Friday 18 April 2014

A Very Blessed Easter To You All...

A cold ,very cold ! Good Friday ,and as is the  custom in our little Market town  on Good Friday ,many of us meet to do,The Silent Walk Of Witness, { me on my buggy }following the cross through the town to the church ,now, if it is fine there is a service on the green in front of the  church St Thomas a Beckett ,last year ,we had the sevice in Church ,but today was bright and sunny ,but cold ,did I say it was cold !But we were all wrapped up warm ,well I hope so ,I certainly was ,so the service was out side ,as usual it was inspiring ,and very moving ,We sang hymns and prayed ,and members of the congregation gave an enactment of the last hours of Jesus life .
The brought Jesus into the place, where they jeered and mocked him
They beat him and spat at him
They put him in a purple robe ,because he had been called the King and placed a crown of thorns on his head , as further torment .
And then he was put onto the cross.............
First the children ,then the rest of us put our flowers on to the cross
We dress the cross with flowers;
a symbol of our new life in Christ
In the words of our Lord
''Love one another''
Jan xx

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Where did the last four months go?

The North wind doth blow ,and we shall have snow , What will the Robin do then poor thing?He'll stay in the barn,to keep himself warm,and hide his head under his wing ,Poor thing.
So just what have I been doing this winter?
Well staying in the barn bungalow as much as possible,not with my head under my wing though ,well maybe the duvet a couple of times when a chest infection rendered me useless .I have done lots of sewing and knitting ,so brace yourself for a pic fest !!
Maurice retired in November due to Ostio Arthritis ,in his legs and couldn;t drive for a while ,he had a cortizone injection in his knee,that with time was a success ,so we are back to visiting family again .
In aticipation of the birth of my Great Grand son I made a quilt
Here I am with Bella Rose  my dear little Great Granddaughter

So pleased to meet you Leo ,born November 5th ,my Dear Grandaughter Charlottes little boy .

Four generations Me ,Sharon Charlotte and Leo

and with Aunty Kate

I crocheted poppys for remembrance
And made loads of minion hats ,for lots of little people and Stuart my Grandson !

I made my sister in law Jackie a cushion for her  birthday

And at the end of November it was brother in law Mikes birthday   

Some of the material was from a shirt ,that Maurice donated  ,hence the message on the back !!

Of course Leo had to have the baby version of the minion hat hee hee .

Getting bigger

With  Great Aunty Kate and Great Gran
As you know I am on the editorial team  of Arise, the residents news magazine , well just before Christmas we recorded it onto a dvd ,to be given to the residents who are partially sighted or blind ,and it was very well received ,Jan ,Jackie and Chris ,and Chris's husband George who took the picture

My little Great Granddaughter Bella Rose  had her 1st birthday  on December 15th

Presents ready to be distributed to family before Christmas 

Maurice and I with Harry Mike and Jackie's Grandson

Me and my eldest Grandson Iain

I made my neice Stella a quillo

Then on January 25th ,we went to Leiceseter to join the family for Julie's  60'th Bithday

I made a cushion for each of my seven neices,my dear late sister in law Dot's daughters    

And for Julie a quillow,to be used in her caravan , when she goes off with her husband Jim,in their caravan .

For Dot's youngest Granddaughter Savannah ,I also made a cushion
Ihave a new Baby Great Granddaughter Georgia due  mid March so made a little dress and cardi and hat for her .

Belle Rose ,what a Beauty

Bella with Mummy Tahmara and Leo  

How he is changing

And then my birthday in February ,73 oh bugger !

A new blue camera ,see how much smaller is the new model
A new cardi and bootees for Leo
I made case for my camera and phone
I will finish as I began with Georgia's quilt .
And close as ever ,
With all my love Jan xx