Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Remember me ?

This lovely graphic made by Donna reminds me of the mystery trip I went on recently with my 'over sixties' club,we went all around the Fens and the tour guide on the coach was our old friend Ernie who is a mine of imformation ,wherever we go, he can tell us some interestings facts and points out places of historical interest ,of which the Fens are famous .

Sorry I havent been around much lately ,no excuse I still have the same amount of time I always between ,Residents meetings,Resident newsletter meetings ,over sixties and visits to and from family ,Though I have to admit, I do forget to go to my dashboard to see who has posted ,I was much better when I got an alert ,I would comment ,then I think I was more motivated to do my entry .......

Talking of visits from Family ,My Grandson Paul ,brought a dear little visitor to see me the other week ,Remember Keira ,she is Pauls ex's, daughter ,and Paul keeps in touch and loves her as his own .She is a little charmer ,here she is in the garden on the swing .....

And here with Granny Jan .....
Our Kate had another Birthday in May ,here we are with Charlotte, who came around to see her Aunty Kate while we were there ,
And here is Sharon my other Daughter ,who is mine host (Land Lady) of the pub just up the road from where Kate lives ,you will notice its tea for Sharon and coffee for me ,Maurice has been known to partake of the odd Guinness !

Happy Birthday Kate May 16th...

This is a picture of me with my two other lovely 'sons'Sharon's Colin and Kate's Martin.

Here we are setting off to see the family ,Do you like our new car ? The Shogun ,was getting so that it needed some costly repairs so we have gone for a smaller car ,that consumes alot less petrol ,thus making our carbon footprint smaller ,and being alot easier on the pocket .

And here I am getting ready to go to a residents meeting ,posing beside my candlewicking embroidery of hot air balloons that is at last nearly done ,

AND the exciting part ,is that a week on Sunday we are to have another party in the park for all the members of my late husbands family ,who can make it ,remember last year we were nearly a hundred strong ,with children and grandchildren great grandchildren ,inlaws, out laws and who ever ,so I am really looking forward to that, and meeting up with everyone again ,Just hope the sun shines ,

So there we are, thats me all up to date again ,Im not going to promise to post more often because ...well ya know hee hee
Lots of love to you all