Thursday, 27 March 2008

Digby and other things ,

Thankyou for this lovely Graphic Donna ....

Now where shall I start?  Erm ….last Monday, after an abysmal weekend, weather wise, the day dawned bright and fine, My Daughter in law Chrissie rang to see if I would like to join her and Mark (my son) and Kate, for a trip into St Ives, (Cambs) there is a market there each Monday, but on a bank holiday ,it is really big ,many more stalls ,although we all agreed there weren’t as many due to the stall holders having to travel and the weather had been awful ,Didn’t buy much ,some slippers and Val Mcdermid book I hadn’t read ,after we had wandered about a while , it began to turn cold so as we made our way back to the car ,We saw this lady pushing this dear old dog, in baby buggy, all wrapped up in a blanket ,we stopped and spoke to her ,she said his name is Digby and he is seventeen years old , and had recently had some teeth out ,so to cheer him up ,she was taking him for a walk …..


Today at the minute it is bright and sunny, though the weather has been practising for April showers.

 On Monday we are going to Warwick, to the funeral, of my Brother in law, John, late husband Mick’s brother ,who has been fighting cancer for over a year ,he had a leg amputated last March , but sadly lost the fight last week ,He was special ,he gave Kate away when she got married ,she went to see him at the hospice  just before he died , and shared some precious time with him .So that is two Brothers in law we have lost in five months .

I spoke with Kath (Astoria sands) last evening ,she has moved now ,and has been quite poorly ,but sends her love to you all ,and hopes to be back on line by the middle of next week ,which pleases me, as I have missed her ,as I know you all have .

I have fallen behind with my comments so if you haven’t heard from me,’you will ‘

So for now I will close and as always love from



Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday


 This is the Easter card my great neices (Jeans Grand daughters )made for me .

I hope you are all having a peaceful Easter, We woke up this morning to snow, and though it had been forecast I was still surprised .Maurice who is working today ,rang up to say it was fine when he left home this morning at 5.30 ,but by the time he got to work it was just starting ,I was surprised at Kizzie who  loved it ,at first she thought it was some thing to eat ,then when she realised she couldn’t eat it all so she enjoyed her self charging about in it ,I hope it goes away as quickly as it came !


On Friday… Good Friday, we went into Peterborough, and as we left our little town we saw the crosses that the pilgrims put as they enter a village or town and as they leave it ,as they carry the cross (not sure where they started from this year )on their Pilgrimage though towns and villages and country roads  to Walsingham in Norfolk ,they had some atrocious weather to battle through this week has been awful ,high winds and rain, they passed through here on Tuesday ,I missed them sadly ,would love to have seen the procession .

We went to see Kate; Sam had been to a sleep over the night before so he was catching up on his rest! …And Charlotte came to see us when Kate texted her to say Granny and Maurice are here, Easter eggs were gratefully received lol

 Thankyou for this one Debbie ....

Yesterday, a certain dog that shall remain nameless! Jumped up beside me on the chair as I sat at my computer, she knocked the key board and after I sent out a ‘’Mayday ‘’ to Debbie, she came round and pronounced it dead! Huhh Well I couldn’t go all week end with out one could I? so though I hadn’t planned to go out in the horrid weather I donned warm clothes and went out and bought one from our local Computer shop, rather more than I would have paid in town but hey it was worth it for the convenience, and I supported the local shop, and any way you get what you pay for don’t you? And I called in all the shops on route to shelter from the gales, whether I needed anything or not! And in the charity shop I found the Toby jug Leprechaun, and then out side a house was a bucket of Daffodils, you put in your 50p and help your self, that happens all over the Fens, with fruit and veg and flowers, out side peoples homes often in very remote parts, isn’t it nice people can still be so trusting? , So on that happy note I wish you all a Very Blessed Easter Day, and leave you with this lovely graphic Donna made for me, with love from


Sunday, 16 March 2008

St Patricks day

Well today is Palm Sunday and next week it will be Easter ,it seems as though Christmas was just the other day ,but of course it will feel like that, because Easter is as early this year as it possibly can be ,and I understand from Sybil it wont ever be as early as this in our life time .Easter day is always the first Sunday after the full moon which happens on the or next after the 21st March ,and if the full moon falls on a Sunday ,Easter day is the week  after.


Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, and of course for Maurice being an Irish man the day is special, we have nothing planned but will have to see how things pan out, Four years ago we spent the day watching the wonderful parades in Killarney, and of course celebrating .We had the most amazing time the people, the scenery, and the music is something I will never forget.


Now this Tattoo!!Did you read Zoë’s entry? Weeeellll …When I worked at the nursing home one of the girls who  worked there  was desperate to have a tattoo, and during the conversation ,someone had dared me to have one done too ,and because I had just met Maurice it was at his suggestion I chose what I did ,and the dare was one I couldn’t resist  hee heee ,I even asked the tattooist if he gave reductions to pensioners he roared with laughter said he’d never been asked before  ,and guess what for my cheek he did ,No good having cheek if you don’t use it ,lol.





So there you are its a little Shamrock on my leg! And no one guessed it, ha ha.


Now before I go, I would like to ask you to visit Helens journal, she was quite badly burnt as a little girl, and to help others she feels she would like to share her journey, a very brave and lovely young lady ,I know you will give her a proper J Land welcome.

Enjoy what’s left of the day ,lots of love and





Friday, 14 March 2008

No pictures

So now, I sit down again to make an entry ,and I cant add my pictures ! is any wonder people arent posting as often as they used to ,Guido has been talking to Vishi about this ,but it seems we still have problems ,though I did discover when I went into the journals chat room ,if you find the pretty mauve screen,dont give up ,leave it a minute and it sometimes connects ,I  was so dissapointed  to have  just missed Yasmin the other night ...

After all the high winds of late ,we have a lovely spring day here ,I have done two loads of laundry and it is now blowing gently on the line in the sunshine ,I have also tidied up the garden abit ,putting things back in place that the wind blew over ,

After much agonising ...I have made the decision to cease to be the secretary of the Residents Forum,I found myself dreading the meetings ,and then not enjoying the discussions because I was so busy taking the minutes ,then the chore of coming home and making sense of my notes I have spoken with the Tenant Participation Manager and the Chairman ,who have both been so kind ,have understood  my reasoning ,but would like me to stay on the committee,which I would like to do .

Had things been different ,I would have been married 49 years today March 14th ,Mick died of a massive heart attack 25 years ago ,Funny how things pan out ,but now I have my dear Maurice and we are very happy together .

Well as I said I planned to put my pictures of the display  in the Lavender Blue shop window ,for Mothers day and spring ,AHH WELL ! I believe the Easter one is due...come on AOL give us a break ! 

A few days ago,Beckie boo asked Zoe,for some ideas for some script she planned to have tatooed with her sons names. I commented on Zoes blog that I have a tattoo.... and well for those of you  who know Zoe ?,well she isnt a girl to miss an opportunity

If you click on to the link ,you can see what our Zoe has been up too ,hee heee what a girl she is ! So as soon as the add  picture facility is back ,I will post pictures to show you where and what it is ! ...Well I think that is all my news this time,Have a lovely weekend folks ,with love

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

March winds .Mothers day, and Meetings

So we survived the Earthquake ,thankfully, not an experiance I would be keen to repeat .Then came February 29th ,wow an extra day ,and no I didnt propose to Maurice ,if its not broken dont fix it ! We are fine as we are ,in fact better than fine ,as near perfect as you can get .

March came in roaring like a lion in fact a whole pride of Lions ,causing alot of damage poor Kate was so upset to wake to find her calf and sheep ornaments in the garden had been broken in the wind ,they are lieing in our garden as Maurice has said he would ''try ''and fix them for her ,oh dear !....... 

Then as soon as I threw out all my flowers from my Birthday ,and took down my cards along came Mothers day ...and Oh I am blessed ,more flowers cards choccies and presents ,I saw Daughter Kate and Martin on Saturday when they came to visit ,then on Sundayson  Mark and Chrissie came over ,and my sister Jean and her husband Pete ,I had lovely phone calls from son  Derek and daughter Sharon ,so  a very lucky Mum am I .

Yesterday ,because I was going stir crazy we had a ride over to St Ives (Cambs)a lovely little town we enjoy ,and because I still had some birthday money from Kate that was burning a hole in my pocket I bought a skirt (per una) I love their stuff ...oh hurry up nice weather so I can wear them (I bought one with my Christmas money  didnt I? )I am fed up with my winter things now .But will be wearing them abit longer I fear cos 'The March wind doth blow and we shall have snow ?please no ! and what will the Robin do then ? poor thing ,he'll  stay  in the barn to keep himself warm ,and hide his head under his wing ,poor thing '

Maurice is back at work ,so Im playing catch up but as Im not getting on very well ,so thought I'd sit and do an update here .Tomorrow being the first Wednesday in the month is the day for my club .Then on Friday I am off to the residents forum  bi monthly meeting ,my they come around quickly .and so dear friends that is me up to date again so as usual love  and