Saturday, 31 March 2007

A foxy tale

This is what happens on a night shift ,this little fox has become quite tame and often comes around when Maurice is on night duty ,Maurice is very patient and has an affinety with all animals ,birds and um yes fish ,a regular Docter Doolittle !although the other members of staff leave food for the foxes ,it has to be said ,whilst Maurice was on holiday no one saw them .I was so pleased when he came home  the other night with these pictures .

I watched the British book awards last night and was delighted to see that Victoria Hislop won the prize  in her category for her book 'The Island'.I made a note of many more books I would like to read.

I actually did an entry on Thursday night prompty lost it as I was looking for the siggy ....then yesterday Icouldnt get onto the internet at all ,untill my computer guru Glen  came round after work and sorted me out what would I do with out him ? he must think Im such a pain especially as he has bought him self some personal number plates for his beloved car ,that he wanted to sort out .Thankyou Glen your a goodun !

Well just a short entry Im off now with my trolley to the shops,Have a lovely Saturday everyone ,The sun is shining here today, even though its cold ,so I will be wearing my warm coat 

With lots of love  




Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Thanks to Chris 'cacklin rosie' for this graphic,I think the Bunnie has been encouraged by the lovely weather we have had for the last few days, and got her easel out !Talking of painting and easels did any one see the programme last Sunday ?Rolf Harris chose three artists to paint Barbara Windsors portrait,I have to say if I was Barbara I couldnt have chosen ,they were all so good ....

Another favourite program I watch ,is Deal or no Deal,which is followed by Richard and Judy,a chat show/magazine type programme as well as interviewing  interesting people ,discussing all things topical ,they have a wine club ,a film club ,where members of the public choose and discuss their favourites,and a book club,and as you might guess this is my favourite,I have read many of their recomendations,and I saw we were asked to vote on line for a list of books and Authors recently,and there amongst the list was 'The Island 'which I read and thoroughly enjoyed,I have copied the blurb

The blurb

On the brink of a life- changing decision, Alexis Fielding longs to find out about her mother’s past, But Sofia has never spoken of it. All she admits to is growing up in a small Cretan village before moving to London. When Alexis decides to visit Crete, however, Sofia gives her daughter a letter to take to an old friend and promises that through her she will learn more.

Arriving in Plaka, Alexis is astonished to see that it lies a stone's throw from the tiny, deserted island of Spinalonga Greece’s former leper colony. Then she finds Fotini, and at last hears the story that Sofia has buried all her life; the tale of her great-grandmother Eleni and her daughters, and the family rent by tragedy, war and passion. She discovers how intimately she is connected with the island,   and how secrecy holds them all in its powerful grip….

So if you are looking for a good read ,I can say this one is different.Then again you may already have read it....if so what did you think ?

You will already have seen the pictures I put at the top,and will see a pair of earings I made ,I told you Maurice got some beads for me a while ago ,I was at a bit of a loss ,of what to do with them,until Jayne (single girl ) recommended a magazine called Bead ,I ordered it and it came the next day so Im keen to make more peices now ,Jayne is celebrating her Birthday today ,so very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jaynie,I hope you have had a lovely day with lots of cards and pressies

Oh and Im still taking the tablets ,my lumps are still painful ,but not as much ,still itching ,but not as much lol

I think I will go and make some supper now ,cos I have to take the pills on an empty stomach,so I have taken them and waited the suggested hour before eating ,so have a great evening everyone ...Love and

                                     Jan xx

Saturday, 24 March 2007


Thankyou Donna for the lovely graphic ,Im thinking Spring ,but the weather here doesnt seem to be on the same waveband as me ! its cold and grey ....

Maurice has finally caught up with his holiday quota for last year and has gone back to work ,for three days ,then three nights and off for three ,so we are back in the routine again ,did I say routine ? oh dear what is that ?

I have been feeling awful this week ,more of that in a minute ,On Monday we went to see Aunty Kitty who seemed brighter ,she was wearing her green blouse and trousers ,I asked her was she wearing the green for St Patricks day ,she perked up and smiled ,so Maurice started to sing 'When Irish eyes are smiling ',I joined in and so did Aunty Kitty ,still very confused but at least a responce .

I went to the drama group meeting ,it was fun ,we have a few bookings to entertain Church groups WI groups and the like ,even my own over sixties club ,in December .Sketches were discussed ,and we are to do a Panto ! Cinderella ! some clever ladies are working on the format and script,Im sure it will be fun .

Now me ~Last week some time ,I became aware of a painful lump on the back of my head,didnt take too much notice ,until I was watching a TV drama  about a guy ,who had worked with mobile phones and was now dying of a brain tumour ! Oh dear ! When I was at work ,I would call up the residents each morning useing a mobile phone,it could take as long as an hour some days with the mobile at your ear for that long Hmm,during the course of the week ,more painful nodules appeared ,and I was itching like crazy ,so much so I was up on Wednesday night ,driving my self silly ,I found my nurses dictionary(Baillie're's)and another medical tome  ,and yes thats it ,I have shingles ,...Maurice was up before me next morning ,wanting to know what the books were all about ,so when I told him ,he said lets see what the Doctor thinks and promptly made an apointment ,The Doctor looked and  felt and announced I have Folliculitis ... hair ducts that have become blocked ....Guido posted an entry about people self diagnosing ,and Imthe perfect example of getting it so wrong ,and worrying myself to death ! (I even considered nits !)I have been prescibed Oxytetracycline,and must avoid milk,iron,zinc,and antacids,and as happens rarely it would appear! I must be kept out of strong sunlight ?(fat chance with the weather today !)    ! WHY ? oh here goes my imagination again LOL......,anyway end of whinge .

We took kizzie for her jab yesterday ,and the vet pronounced her a fit little dog ,she is keeping us busy ,but is getting the idea of going outside for the toilet or the newspaper near the door ,if we arent quick enough .She has a foot fetish chasing our feet and attacking,but will fall asleep next to my foot ,as she is now, as Im typing this thats me pretty much up to date with my news ,Have a good weekend every one ,with love from

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mothering Sunday

A Very Happy, if belated Mothering Sunday,to all the Ladies both here and in the US ,nothing wrong with sharing  ours is there ? This will be a short entry ,just popped in to show you my pictures, Kate and Martin came to see us yesterday ,bearing cards and gifts  forgot to take pics yesterday ,Then Mark and Chrissie came today ,with more flowers,a plant and a book ,So I have had a super day ,I suspect they all came to see kizzie as much as me ,they are all in love with her ,Sorry to dash ,going to watch 'Love is a many splendid thing'on DVD

With Love

Friday, 16 March 2007

Meet Miss Kizzie

Thankyou yet again for todays graphic, Donna I was going to use the one on your entry today ,but it had snow ,and though its forecast for next week ,We really dont want anymore !

Like so many of you ,my mind has been going back to Jeannette today ,who was to undergo her surgery for breast cancer ,I pray it all went well .

This is the third time I have done this entry ,my own fault my friend Debbie was here today showing me some short cuts, I obviously wasnt paying attention ,I think I have sussed it now!  though although I'm doing this entry,I have been told by a number of people that they arent getting my alerts !wonder if I sent out a multiple email to say I have posted would I get TOSD?

When we had to part from Scooby ,we both said ,never again  as you do ....,Well we went to visit a friend the other week ,we learned she breeds Jack Russells ,so said, we might like one,well she rang us last Tuesday ,to say she had this little bitch would we like her ,so off we went and fell for her ,We brought her home ,so now as well as dark damp patches on the carpet we have a puppy ,My daughter Kate came with us to collect her ,and we were trying out names Kate said Kizzie ,and yes it seemed just right .Maurice is on holiday for the next seven days to use up the last of his holiday quota,He was hoping to go fishing one day  but as I say snow has been forcast,so maybe he had better stay home to help with the toilet training ...well on that note its time for another little walk in the garden ....Have a lovely Weekend everyone ,with love

 Kizzie and  Jan xx

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Honey ,honey

Donna made this one for me ,isnt it great ? Thankyou so miuch Donna.

The life of a Honey Bee…

The meeting last Monday ,of the WI was as interesting as ever ,With Mr Arthur Golden telling us about the life of a Honey Bee, he had some slides to illustrate his talk ,There are 200 variety’s of Bee ,but just one that is able to store honey for instance the bumble bee isn’t!..Honey bees don’t hibernate and remain active throughout the winter; they will pollinate two feet from the hive, or two miles…there can be one queen per 20.000, and even up to 80.000, the life span of a queen can be five years, though is considered past her best after two years, the worker bees life span is six weeks, the bodies of whom are covered in hairs to catch the pollen ,where it is stored in wax cells when each cell is full a wax topping is secreted onto it to preserve the honey ,much like when we used to make jam ,a little wax paper was put on the top to ‘keep’ it ,did we learn that from the bees? Mr Golden asked us if we had ever sipped the honey from a cowslip, which of course many of us had.Mr Goldens talk was good but not quite as interesting as ‘Life on the Royal Yacht’, this isnt a critism I do admirethe committee,for the selection of speakers they arrange for us , next months speaker though does sound intriguing …Mrs Susannah Marshall, is coming to tell us about ‘Wickedly naughty women’, I am still being urged to join the Drama group, and they are to meet on March the 21st, at a member’s house, I couldn’t go last time as Aunty Kitty was taken so poorly, she is still far from her old cheeky self, I doubt now if she ever will be, old age can be so cruel. We went to see her yesterday and she barely knew us, or if she did she couldn’t bebothered, it is so sad………So every one have a good day With lots of love 

          Jan xx  


Saturday, 10 March 2007

Spring is in the air


Spring has sprung ,the grass is rizz,wonder where the lawn mower is ?

Well of course I know where it is ,its in the back of the shed,Iwas putting out the washing in the sun shine that finally arrived this week ,I realise the grass needs cutting ,When he has his days off I must na ....ask Maurice to mow the lawn he is working his second night tonight  ,so needs to sleep through the day so it wouldnt be fair to nag him about it . 

Have you seen my side bar ,I am supporting our dear friends Jeannette and Sugar as you all know ,Im sure ,have had such awful news this week ,and to say thankyou too, to Donna for my lovely graphic,she too is worrying about someone ,They all need our prayers ,which of course they can be sure of ,and are in our thoughts ,sending you Ladies lots of good vibes and all our love .

Shh... do you think Spring is here ?Ithink it might be !We have had some lovely sunshine this week ,and we all feel better when we see the sun ,it even spurred me on to wash the cream cushion covers ,which looked lovely on the line the other day ,and smelled so lovely and fresh when I brought them in again ,to iron ,yes Im up to date with the dreaded ironing ,I have felt really good today ,I think you have to be poorly now and again ,to appreciate how good it is to feel well .

I had the loveliest surprise earlier ,whilst out shopping my sister Jean bumped into(not literally ) an old school friend,who is the cousin of an old School friend of mine,and got her phone number for me ,I rang her a little while ago ,she was just leaving to go to the theatre,so for the short while we chatted ,she expressed her delight ,and made me promise to ring again,which of course I cant wait to do ,so I will let you know how it goes ,When I say she was a school friend ,thinking about it, we knew each other before we started school ,so we go back along way though havent been in touch for at least fourty years GOSH ! ....I have added some pictures of my jaunt to the shops this morning ,and shown you some of the goodys I bought ,The pictures of the shop called Lavender Blue are becoming a feature now ,arent they ? I showed the pictures of their Christmas display and Valentines one too ,so felt I should show the latest  Spring/Easter/Mothers day ,its as lovely as always ....Well I think thats it for this time ,Have a good Saturday Evening Everyone ,With Love From

Friday, 9 March 2007

One of Reg's poems

He Gave, He Took, But Gave Again.


Yesterday, I told you about Wenn the Pen who was our guest speaker at the over sixties club, last Wednesday, I told you I had bought his book of poems and stories ,I was browsing through the book and rather liked the following poem, which I’d like to share with you …..


God’s greatest gift to mankind is the wonderful gift of life, despite arriving in the world to a smack from the good midwife, to make you take a good deep breath, and fill your lungs with air, before they weigh and wash you, and brush your strands of hair.


God gave us eyes and ears to see and hear, a voice to make a noise, and some are made in different ways, to determine girls from boys, when old enough we go to school, learning to read and count, also we learn of Jesus Christ, and the Sermon on the Mount.


In your teens you find different skills, and one to which you endear, although I loved my carpentry, my desire was to be a motor engineer, thank’s to Gods wonderful gift of skill, I was able to fulfil  my dream, by working on petrol powered engines as well as diesel and steam.


There is a well known script of old;’ The Lord Giveth and taketh away,’ myself I suffered from that experience, when at my work one fateful day, I do not blame the Lord  above ,for the accident I was to befall ,But I often think that he gave me the skills, but in seconds he  took them all.


That happened many years ago, and left me confined to a wheel chair, but I kept my sense of humour and religiously said my daily prayer, But I still believe God’s on my side, for he has given me the will to fight, in fact he given me more than that, he’s given me poetic skills to write,


So the Lord has given and taken away, but I know he’s given again, I can write my verses with a smile, despite being in constant pain, Out of my window I see the blue sky,Isee the birds upon the green trees,these manyare the gifts of God,for his flock he loves to please .

By Wenn the Pen 

I promised my friend Freda ,remember Freda from Freda's Diarys ?Well she has started another journal now that she has retired please pay her a visit

Have a lovely weekend everyone with love from.....

Thursday, 8 March 2007

The over 60's,and those eggs !


I copied this picture from the back of the book hence not very good quality

Don’t sit on the fence, go for it !


When we arrived at the hall for the over 60’s meeting yesterday, I saw a lady and gentleman sitting at the table near the stage ,what I didn’t notice at first was that the man was sitting in a wheel chair .After the chair lady had made all the announcements ,She introduced us to our speaker ,Mr Reg Wenn,a writer and poet ,who lives West of Chatteris in Acre fen at the Haven farm  ,which is in the heart of the fens ,he went on to introduce us to his lady driver ,and helper also called Jan ,he said due to an accident he had been wheel chair bound for a number of years ,though he didn’t say when  or how ,and that he calls himself Wenn the Pen ,and how he loves to write about all the things he sees around him, He explained he would read some of his poetry ,and tell us some story’s ,but in-between would be playing some tunes from shows and on the piece of paper provided ,we were to guess which tune the show came from ,there were six questions ,no 1 was Phantom of the opera ,no2 was aspects of love ,3 was cats ,4 was Joseph and his amazing dream coat ,I have forgotten the other two but you get the idea ,at the end the papers were collected up ,and along with a few others I won my six lovely brown chucky eggs ,He lives with his sister and her husband on a chicken farm and apparently folks travel from miles around to buy their eggs from them ,some of his stories were a bit tongue in cheek ,corny even, but none the less amusing ,for instance …and this is all in the lovely fenland accent ….My sister though she shouldn’t ,made a favourite of one of the hens ,it didn’t live in the hen house along a the others but in the garden ,she had Esmeralda for a number of years ,when one morning she went out to put the washing on the line and saw Esmeralda ,on the lawn feet up ,so she being in such a state orf we went to the vet ,who said ‘I’m afraid she’s dead ‘no no not Esmeralda she cant be ,no no no ,well said the vet ,if you don’t believe me Ill fetch Bonny my Labrador dog in to check ,if its alive shell torment it ! in came the dog sniffed and out it went ,She’s not dead she’s not ,right said the vet ,lets get the cat ,,she’ll chase it out of here if its alive .so in came the cat ,looked sniffed and strolled out ,,right said the sister very upset ,I suppose I have to accept that she’s gone ,now what do I owe you ?£140 ..said the vet ,WHAT ,Well said the vet it would have been £10 if you had listened to me in the first place ,but since then ,you have had a Lab report and a cat scan !!! well as stories like these we listened to some great poetry, and I bought one of his books …SO ,if you like I will tell some more another time ,So as Reg real name, Redfern Arthur Wenn,says don’t sit on the fence go for it ,

Have  a lovely day everyone…With love from

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

''Keep as new ''

Thankyou Donna ....

Keep as new 

I like to, read all your entries before I do my own posting, but this morning each one I tried to leave a comment on  I have been informed there is a server problem, so I’m not ignoring you folks its just I’m not allowed ,I have read the entries and clicked on ‘keep as new ‘,so if I can I will go back and comment ,if not you will know the reason for my silence ….Good old AOL  every time they give us something new and wonderful ,they take away something necessary and basic….Why give us the facility to make a comment ,then not allow us to ….and if we are really bad ,we get our buttons taken away ,me I’d sooner stand in the corner for half an hour ,or I’d even accept a slap of the ruler in the palm of my hand (been there ,done that, learned from it )(a long time ago! He he he) is it any wonder we don’t post as often as we used to, WE CANT!! Better stop whinging or my buttons will be confiscated.

Later …..Hey every thing is back, alleluia, but now it’s too late to do an entry …I went to the over sixties club this afternoon, had a brilliant time, the speaker was a gentleman writer, who though wheel chair bound kept us well amused, with his poems and stories of the fens ,observations on life in general, and from the chicken farm where he lives with his family, and I won six brown eggs that were fresh this morning I will be back to tell you all about it later,as usual with love .....

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Im still here !

Hi ,a long time since I did an entry ,but as Maurice has been on holiday ,Aunty Kitty  is still quite poorly ,and then I got a bug ,which left me with no energy and feeling tired,the days have just gone by ....we are now into March,did you say White Rabbits on Thursday ?Did March come in like a lion ?it was very windy here ....March winds doth blow and we shall have snow,and what will the Robin do then poor thing ? Oh I do hope we have done with the snow...well doesnt March 21st herald spring ? if thats the case we have just three weeks to go we drove into Peterborough to see Aunty Kitty last Wednesday it made us sad to see just how poorly she is , we called into see Mike and Jackie to tell them how Aunty was ,and as you see I took a couple of pictures of Bobbie ,I couldnt believe she had a squeaky handbag ,remember her in the tou tou at Christmas ?   ,on our way home we saw a big old Hare ! what do they say mad, as a March Hare ? he was bounding down the road a head of us ,with out a care in the world .We went to Huntingdon and onto St Ives one day ,as I said we've been into Peterborough a couple of times ,last Friday we went into M&S and I spent my vouchers ,yes you have guessed it I bought the shoes you see in the picture ....what else ? oh yes Debbie came round to see me whilst I was ill and brought me the lovely flowers ,the smell is delightful ,and oh yes I  finished my cardi ,needless to say not the ironing though ,well I have been poorly .... I hope Im feeling better by Monday as it is WI again and the speaker is Mr Arthur Golden (appropriate name)to tell us about 'The Life of a Honey Bee'and if its any good I will of course share it with you ,then on Wednesday its  the over 60's club but dont know what excitment is planned for that meeting , I think thats me ,pretty much up to date  so I shall wish you all a lovely weekend ,with love from

Thanks to Chris and Dianna for my tags today