Annual Barwell carnival
Maurice came off night shift Friday morning,went to bed ,then got up at Lunch time,We set off and arrived late Friday afternoon ,to stay with Brother in law Stan ,Stan's sister Gladys and her husband Harry ,came along they were staying in their caravan nearby,having come over from Dudley,Stan and Dot's youngest daughter Tina came to greet us and we all had delicious fish and chips,for our tea..Now every Friday evening ,Tina holds a girls night at her house ,and who ever is able turn up for a get together  ,she has six sisters and many nieces and friends .Tina invited Gladys and I to come along that evening ,so after leaving Maurice Harry and Stan ,to entertain them selves off we went to Tina's house were we drank coffee and some wine ,we chatted  laughed and generally had a great time ,until we got a phone call saying the men wanted to go to bed , OOps 'Doesn't time fly when your having fun ' ?
The next morning was sunny but rain was forecast ,Not deterred we sat in the garden or chatted again over a full English breakfast ,cooked by Stan ,who was really spoiling us !

My Kate had gone to Stella's {another lovely  niece} on the Thursday by train because Martin had to work ,though he did come on Saturday afternoon ,We met up  with the rest of the family ,and found our selves a spot to watch the carnival,,until Gladys  and I promptly got separated from the rest ? ,we had found a better vantage point from which to view the parade ,up a ramp that leads to the charity shop??
Then because it had started to mizzle {that's finer than drizzle} Gladys and I sheltered for a while inside !! ,and guess what ?I found a kangol hat ,red wool size small,[ I usually have trouble finding hats small enough ] £1.75,I was delighted !even if, when we met up with the rest they laughed at my hat ,as they sported wet hair , We made our way to the Fun Fair ,where Kate, Gladys and I explored ,see my buggy basket filling up with goodies ,Gladys took the picture ,nearly chopping of Kate's head ,

Kate's picture of Gladys and  I was much better  

Then on the way back to Stella's house, we saw people who had been in the parade so we took more pix

Back at Stella's ,the BBQ was lit ,music playing ,and here is Stan , dancing with his  Great Grandson
Brenny and me

Brenny and her daughter Cassie

Another gorgeous niece ,June

Great niece in law Michaela,lovely Mummy of  little special Oliver

Oliver and Maurice,having 40 winks ,Well one of them is ! 

The lovely Deborah, Great niece, who is a professional make up artist ,she has just finished work on a film which premiers soon ,Cheers Debs ! 

Oh look Martin has made it ,wonder what mischief  he and June are plotting ?
Laura and Carly
Lovely niece Wendy

Another wonderful niece Denise ,With Glad's  'arry

This is George and his family ,I later learned they have  another son  missing from this family pic,George manned the B.B.Q  all evening ,keeping us all fed .

Daniel and Mark

Brenny and Gladys

Well Kevin liked my hat, so there !
My lovely nephew Kev ,Dot and Stan's son ,(one boy and seven girls ,}and I love em all as my own ,as Dearest Dot  did my kids

Steve is Stella's partner ,and Brenny's son .

Just one picture of dearest Stella, who had opened up her home and garden for us all, to have such a lovely time ,I am sorry I didn't get more pix of her.. but she was busy all evening and it was a job to pin her down ,But thank you so much,Stella ,And I so enjoyed chatting to you on the phone today ,my darling girl .
Well I think I have covered all the high lights of our week end away ,with Dear Stan thanks so much mate
As ever with love from Jan xx 



LOVE the hat. Looks like a lovely get together with your family.

chris said...

I know you had great fun visiting your family and you have learned some new sayings from the Midlands.
I sometimes wish I had a more social family but you cannot choose your family, it the way of life.
Love Chris

Bunny said...

Why does everything you wear look so darn stylish? Not many people could go into a charity shop and come out looking elegant.
Lovely party, Jan, your extended family amazes me.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A Happy Belated Birthday to you! What a wonderful weekend you had. Yes you are blessed to have such a great family. It reminds me much of my own dear family who all love to get together and have a good time doing it too. I do love your red hat! You may not blog often but it is always a joy to see and read your posts!