Wednesday, 30 November 2005

First she dont then she does ???

After a hard frost in the night ,its a sunny day now ,Maurice has gone ready to start his shift at twelve again .I had an email from Rebecca ,yesterday ,saying if they pick me up in the mornings at say 8.45am would I reconsider ,just 2/3 days a week at the court I retired from ,until Dec 30th with christmas week negotiable I think Ive decided to accept ,they are obviously stuck ,and as you know it was never the work that was the problem just that epic voyage in the mornings !Idid say yesterday Id never hang myself didnt I?that was after Id agreed to work again in the summer ,Rebecca did actually say if I felt I just couldnt do it; to let her know and she would stop pestering me till I came out of hibernation again in the spring !So thats the state of play at the moment .

This situation has arisen because the company are building/opening a new Extra care sheltered accomadation ,and  J the girl whos court I was at last, got the position as Manager there; now the girl who took my job when I retired,is taking over at Js court ,so leaving my old court un managed until I suppose ,the new manager who is having to work notice .Is ready to take over in the new year ,Whew sorry about that ,did I manage to explain it ,clearly !!Dont answer that lol

After all that; I cant go in as I explained to Rebecca ;this Monday as I have a dentists appointment ,the crown on one of my front teeth has broken ,its not bad enough that all your own bits are not what  they were; the artificial ones are cracking up now also . Remember the specs yesterday !!

   With much love from whats left of me       Jan xx


Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Tuesday ,and the week is well under way again !Iwent to the computer course again yesterday ,and as I said to Chrissy,"What have we learned really ",yesterday it was looking up stuff on the internet ,for example,the price of stall seat tickets to see Mama Mia , does Madame Tussards have wheel chair access,the price of tickets on the London eye ,on a day in York wanting to visit the railway museum and find out about vikings .So I now know all that ,hah I did before ,but keep going ,in the hopes things will happen !!I will have to explain to the tutor next week ,We clearly explained what we could do and what we needed to know on the first enrollment day ,I suppose,,its a set format ,see what next week brings ,and they hadnt got my book I ordered,It will be in today !!so can get it next week . Im having a right old whinge arent I ?

The pictures ,were taken a couple of weeks ago when the family were here ,thats Paul and Becka and baby Keira,Paul in the everlasting base ballcap ,if ever he decides to remove it ,it will need to be done surgically ! not good pics of Keira she seems to have crosseyes its the way her little Mum was holding her I think ,and Grandaughter Charlotte Janet ,my shes a string bean now ,the sunset is taken from the bus window ,across the Fens ,on my way to the computer course the other week ,thinks I must take some more !Ive become complacent , its this silly cold .

I had a phone call this morning ,from my team leader, its her assistant Carolyne  Ive been talking to this last week ,Rebecca was concerned I was ill ,hoped it wasnt the work that had made me so ,no says I its the travelling ,buses etc ,and this cold was the final straw ,she was so understanding ,and wanted to know would I do holiday cover next year ,in the better weather !!Ididnt actually mind that so I go again ,but not yet !!Ill never hang myself will I?              Maurice is at work today from twelve until ten so I have the day to pass by myself I dont mind as there is plenty Ican do here ,OH   one of  the lenses has just dropped out of my specs ,Im off to put my contact lenses in,and hope Maurise can fix them when he gets home ,the glasses Imean ............So Ill be seeing you LOL             with love Jan xx

Sunday, 27 November 2005

We are gonna get lit up !

Here we go Sunday again ,we have just come back from a trip to Peterborough ,we ended up calling in at Aldis ,we were just down the second isle and I felt my bag vibrating ,yes my mobile phone was ringing it was Mark and Chrissy ,where are you says Chrissy ,at Aldis says I, roars with laughter  from Chrissy ,they had just left there ,and were in the car park ready to come over to visit us ,so we all came back to ours ,after we finished our shopping .Maurice doesnt mind shopping in Aldi as they often have stuff in there that he can slip into the trolley ,tools etc ,today it was some exterier lights to go around the trellis he made ,in the summer around the patio area in the garden,that found thier way into the trolly .Im inclined to think men and shopping  dont naturally  go together ,they tend to stand behind you sighing , have you noticed ,although he likes some places better than others !!We also bought a slim line dvd player ,our combi with the video seems to have packed up ,the video bit still works and this cost £23 ,so not bad ,So while Im doing this entry Maurice is watching War of the Worlds .Mark and Chrissy have gone home to get thier evening meal and I shall have to think about getting ours ,and that brings me back to the topic of eating evening meals we spoke about a week ago,cant believe thats another week gone .Oh, Ive just gone through to the lounge ,the dvd is playing to itself, Maurice is out there putting his lights around afore mentioned trellis so looks as though we shall be lit up tonight !!incidentally the lights are all red ,but I want no comments about red light areas etc ,this old gals too old to be sitting in any window!! lol

So on that mind boggling thought I shall go and see to some dinner,              With love Jan xx    

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Whats in a name ?

A very mixed day here weather wise !it has rained on and off all night ,and morning ,and then some sun ,(no rainbow)and wind .Much like the way Im feeling actually ,very mixed !one minute Im feeling so much better ,then start to do some thing ,then need a little rest ,so Im not as over it as Id like to think .Right thats the boring stuff out the way ...The weather and my  ailments !!

Now this name ........Ally and I decided,its time to tell you since no one has guessed ,But weve had a giggle at some of your sugestions,Alison and Alexandra were popular ,no Alice ,Alicia , Elaine even but no .....I think Sara came close when she suggested Dool-Ally !!what is she like ?

Ive often wondered were my Mother got the name from ,I suspect the District nurse at the time had something to do with it ,she certainly influanced my friend Serenas Mother ,I can remember her,Mum telling us ,how Nurse Windross,would suggest names for the babies she delivered .But as my sister Jean pointed out ,when my Granny died and we were sorting out her house ,I was in the pantry and was heard to shriek"Thats it! Im named after a plate ".I had found an odd, rather nice old plate, navy blue and white ,all crazy cracked ,its hanging on my wall even as we speak .....I had picked up the plate and turned it over ,as you do !and there it was .........Althea        On that happy note        I wish you all a good day from her and a good day from me !!!!         (Jan xx)

Friday, 25 November 2005

Lady of leisure!!

Good day everyone ,was going to say good morning but noticed its now noon ,I have been reading journals Id missed ,some how I havent been getting alerts for some, since the troubles,so have had a lovely time reading and catching up, I  didnt get up very early ,am turning into a slob !!I do think Im feeling abit better today though,I  have to admit I have felt really ill these last few days ,I had to ring my team leader ,yesterday to say whether Id be in today or not ,she was very understanding ,but I have been very honest with myself ,and her!. yes youve guessed it Ive thrown in the towel. I decided to hang up my managers hat .Thirteen months after I officially retired Ive done it again ,well it was only holiday and sick cover but it was getting to be most weeks ,the work yes I love it ,but the travelling was getting too much ,it wasnt so bad in the summer months ,but now the cold winter mornings are a very daunting prospect .

What am I going to do with my time now? I can assure you I wont be bored !! I wont have to feel guilty at all the time I spend on here for one thing ,I have my knitting ,sewing ,reading to say nothing of the house to look after ,so yes I feel it was a good decision,and though I dont feel it I will be sixty five in February ,what a thought ! Off now to look out my smelling salts and have a little swoon !!          With Love Jan xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Hot and cant be bothered !!

Another day ,divided between bed and little sleeps ,and computer and little reads. Now Ill try an entry,Ive been reading a book as well ,just finished another Patricia Cornwell ,When I was at the library where the computer classs are held, I asked if they had that book about Wilkie Collins that Jeannette recommended,they havent got it in, but have put in an order for me,I look forward to that.Was notified today my heating allowance would be going into my bank shortly .The government give it too pentioners each winter to help towards fuel costs,I suppose I should return mine,because at the minute Im burning up ,with this silly bug ,time for more paracetamol I think ! Im supposed to let my team leader know tomorrow if Ill be fit by Friday,at the moment my answer would be no, but see how I feel tomorrow .At the moment no one has guessed the name Ally and I share,we have been quite interested in some of your answers,So wont be telling you just yet LOL ,as I said Im due my next fix !! so will go and take it along with lots of fluids.

    I hope you all stay fit ,with love Jan xx         

Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Change of plan

I went to the computer class again yesterday,you sit on the bus ,idly watching the little town pass by the bus windows ,AND  THEN we pull up at the school ,and on clamber about four hundred,school children ,ages ranging from I suppose eleven to............young ladies and men I mean these lovely young things arent school kids !! of course they are ,I sit back and listen to them amused by their snippets of conversations ,their boy/girl  friends ,one young fella saying" I dont love Sophie any more! " he was all of twelve I would think ! A couple of boys discussing science ,and then another young lady ,"Oh he still rings me up ,but hes gay now ,and so is his cousin ".and then opposite me this tiny little thing  all of eleven I would think,she had lovely blonde hair right down her back ,she was covered in all this beautiful young skin ,proceeds to plaster her little face ,from her compressed powder compact .Oh bless em they certainly made a boring journey less so !Who was it said youth is wasted on the young ,all that energy I could so put that to good use .(There was really only about fourty on the bus !!)

Today I woke as Maurice was leaving at about five fourtyfive feeling awful ,yes Id succumbed to the bug that had plagued him ,so I stayed in bed and went back to sleep untill about nine o clock when I rang in sick,I dont like letting them down ,but it would not be fair to inflict this bug on the vunerable group I would be working with .So instead of sitting on the buses riding along the roads and droves ,beside dykes and drains (Fen talk )I was snuggled up in my bed feeling sorry for myself AHH.

Yesterday when I wrote Im learning more about everyone,I was going to tell you Id recently learned  that Ally and I share the same name ,it is my second name and her first,I have spoken to her and we thought it might be rather fun if you could guess what the name is ,of course we have told some of you but ,you wont tell if you already know , of course my sister knows ,and she wont say anything ,just a bit of fun  folks ,So what is Ally short for ?

   Enjoy the evening everyone     Jan xx

Monday, 21 November 2005

Six days shalt thou labour!!!!

Here it is Monday again ,dont know where the weeks go ,I think Ive used that opening line before ,Its an age thing when you start repeating yourself.  isnt it ? Theres got to be some hope for me cause I know Im doing it !

How well   Im getting to know you all now ,its amazing how much of our selves we give away ,possibly without meaning to .This Sunday lunch /dinner thing for instance ,as a small child We would be eating our dinner at lunch time whilst listening to the Billy Cotton band show ,on the radio !Its only I think that so many of us worked ,that the ritual of the Sunday roast moved to tea time,and we have even been known not to have the traditional roast sometimes ,though I have to admit,I do tend to cling on to the "ritual", creatures of habit arent we ,any way I learned that most of you eat in the evening.

I didnt get the skirt cut out I got side tracked and sort of spring cleaned the kitchen instead ,I did finish the ironing though ,only to wash some more LOL ,thinks, there must either be very dirty people or very clean folks in this house cause Im always washing lol,and dont often see the bottom of the ironing basket .Idid finish the cardy Im knitting ,apart from ......picking up all the stitches around the front sides and back to form the rib ,done on a circular needle !!Ido set my self some tasks/challenges .Leads me in to another thought ,my Grandmother would have frowned on any sewing or knitting tasks being undertaken on a Sunday ,and Colleen reminded me about the one of washing on a Sunday when she said,her neighbour had commented about her nappys being on the line on a Sunday ,my dear Father in Law used to tell me Id go to the moon !!as I pegged my nappys out ,Mother in law however ,would say better the day better the deed ,and she was the more God fearing .Bless her ......Well that was Sunday,Have a good Monday everyone .           With love Jan xx 

Sunday, 20 November 2005

Diving straight in !!

I havent done a test shot today, I am as the title suggests ,diving straight in !Such is my faith in good old AOL !!yesterdays title is giving me a headache ,"Its still working "what advert was that from ,I cant remember and nor can Maurice,Pause here ......................Son Mark and Chrissy his wife have just been to visit ,nice surprise ,Maurice has gone back to bed feeling awful with a cold ,he hasnt had one for ages ,you forget how poorly they can make you feel ,so as hes off today he might as well chill out .Not a long entry today .I will go and prepare our lunch, late I know ,we never eat early,because when we are at work we have our dinner in the evening,so we are never ready till later

So on that happy note I will wish you all a happy and blessed Sunday . Jan xx  

Saturday, 19 November 2005

Its still working

Old Jack Frost has been busy in the night ,Maurice was called in to work today ,I wasnt to happy about that,something to do with animal rights protesters ,hes in security ,so because of the nature of the job,I cant say more !as you will have gathered hes younger than me so is still working . Hes just called me, frost and fog ,all the way to work .try to be positive! hopefully a few frosts will kill off some of the silly bugs that have been doing the rounds .

The funeral yesterday went well,Ivy was such a favourite of mine (there Ive said it )and her husband Derek and her were such a devoted couple ,they were a pleasure to take care of .We arrived early enough to meet lots of old friends outside ,the crem ,The service started with a song by David Whitfield I didnt know it but it was a favourite of theirs obviously .The vicar was lovely said alot  of the things this dear couple had told me , and more .They have a lovely family , Many of whom Id met in the course of the job .They have two daughters and two sons ,grandchildren and great grandchildren ,Ivy was only seventy six ,not old by todays standards .Both her daughters live locally ,as do many grandchildren and their familys .The sons are further away, one son quite a high ranking officer in the RAF,stationed in Scotland wore his dress uniform and medals as his Dad had asked him too ,choked me up as he saluted his mothers coffin ,The youngest son ,lives in Las Vegas ,and plays in David Cassidys backing group .Afterwards we were invited back for refreshments at the public house Ivy and Derek kept before they retired ,Derek hugged me and said "I wish we could all still be together having our coffee and fags !"I told him Im coming over again in December to work  ,and would come to visit so to make sure he has the kettle on !Oh yes the tears flowed ,She loved you ,you know Derek said so do I ,................there are some lovely people out there you know and a pleasure to work with ,I havent done this entry to make you sad ,I hope, just sharing my highs and lows.And in a way my tribute to Ivy who touched my life with warmth and love ,and hope she knew it was returned ,Good night, God Bless dear friend .

Lots to do today ,some shopping ,the everbloominglasting ironing ,I might even cut out the skirt from the new material ,I bought .Have a good day my friends keep warm .         with love   Jan xx



Friday, 18 November 2005

Ithink its working

Shh!        I think its working so this is a quicky by way of a test run .Its now nearly eleven o clock so Im not going to do any thing too amazing at this time of night ,Im using red because if its working then its a red letter day if not,then its the colour of my anger grr! If it does work Id like to thank the person who managed to find the solvent ,and managed to free my save button ,did you know someone had stuck it up with super glue ,there is a hefty reward ,if we can find the culprit !!          Thinks.. Ill leave it there for now ,and do a proper entry tomorrow .               Na night and god bless   Jan xx


Thursday, 17 November 2005

Goodness only knows

Here I go .........Im risking an entry because my good and patient friends have sent me the key to unlock this ravel !!So with everything crossed ,and thanks to JEANNETTE and SANDRA.........

I havent done an entry since Sunday so Ive lost my place .Where was I?you must make allowances for my dementia ,dont mock its an occupational hazaad,its called relating to my residents ,(well thats my excuse ,Im just wappy really )(Ishouldnt be insulting your intelligence ,by telling you that )Oh yes Igot a phone call from work they are asking me to work full time on the court I retired from! err no Ive retired! phone call back, after meeting with great white chief would I do what Ive been doing ,three hours ,three days a week  Guess which cant say no muggins said OK then ,so Im back flogging my wares till after Christmas .I shall of course see how it goes ........and weve got alot of bad weather coming !!, will be nice to be with all my old friends through the Christmas period ,and of course the money will be handy ,if Iever get the time and energy to spend it LOL Iworked yesterday and Tuesday ,enjoyed it ,Ihave a funeral to go to tomorrow of a dear lady from the court I retired from ,she was abit special ,of course they are all special But Ivy was extra spesh ,Maurice is off tomorrow so he is taking me ,bless him ,then hes off till Monday and me till next Tuesday .Well Im dying to see if this works so enough waffleing !!

    With love Jan xx                and press save   

Sunday, 13 November 2005

We will remember them

Watching the Royal British Legion Festival of remembrance last evening ,attended by Her Majesty the Queen and members of her family ,evokes a whole gamut of emotions ,proud, sad,patriotic ,and as a woman angry ,would there be wars if it was up to the women I dont know ?we struggle to give life ,it is so precious ,and yet war can deprive us of those we love , And the service at the cenotaph this morning .................and songs of praise tonight ,all serves to remind us ,our Lord asked us to love one another .My other Lord well he was my Dad ,used to say "If you cant do somebody a good turn,theres no need to do em a bad  un  either " I have watched and enjoyed the services ,from young Catherine Jenkins singing ,Well meet again ,watched by Dame Vera Lynn,and then the young airman singing Ill be seeing you (reminds me I courted my own Brylcream boy once for a short while !)the storys told by those who served !!The hymn singing ,Guide me oh thou great redeemer,The day thou gavest Lord has ended ,Am I getting old! tears flowed ,The soldiers the sailors and the airmen ,and all of the others who played/play their part ,that me and mine could/can be free ,May God bless each and everyone ,and those that have gone before ,may they find eternal peace .I once went to see the war graves at Arnem,how humbleing is that ?and will always carry the memory of twin soldiers lying side by side ,nineteen years old .

     When you go home tell them of us ,for your tomorrow we gave our today .

                          With love Jan xx

Saturday, 12 November 2005

Excuse me Madam !!

Here in J-land you dont really know who you are talking to !!!so with that in mind ,Im about to tell you something ,thats been on my mind ,to tell or not to tell ?.................Well here goes ~~

I got ,done for shoplifting ! It was like this, I was in John Lewis ,department store in local shopping centre ,Id broken my tail comb ,so found what I wanted ,remembered I also needed some blusher ,so made my way to the cosmetics department which is near the door ,happened to look out and thought I saw some one I knew ,as it happened it wasnt !But nearly jumped out of my skin when a blooming great hand ,grabbed my shoulder !Excuse me madam ,we believe youve got goods you havent paid for ,I tried to explain ,but no, this gorilla in security mans clothes wasnt having it !I was escorted to the managers office ,where this man told the manager his tale ,no one was listening to me ,then as they locked me into a little room off the managers office the words police were ringing in my ears ,oh my God ,what will work say! its bound to be in the Evening Telegraph ,whats the neighbours going to think ,and my family !and Maurices family ,and Maurice OH he will kill me ,I did some quick thinking ,looked around the room ,there was some racks with files  a couple of chairs,and a desk ,there was a window leading out onto a fire escape,just then I heard voices ,I made a decision , The window ,it was stiff,but I managed to get it open ,and Id straddled the window sill when into the room burst,a police man ,the manager,and the gorilla ,well there I was half in and half out of the window ,with this Tuddy great gorilla pulling my leg ,just like Im pulling yours.

                                                                Jan xx 

Friday, 11 November 2005

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

As I begin this entry ,the time is ~~10.57,on the eleventh of the eleventh ,it feels appropriate to tell you about an uncle ,I never met ,My Uncle Jack ,he was my Dads younger brother ,I never met him but he was often spoken ofwith lots of love,sometimes with lots of laughter because I gather he was quite mischievous,as a young boy,And quite a "leg puller",when in his youth .One story I remember (little pitchers have big ears ) my Granny telling ~~she was storing some apples for Christmas ,under her bed!! on a large tray and would check them from time to time for bad ones ! She realised though that the apples were disappearing so she ,became vigilant ,when Jack thought no one was watching ,he crept up the stairs ,unknown to him watched by his Mother from the stairs where she could see into her bedroom,he was lying on his belly ,half under the bed  with crunching noises coming from,under the bed Granny crept up and to use her words,"Slapped his arse ,and said caught you ,you little bugger !"she always told this story with a proud chuckle and wiped away a tear ,Uncle Jack was popular with every one ,had lots of girl friends untill he became engaged to "Aunty" Dorothy ,a lovely girl from the next village .

And then came the war ,my Uncle was called up along with thousands of other men to fight for his country .I dont recall any more of the story prior to this ,but he was badly shot at Dunkirk,dont know how he got home .but this happened in the May of 1940,he was hospitalized ,patched up ,and sent home to recover ,but in the November ,was due to go back to the hospital for more surgery .Uncle Jack had had all his private parts shot away,and according to an older cousin who sadly ,recently passed away,she could remember putting her fingers into the holes in his legs ! My Mother who was pregnant with me  then (Iwas born the following February ) asked Uncle Jack ,would he be home for Christmas ,his reply Oh yes Phylis,yes Ive got some thing planned ,A couple of days before he was due to return to the hospital ,he went over to the wash house across the yard at the back of the house and shot himself through the head ,my Granny heard the shot ,................after finding her son ,she ran the seventy yards or so to our house for my Dad ,who was home for his lunch .Icant do any more .

Aunty Dorothy I can remember ,I can clearly see some brown gloves she knitted for me ,so she must have been around for some time after ,and I can also remember every one getting excited at wedding photos of her ,She married an American air man and went back to America,with him after the war ,I do hope she had a happy life .

I can also remember standing by my Dads side at a service in our Church when the plaque was unveiled ,with the names of the men from our village ,who had lost their lives that we might be free,I wouldnt have been very old but I can ,still hear the last post being sounded,and singing Oh,Valiant Hearts.

                     Jan xx 

Thursday, 10 November 2005

This and That

The crazy news flash last evening,was as a result of a phone call I recieved from Catherine (Kate ),She had spoken to me a couple of days prior ,and indicated it might happen, but as soon as it was official ,I felt I had to let you know,since weve been in on it from nearly the beginning ,so to speak ,Im quite excited now ,looking forward to seeing him on the programme ,Kate said if she thought hed get on with Maddy hed definitely be coming home with her , Oh dear now arent we all surprised !!.

I had a phone call from my boss ,yesterday ,she wants me to do some cover at the court I was at the  week  before last ,The manager there is leaving the court to manage an "extra sheltered"accomadation,soon to be opened by the company,So until the new manager starts in December ,I look as though I shall be busy,it does my morale good to keep being called back,Its a year now since I retired ,and the money is nice especially this time of year !So Ive got till next Tuesday to get my self organised  .Now that is a laugh I dont do organised..........though on reflection I suppose I must do to a certain extent ,but certainly not on the scale my Mother did ,she religiously kept to a routine,each day had its own set of tasks ,that just had to be done whatever ,so I suppose Im rebelling in a small way ,but of course Mum never worked full time so its a different life style, different times, there wasnt any of the "labour saving gadgets",so all day could be spent ,for instance washing . So I suppose its not really fair to compare is it ? So on that happy note ............ 

     Have a good one ................Jan xx  

Wednesday, 9 November 2005


News Flash ,          Dodger on the

Paul OGrady      show tomorrow

Catherine got a text from,her friend at Wood green today ,it was confirmed although wed heard there was a possiblity,quite a star isnt he ??       Jan xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Busy doing Nothing !!!

Good Morning ,another sunny day here !!(so far )if abit windy ,what to write?I shouldnt be writing at all.... yet ,Ive got loads of ironing ,well quite a lot !!Since its fine I ought to be in the garden!still got a tray of winter pansys to put into the pots in the front ,but because its sheltered out there the busy lizzies still look good so havent liked to disturb them !!I forgot to confess when I was at work last week I went and bought some material (winter weight ) so I could cut out the skirt ,before I hoover!!Ive got Birthdays coming up,I ought to be writing cards ! I suppose because its fine the windows might like a clean Can you see where this entrys going ?...............Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow LOL!!!

Seriously,    Yesterday Chrissy and I went to our class,apart from abit of history about how the internet was formed ,I still havent learned any thing really new,Im either more clever than I thought ,No I know that isnt the answer ,there is more to come ,Must learn to crawl before I walk !!some of you commented Id be showing you what to do,Idont think so.........some of you are so clever ,if I could achieve your standards Id be delighted . 

We watched the first part of Lynda La Plantes,Trial and Retribution last evening ,looking forward to tonights concluding episode .I ve just read her book Above Suspicion ,and enjoyed it, although the main character ,reminded me abit of Jane Tennison,from Prime suspect,and even abit like Patricia Cornwalls Dr Kay Scarpetta,purely coincidental,Im sure maybe its because all the characters are women striving to succeed in a mans world .

   Have a lovely day everyone ,I have to go and find some thing to do !!                 Jan xx

Monday, 7 November 2005

Monday again

First of all ,thanks for your comments regarding the vivis Im pleased so many of you agreed with me ,I wondered if Id been too out spoken ,but felt something had to be said ,and since I was never in the running ...............

Now today is a total contrast to yesterday weather wise ,the sun is shining ,a slight breeze,and Ive got work shirts ,looking nice and bright and white in the sunshine ,remember the satisfaction of lines of lovely white fluffy nappies girls ?

Number two son rang me last evening ,as is his wont ,he lives with Tricia,his wife and three sons Micky ,Edward and Christopher ,in Gillingham in Dorset ,well the outcome of the phone call was ~they ve had their computer repaired,and I didnt realise this before ,they are with AOL, so hes going to have a look at my journals,so I shall have to watch what I sayLOL.Derek is lots of fun,with a brilliant sense of humour ,so I await his comments with the warning ,Iam able to block comments if they get too cheeky!!remember the flipflops Derek,your not to big yet !!(Iused to threaten them with my flip flops ,saying Id beat them ,only to greeted with roars of laughter )Derek was heard telling someone once, they had to salute my flip flops ............Tereble Mother I was !!! they were good kids,and now they are my bestest friends .We had some tough times but lots of good too and many happy memories .

This afternoon Im meeting Chrissy,shes number one sons wife,(Mark)we are going to our computer class ,this will be our third week ,the first was to enroll,Ihavent learned any thing new yet ,but we are getting nearer,so Ill be able to understand many things,that havent been clear up to now ,hopefully.

Since the weather was so nice Ive been potting some tradescanthia(spelling )(Inipped/nicked )from a plant at the court Iwas at the other week !!You can do so much more when the weather is nice ,both inside and out , 

          HAVE A GOOD MONDAY EVERYONE ..............JAN XX

Sunday, 6 November 2005

Hello everyone ,A wet and windy Sunday ,Maurice is working today so Ive been chilling here .Then decided to go up to the town centre,,so braving the elements,the drizzle and the wind,off I set ,Just got back right, its chucking it down now.,there was a fantastic array of breads,cheeses meats wines/cider,oils ,I enjoyed looking and wandering, I did buy some rather nice pate ,Ive just sampled  some on some crusty bread  Id  bought from Somerfield yesterday !! As you know I worked three days last week so Ive been playing catchup ,with jobs in doors and journal alerts to say nothing of recharging my  energy.We discovered on Thursday ,our phone was dead ,Maurice called BT  on his mobile, I cant get a signal on mine at home ,did all the checks when we unplugged the modem (from another socket not the phone one  )we found the phone was OK ,so its phone OR online at the minute ,not both ,I rang AOL,who suggest the modem might be at fault so ,sending me another meanwhile..................Are you still checking Dodgers progress at Woodgreen? they do an update each weekday ,on Fridays one you can see a pic of Kate with Kerrie ,Woodgreens manager and Dodger of course ,Kate tells me Dodger went over to Peterborough, to the Forward press offices ,and there were more pics taken ,so Im  looking forward to Mondays update,every one at the office to quote Kate were well up for meeting him ,and hes loving all the attention ,makes you wonder about his history,no one has claimed him and there has been alot of publicity HMMM?

Now before I go, its got to said ~~~Well done to all the vivi award winners.........Im new to journals so didnt qualify to be nominated so ,its not sour grapes !!!But there are some damn good brit journals, that are as good and often better than the winners ,and when you look at the work and time  effort and research some of our people put into their journals Well Im disapointed ............So there ,      you know who you are folks ,in my opinion your simply the best ,better than all the rest ,Ishall keep reading your excellent journals,    With love Jan xx 

Thursday, 3 November 2005

Oh Mum hes lovely!!!!

Work today !up at six ,catch the first of my buses,at seven thirtyfive to get to work by nine,fifteen ,Called all the residents all fine ............except no answer from I at no 16 ,spoke to a neighbour who was concerned,got back onto control in case they had omitted to give me a message concerning  I no ,they had had no message ,arr well !got the master key let myself in to Is bungalow, calling her name peeping into each room ,wondering what I might find ,(Ive had a few experiences,as you will imagine ,over the years ,and you never get used to it !!)Nothing ,   look for next of kins numbers ,who tell me she was admitted to hospital Tuesday night ,They should in the event of no manager on site have notified control,all they had to do was pull the cord,notified control who would have notified me !!!.Well Im home again now .Well I supose I must be or who is doing this entry !

I had an e-mail ,from Kate ,closely followed by a  phonecall from a very excited Kate yesterday afternoon saying Ive been!! and hes lovely he was licking her ,she said hed had extensive surgery,and was shaved and they saw where all his stitches were ,what a marvelous place Mum ,she has an invite to go back with Maddy at Christmas ,she said they were treated like royalty ,shed gone with Kerrie, Forward presses PR girl ,who took lots of pics ,Kate is going to email me some ,so I hope to share them,with you ,once Kerrie has given them to Kate .Whilst there Kate got an email from her husband Martin ,simply saying,NO YOU CANT!!how well he knows her .any way you can see all this for your self if you click onto ~ If you go into sponsers you will find Dodgers story ,Kate was saying that their sister company had now pledged another four thousand ,arent people lovely ? 

         Enjoy whats left of Thursday folks          Jan xx 

Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Not so artful DODGER !!

The time spent on this computer ,is verging on disgusting .I find myself in a chicken and egg situation ,do I read all my alerts first or do I do an entry ?today Im not at work, I have read alerts , good job Idid, because in amongst the alerts was an e-mail from a very excited daughter Catherine/Kate ,now for the entry ....Kate works for a publishing firm she types and proof reads manuscripts .Yesterday she was approached by her boss to go to Wood green animal rescue centre(we adopted Scooby from there),to present a cheque on behalf of her boss and the company .The story was in the local press and local radio news,telling of an  eighteen month old terrier who had been involved in an accident with a lorry,dislocating his hip and with fractures down his back,so today our Kate is to meet a lady ,to see the theatre and the post op room,and to meet the aptly named DODGER!all of which is to be recorded,on webcam,so that all the people who donated will see her hand over the money,she has promised not to adopt Dodger she has a lovely german shepherd of her own,but knowing Kate she is going to be sorely tempted,I would assume its because of her enthusiam,about her own dear Maddy ,and training etc and her love of all animals that made her boss decide she was the obvious choice,to represent them today .I will of course keep you posted on this lovely story.


Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Reasons to be A W O L

Well the last couple of weeks have been crazy here,as I said Maurice had a few days off so decided to,laminate the floors in the lounge ,hall and this little room (the study ),fine until we learned the order would not be ready until the Friday so,whilst I finished up the ironing (so that we wouldnt be moving it around in its basket!) and doing abit of organized!clearing ,off he went to collect the flooring and everything else involved ,So that meant from a week last Friday till yesterday every where has been organised chaos here .Maurice went back to work on the Monday and has been doing as much as he can whenever he could ever since.Hes had yesterday and today off so its now more or less finished ,thank goodness ,though now I have to say it looks lovely hes made a good job ,I will post some pics when I find the battery charger for the camera!! I went to a tenants participation meeting on Saturday , which was fun ,I joined in a couple of workshops ,but spent most of the day networking  I now know so many more people with visiting, so many different courts over the holiday period ,I went to one today ,and Im going again on Thursday and Friday.So Im not able to stay at home to enjoy the new floor,and play house rearranging things again .Never mind "one day" ! Maurice is of till tomorrow so he took me to work  today ,so I didnt have to worry about buses . On our way home we called in to see Aunty Kitty ,who was pleased to see us , we got chatting to one of the careers ,remember I told you the house used to be the convent ,well this young lady was showing us were the original house was ,I asked her if shed ever seen any thing ,she said on two occasions ,yes the first was a nun in blue and the second all in white ,when I asked her how she felt ,she said calm and peaceful ,isnt that lovely ?         Well I ,think thats me more or less up to date,talking of dates its now November !did you say Rabbits this morning          With love Jan xx