Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Birthdays and bags

Hmm ..guess what this is ?

Good morning ,every one ,,look what came in the post yesterday ,I was the lucky winner on one of Gina Farrari's Aniverary post ,celebrtation draws ,a beautiful hand made corsage ,some of her own postcards ,and some delicious fudge Thank you so much Gina I love it .Gina is an extremely talented Textile Artist .

I was showing you some of the bags I had made for family and friends in a previous entry ,here are the latest oners I have made ,

one for ME !

Russian Dolls

And the back

Hmm ...look at this pile of material !

A bag of tomatoes ? So what was the first picture ?

Look Julie ! I used the letters you gave me ,Julia is another talented artist ,

can you guess what it is yet ?

Yes it is a bag for my laptop
I love this material ,of a key board ,click on the pic to make it larger .

My Dear Granddaughter Charlotte was 16 on June 27th she shares her Birthday with her brother Stuart who was 25,

Charlotte likes animal prints ,and playboy items so,I combined the two and made her a handbag ........

Charlotte and Granny Jan

The Birthday boy and girl with their Mum and Gran

Iain was still on leave

Colin Maurice and Iain

These pictures were taken out side Sharon's pub

The world cup was still on ,so you can see the flags in some of the pics ,Oh yes Mark ,my eldest boy ? was fifty at the end of April ,EEEK my kids are all middle aged ,gosh what does that make me? ....'NO ! don't go there' hee hee ,and then Sam my Kate's youngest was 15 in July ,no pictures Sam hates having his picture taken ,I don't know why he is such a handsome chap ,like his bigBrother Matt ,who was 18 in August ,and has been accepted for the college of his choice ,but will work for a year first ,I am so blessed to have such as lovely family .

My sister Jean has a Birhday this month too ,guess what she has asked for ?
And what a Maurice and Kizzy doing whilst Im slaving away over a hot sewing machine ???
Why ,cruising around the garden on my buggy ,in the sunshine ,see my flag ? didnt do much good though did it ?

Well folks I had better get back to the sewing machine ,so as ever love from