Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back in business

Hello everyone remember me ? in case you have forgotten Here is a recent picture ,taken after a meeting at a Sheltered housing sceme in Littleport near Ely , Where the co maker of the Harley Davidson ,had his roots ,before he went of to America and teamed up with Mr Davidson ,and they then produced the world famous Harley Davidson motor bike ,the one I'm sitting on is made of stainless steele in commemoration of the towns famous son ,and is opposite the Church where Harley senior is buried ,I did an entry on it a few years ago when we were AOL journals many of you will remember .....This entry is to be a condensed version of what I have been doing ,as it has been sitting in the starting blocks since last Sunday ,when I found I couldnt add my ,pictures however The lovely Pam came to my rescue and pointed out I was in HTML mode instead of compose ,Thankyou Pam ,as ever fellow journalists/bloggers are never far away in times of need ,
In April , Sharon and I went on a quilting course at Peterborough ,at Art and Stitch ,owned by Angela ,our tutor that day was Pam ,such lovely and talented Ladies ,along with Barbara ,here is a picture of Sharon ,hard at work ,dont know why we didnt take a pic of me, to busy sewing (or nattering) I suppose !

And here is the quillow that Pam was teaching us to make ,Id like to say mine is finished .it is in mauves and lavender colourways ...but erm I have been busy , ,

For my Kate's BirthdayMay 16th , I made her a handbag ,she loved it ,especially as I put a sheep on it ,(she loves sheep ! )now everyone wants one a bag ...not a sheep !
and below, a picture of the other side of the bag ....
And then ,the highlight of my last few weeks ,we went down to Portsmouth to welcome home my Grandson Iain ,who had been on board ship the HMS LANCASTER ,after seven month tour ,so we stayed overnight ,in order to see the ship come into Portsmouth harbour early Thusday morning May 27th (lots more on that in another entry ) so I made myself an over night bag ,

And finally has anyone ,in the UK been watching ,the seach for the girl to play Andrew LLoyd- Webers version of Dorothy ,it has been wonderful and great entertainment for a Saturday evening ,and now a very talented young lady called Danielle was chosen and she gets to wear the ruby slippers in Lord Andrew's stage version of the Wizard of Oz .... And, the programe has now finished, I miss it ..... and guess what ,we have wall to wall football coverage of the World cup Grrr ....
and so on that happy note I will click publish post ,and send you as usual , love

Problem loading pictures

Hi Everyone ,this isnt an official blog entry ,more a call for help ,I cant add pictures to my blog ,I try, but end up with alot of numbers and letters where the picture or graphic should be,also I have no facility to choose my colour for page or script ,no sizing for script ,this is so frustrating as I have so many pictures to show you and much to tell, I do hope someone can tell me what is wrong ,as usual have a blessed Sunday ,With Love Jan xx